How Hounds Town Supports Owners with Marketing Efforts & Welcoming Our Newest Franchisees!

Joining a successful franchise brand has a wide variety of benefits when you compare it to starting your own business! While this can include an established business model full of contingency plans for every possible situation and an operations team prepared to support its Franchisees through any challenge, many people opt to join a franchise because of the assistance they provide in areas outside of their expertise – like marketing.

Whether or not you’ve been a marketing professional, it’s easy to recognize the importance that getting your name out there has on your overall success. This is something even our newest pair of Franchise Owners recognized as they were getting to know the Hounds Town brand. So, let’s take a look at the kind of marketing support our Hounds Town team provides to our Franchisees and how Chris and Johanna Herman are looking forward to the future of their franchising tasks as our new North Las Vegas Owners!

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The Marketing Support You Can Expect as a Hounds Town Franchisee

Initial Onboarding & Training

Once you’ve signed on to become a Hounds Town Franchise Owner and you’ve begun your commercial real estate search, you’ll also jump into our training program – which is designed to turn anyone into a successful dog daycare Franchisee, no matter how much dog experience you may have! During your 30 hours of classroom training at our corporate office in New York, we’ll teach you everything about our specialized, three-tiered marketing plan. This was developed to ensure that all new Owners do not have to worry about having customers when they open.

By cultivating a customer base primarily through Facebook groups, Franchisees are primed for success and ensure a steady flow of local customers (and their humans) from the day you open your doors. In fact, we’ve seen the average number of new dog evaluations in the first 10 days of opening increase 133% year over year!

Social Media & Paid Marketing

Before you open your doors to your community, our Brand Director Corey Packer will complete all of the initial set-up of your social media pages, including Facebook and Instagram, and provide you with all the management needed to keep your social accounts up and running. Our team will even create all the branded content that goes on your pages – all you’ll have to do is click post!

Ongoing Support Systems

After opening your doors and learning how to leverage our marketing plan through first-hand experience, our team will provide you with ongoing support to help you learn how to fine-tune your marketing as you continue to grow and expand. Corey Packer will step in again to provide you with one-on-one guidance on everything from social media to local marketing campaigns after your Grand Opening to help you build awareness and let your community know that Hounds Town dog daycare has arrived in their neighborhood!

You’ll also be given the tools you need to develop exciting local, ongoing, and seasonal marketing campaigns to make sure your dog boarding location gets busy and stays that way. Lauren Duffy, one of our New York Franchise Owners, had this to say after getting their marketing campaigns launched:

“Support with marketing has been great. One of the great things about it is my location has been growing in revenue and volume on a consistent basis month to month. [The team] has been extremely flexible and it’s not a cookie-cutter, one-way-fits-all, and that’s one of the biggest benefits I feel the franchise offers.”

Your Online Presence

In today’s tech-focused business landscape, there are few things as essential to running a business successfully as a website. If your brick-and-mortar location is your physical base of operations, your website is the virtual headquarters and the place where many clients will discover you for the first time. Our team builds each of our Franchise Owners’ websites and ensures they are completely search engine optimized (SEO), making it easier for your potential customers’ humans to learn about your services through search engines like Google. We’ll also continuously check your website to ensure your pages are up-to-date and your details are current, allowing your site to grow with you as you scale your own Hounds Town dog daycare business.

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Charitable Giving

Not every marketing effort is solely designed to help you bring in more money – sometimes, the bigger picture strategy is to help you build a reputation as a trustworthy business that’s in it for the community! Our pet franchise is built on a culture of strong community outreach and impact, so working with nonprofits is built into our business model. With that in mind, our team encourages each Hounds Town franchise location to partner with their local pet-based charities, rescues, and shelters to offer discounted dog daycare, dog boarding, and other pet services to dogs waiting for their “furever” homes.

Quarterly Visits & Personalized Coaching

At Hounds Town, our corporate team’s main goal is the success of our Franchise Owners, but we know that doesn’t happen overnight. That’s why our corporate team is as dedicated to constantly improving as much as our Franchise Owners are. We do this by conducting quarterly visits where our team reviews each Franchisee’s operations, technology, and marketing. When on-site, we offer personalized coaching to each Franchisee, while New Franchise Owners can expect to receive frequent visits and support during the first six months following the opening of their new dog daycare location.

Our Annual Conference

Every year, we host an annual conference where everyone from our Founder and CEO to our Brand Director and the entire Hounds Town franchise support team gather with our Franchisees to trade success stories and network with each other. During that time, we also foster an environment where everyone can share new knowledge surrounding sales techniques, bookkeeping, product developments, new service suggestions, accounting, performance standards, and even advertising and promotional programs. There’s no one as effective to learn from quite like your peers – something every Owner, even our newest Franchisees from Las Vegas – can learn from!


Introducing Chris & Johanna Herman, Our Newest Owners Out of Las Vegas!

Their Background in Hospitality

Coming from the Las Vegas area, Chris and Johanna were like many others and established themselves in the hospitality industry that dominated the Las Vegas Strip. However, after years of building their careers, both recognized the importance that their industry placed on their bottom line rather than what mattered most: their customers. 

Instead, Chris decided to pivot away from hospitality entirely and start his own company centered around one of the most important aspects of their lives – their dogs. After leaving his job, he started his own mobile pet-sitting business, offering dog boarding and daycare services to other hard-working professionals in their community. While Chris had planned to expand his business into a brick-and-mortar location with his father, the pair realized the financial risk and considered franchising as an alternative. So, Johanna and Chris took the internet and eventually stumbled upon the Hounds Town franchise concept.

Why the Hermans Chose Hounds Town

After discovering Hounds Town through Raintree Franchise Growth, Johanna and Chris dove into researching the concept and the supportive structure and assistance of our corporate team. While Chris was still interested in the idea of building out a dog boarding and daycare facility of his own under his existing pet-sitting brand, once he was quoted over a million dollars for the build-out, he knew that franchising with Hounds Town was significantly less of a financial investment – and risk. This way, he could still maintain his professional freedom as a business owner but do so in a more supported and financially sound way.

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Connecting with Chris & Johanna Herman

While the Hermans are busy shutting down their previous business and looking for the perfect North Las Vegas location to open their own Hounds Town dog daycare