Whether you want to open a doggie daycare of your own, or you are simply in the market for a high-quality pet care center for your furry friend, it’s important to do your due diligence before choosing which dog daycare is right for you. People who are considering investing in a pet franchise may begin their search thinking that all doggie daycare franchise opportunities are created equal, but as they do their research and find out more about the business model, overhead costs, and overall brand identity of each company they explore, they will see that one choice stands out above the rest, and will choose to open a doggie daycare with the company that best fits their vision of the ideal pet franchise.

pet franchise opportunitiesNaturally, at Hounds Town USA, it is our biased opinion that we stand head, shoulders, and paws above our competition! We make it our mission to seek Franchise Owners whose goals, values, and, above all, passion for dogs align with our own. When you invest in a Hounds Town USA opportunity, you’re not just purchasing a franchise- you’re becoming part of a family! We make sure dogs are our number one priority, and go out of our way to award franchise opportunities to people who are similarly committed to the welfare, health, and happiness of the dogs in their community.

One of our main competitors, Dogtopia, has gained similar success as a pet franchise, and also has a relatively large fan base filled with dog parents who swear by their doggie daycare and overnight boarding services. With over 90 locations in the United States and Canada, Dogtopia certainly has a strong presence in the pet franchise space, and people who want to open a doggie daycare may first gravitate toward the Dogtopia opportunity simply because they are more familiar with the brand. But how does Dogtopia stack up against the Hounds Town USA pet franchise? Let’s compare a few facts.

Open a doggie daycare with Hounds Town USAFirst of all, a person looking to open a doggie daycare must consider the initial overhead investment associated with any pet franchise opportunity he or she is exploring. With an investment range between $606,545 and $1,321,145, with an average investment level at $750,000, Dogtopia is on the high end of the average range for a pet care franchise. In fact, the Dogtopia opportunity may seem like a bit of a bargain compared with other popular pet franchises, like Camp Bow Wow, whose investment range is significantly higher. Compare this investment range, however, to Hounds Town USA’s investment range of $293,800 – $452,500, and you’ll quickly see that it’s possible to open a doggie daycare in your community for much less than you originally thought!

Investing in a pet franchise is about more than just the numbers, however: a prospective Franchise Owner of a pet care center is likely to be in search of an opportunity that brings them joy and fulfilment every day. Many of our Franchise Owners also have come to us from corporate America, and are looking for a meaningful career where they can be their own boss and enjoy doing what they love. At Hounds Town USA, we pride ourselves on giving Franchise Owners the freedom and autonomy to open a doggie daycare that speaks to their individual personalities, management styles, and goals. Of course, we do have certain standard guidelines that Franchise Owners must observe as part of the Hounds Town USA business model, but for the most part, we love to hear our Owners’ ideas and feedback, because we believe that makes us a stronger pet franchise in the long run.

Dogtopia, on the other hand, expects its Franchise Owners to adhere to numerous strict guidelines as part of its business model. People who invest in a Dogtopia pet franchise are expected to open a doggie daycare that is almost an exact replica of every other Dogtopia location in the country, and have next to no “wiggle room” for any changes or additions to their pet care center that they may suggest. For people who are seeking a pet franchise opportunity specifically to get away from the micromanaging and strict adherence to policy that came along with their jobs in corporate America, a company like Dogtopia that exacts a high level of control over its Franchise Owners may be less than ideal.  

pet care franchise opportunities

Like Hounds Town USA, Dogtopia puts its four-legged clients first and foremost. Unlike us, however, Dogtopia tends to focus on the aesthetics of a business devoted to dogs, and spends less time considering what their furry clients actually need most out of a pet care experience. Our Founder, Mike Gould, has devoted nearly forty years of his life to developing a keen understanding of dogs’ true needs, wants, and behaviors. Hounds Town USA is designed with dogs in mind, plain and simple. One Dogtopia Franchise Owner describes it as “the Nordstrom of dog daycare,” which sounds wonderful…until you realize how little your dog cares about a trip to Nordstrom! We skip all the bells and whistles to bring dogs what they really need and want- a safe, interactive doggie daycare center where they are encouraged to play, jump, sniff, and just be dogs to their heart’s content! Not only does this allow us to focus on the far more important aspects of doggie daycare, such as evaluating and grouping dogs into appropriate play groups where they can get the most out of their stay, but it also cuts down on the overhead investment, so our Franchise Owners can open a doggie daycare without breaking the bank.

If you’ve been thinking you’d like to open a doggie daycare and have been considering Dogtopia or any other nationally-known pet franchise, it’s time to take a look at the Hounds Town USA opportunity. We’re currently expanding to new territories throughout the U.S. and are seeking quality people to invest with us. We’ve already awarded 13 franchise units to 6 new owners this year, and are looking to increase that number in 2020. With the pet care industry expected to exceed $100 billion by 2021, there’s never been a better time to partner with Hounds Town USA! Click here to visit our franchise website for more information.

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