A police officer & his love of working with dogs.

Over thirty years, that love developed into Hounds Town USA, the most progressive Doggie Day Care around.

A police officer & his love of working with dogs.

Over thirty years, that love developed into Hounds Town USA, the most progressive Doggie Day Care around.




Michael Gould began his canine career in 1982 when as a New York City Police Officer he was selected from hundreds of candidates to become one of the first members of the Department’s elite Canine Unit, and after a long and successful career on the police force, Michael sought to deepen his passion for dogs.

Michael’s unique experience and understanding organically lent itself to Mike’s first doggie daycare and dog sitting facility. In 2001, Mike opened his first dog boarding location in Port Jefferson, Long Island. After a successful first few years in business, Michael decided to reinvest some of his profits into a second facility, and after seeing a remarkably similar level of growth, he realized that he had created something very special.

After 20 years of carefully testing and tweaking the model, we are excited to finally launch this franchise nationwide, by partnering with like-minded entrepreneurs across the country who are excited to open a place that creates the happiest dogs on Earth!

Dog Daycare Franchise

Mike, Founder & CEO; Jackie, President

“I have boarded my dog elsewhere and nothing can compare to this facility…  Finally a place I can trust and feel comfortable and not feel guilty that I am going away… Perfect place for my dog to stay!”

– Stefana L.
Lindenhurst, NY



Our fully interactive doggie day care offers our four-legged friends the opportunity to interact in a structured, natural pack environment with animals of their size and temperament. Regular interactive daycare can help significantly with socialization, separation anxiety, weight control, behavioral issues, and confidence.


We do not merely put our dogs in a kennel all day and night. All of our guests interact with each other throughout the day and enjoy breakfast, dinner and mid-day naps in their private kennels or suites in our doggie hotel. Customers get the option of a townhouse in our general kennel area, or a private suite in a quieter area of Town, both ensure a comfy environment so they can be well rested for the following day of busy play.


Hounds Town Day Spa offers a variety of dog grooming and cat grooming services including breed specific haircuts, HydroSurge and hypoallergenic spa baths, furminating, flea and tick treatments, and more. Customers tend to love adding this service on regularly, especially after they know their pet has been running around, having fun and playing all day.


For those customers who have a pooch in need of a lift, we offer a convenient pick-up and drop-off service with some restrictions on Sundays and holidays. Whether it’s to drop off from doggie day care, boarding, or the convenience of getting a clean pet without having to leave your home and without having to clean up any mess, our customers tend to love this service.


Our Franchise Owners also have the option to add veterinary care, cat care, expanded retail, educational classes, and mobile grooming to their location, ensuring each owner is satisfied with the revenue they are earning.


Our doggie day care franchise business owners create a fun, safe, and lively environment for their four-legged guests! This entails looking at the world from their perspective—18 inches off the ground. Take a quick video tour of Hounds Town USA from a dog’s perspective to understand what a day is like at the home to the happiest dogs on Earth!


This is a common question we get from our franchise candidates. After reviewing the investment levels and the financial performance of our stores, the next question is always “how do you do it?” There are many important differentiators that separate our doggie day care franchise from our competitors:


Founded by a former NYPD canine unit officer with more than 35 years of commercial canine experience, we have a unique and straightforward approach to pet care rooted in a deep understanding of dogs and their behaviors. This level of knowledge leads to smooth operations, happy dogs, and happy customers.


We do not discriminate based on breed, age, or disability. Unlike our competitors, we have the unique experience and ability to group and care for all types of dogs–including bully breeds and disabled or senior dogs, as long as they pass our temperament evaluation. Allowing for more types of dogs allows for more customers and increase revenue opportunities.


We offer natural pack environments that provide psychological structure for dogs. We pride ourselves on providing fully interactive doggie day care in groups that simulate natural packs. This optimizes their physical and psychological health and provides the natural structure dogs need.


We are competitively priced and don’t upcharge for special treatment or requests. Unlike some other facilities, we do not take advantage of customers emotions and love for their pets. We do not charge extra for administering medication, giving treats, or personalized attention. Customers regularly compliment this component of our business model.

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