How to Tell if Your Territory is a Fit for Hounds Town & How Our Newest Owners Knew Right Away!

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Ever since the puppy boom of 2020 and the nationwide shift to the work-from-home model, the pet industry has seen more dog adoptions than ever before. This has led to a demand for more doggie daycares than the current supply can keep up with, creating the perfect environment for would-be business owners to join the pet industry! With this in mind, it’s not too crazy to think a Hounds Town daycare could succeed anywhere, right?

While Hounds Town Franchise Owners have opened dog daycares in locations across the country and found success everywhere, there are a few key factors that we’ve found our top-performing territories share in common. Let’s take a deep dive into the considerations to keep in mind when choosing your franchise territory and learn about how our newest pair of Owners knew their Texas location was the perfect fit for a Hounds Town dog daycare!


What to Keep in Mind When Choosing Your Hounds Town USA Franchise Territory

Identify Your Ideal Client

When you first start to toy with the idea of opening your own Hounds Town, one of the first considerations you should have is the type of clientele you want to serve. Thanks to our streamlined business model and science-backed methodology, any dog – personality, age, or breed – and dog parent could be a perfect fit for our pet daycare services.

However, this doesn’t mean that you should target every pet owner in your territory just because they have a four-legged friend. Instead, narrow down your client profile to make your marketing efforts easier; for example, your ideal customer could be middle-class couples with busy, metropolitan lifestyles, as opposed to suburban families with a stay-at-home parent.

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Consider Where Your Ideal Client Can Be Found

Once you have a picture in your mind of who your ideal client is, it’s important to consider where you can find them in your state or city and if that’s your prospective territory choice. With Hounds Town, you can feel confident that your pet franchise location can thrive in any urban or suburban area, but depending on your ideal customer, you may want to only consider one or the other.

Regardless of the type of territory you’re looking at, the important thing to consider is the ratio of the population that matches your ideal client profile. Even if your community is a mixture of client types, as long as you have a high enough ratio, you’ll have a better chance of building your foundation after launch and a more ideal environment to scale in when that time comes.

What are Your Ideal Clients’ Demographics?

Regardless of the industry or model, joining an established franchise typically involves a Discovery process, and during that time, the Development Director will guide you through an assessment of the demographics of your territory. This can include everything from income levels and housing types to economic growth and more. Not only does this help ensure you open your franchise location in an area that can sustain your dog boarding business, but it also helps you make sure the demographics of the area align with the demographics of your ideal client profile.

Research Competitors in Your Area

Where there are dogs, there are bound to be pet-based services, right? While this is often the case with most territories, it’s important to be familiar with the types of pet businesses in the area you’re considering for your Hounds Town. While an abundance of animal shelters and pet stores could be a good sign, an area with too many doggie daycares or kennels could be an indicator that your prospective territory could be oversaturated. Before you make your final decision, research the existing pet businesses in the community to ensure you’re not placing yourself in an area of stiff competition.

Consider How Your Territory May Grow

While cities and suburban areas across the country continue to show record growth, many areas are seeing more people move away than stay put. If you’re in a town that’s seeing a decline in population or a drastic change in the demographics moving to your area, you need to carefully consider if your territory could support a Hounds Town or if you need to look elsewhere. Ideally, you want to launch your doggie daycare in a community that can not only help you stay busy but also help you scale and open even more dog boarding locations to grow your business.

Join Us in Welcoming Bryan & Christina to the Hounds Town Franchise Owner Pack!

There are few territories quite as ideal for Hounds Town USA as the Dallas-Fort Worth area, so we’re over the moon to be welcoming Christina and Bryan Mailloux to our franchise family as they look forward to opening their own dog daycare location in the Mid-Cities area!

The Mailloux’s Professional Background

Over the past 20 years, Bryan has worked his way through roles and climbed the ladder in the hospitality industry as a seasoned sales professional. Today, he holds an Executive Senior Vice President of Sales position with his current company. On the other hand, Christina has worked in the Commercial Real Estate world for over 10 years, networking and building relationships across her community for the past 6+ years. Together, the couple made the decision to move from New York down to the Dallas-Fort Worth area, bringing their dogs with them after raising dogs together over the course of their relationship.

Bryan and Christina Mailloux - Hounds Town - Dallas /Fort-Worth, Texas

How Bryan & Christina Connected with Hounds Town

The Maillouxs have been dog parents for the majority of their lives and agree that their dogs mean everything to them! Once the pair decided it was time to supplement their careers with a franchise business, they knew that the pet industry was the first place they wanted to look for investment opportunities. After putting down roots in Texas and getting to know their new community, there was no question in their mind – they knew the Mid-Cities area was in need of more pet care service providers.

Together, Bryan and Christina took to the internet to look for pet-focused franchises and stumbled upon Hounds Town USA, which led them to quickly realize there was demand in their community for a doggie daycare. So, the pair took the first step to becoming their own bosses and reached out, ready to get familiar with the Hounds Town business model and franchise brand they would eventually sign with!

Meeting the Hounds Town Team

After moving through the Discovery Process and getting to know Hounds Town’s straightforward model and cost-effective build-out, the Maillouxs were ready to meet the entire corporate team and visit a Hounds Town location in action at Approval Day. There, the couple recognized that our open, constant communication style between us and our Franchisees doesn’t end at signing, but it’s how we work with all of our Owners. It was this and our entire team’s clear passion for dogs that convinced Christina and Bryan they had found the right pet franchise to help them transform their future and the lives of dogs across their community.

Chatting with Our Newest Texas Franchisees

While the couple is busy searching for the perfect site to open their Hounds Town USA location, the couple made the time to sit down with our corporate team so we could get to know them more! From their strong work ethic to their immediate love and adoption of Mike Gould’s business model and the Hounds Town franchise model, our team can’t wait to see what the Maillouxs do with their new dog daycare business.

Why do you feel Hounds Town USA is the right fit for you?

Christina & Bryan: “Hounds Town is the right fit for us [because] we believe in Mike’s vision. [He] has the experience and knowledge of the dog fundamentals that make Hounds Town successful. Hounds Town also has a communication and support team that stands out from the rest.”

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Why do you feel Hounds Town USA is the right fit for you?

Christina & Bryan: “Hounds Town is the right fit for us [because] we believe in Mike’s vision. [He] has the experience and knowledge of the dog fundamentals that make Hounds Town successful. Hounds Town also has a communication and support team that stands out from the rest.” 

In your eyes, what sets Hounds Town USA apart from other dog franchises in the pet care industry?

C&B: “[Hounds Town’s] start-up costs were less than others. Mike’s knowledge and experience in the NYPD and K9 Unit, [the] dog fundamentals, and great and ongoing communication we had upfront with Rob. We look forward to being a part of the community, building relationships, helping care for dogs, [and] being that trusted care for pet owners.”

What advice would you give to a potential Franchise Owner?

C&B: “[At Hounds Town], the Executive Team is very welcoming, friendly, supportive, and very thorough and open about the Hounds Town franchise model. [So], take your time, ask a lot of questions, and take the opportunity to talk with other Franchise Owners during the process.”

Whether you’ve been searching for a doggie daycare in your territory and are convinced it’s time to open one yourself, or you see yourself in Bryan and Christina’s story, our dog franchise pack is growing but still has room for you. Hounds Town USA gives Owners the opportunity to build a fulfilling dog daycare business for 40% of the initial financial investment of our competition, so it’s no wonder why we’re selling out so many territories across the country.

Now that you know a Hounds Town daycare would thrive and help dogs in your community, the next step is to see if you’re the ideal fit to become the next Franchise Owner to join us and be featured in our blog! So, if you want to ditch your 9-5 and join the dogs before someone else claims your area, take our quick, 1-minute quiz to see if you qualify.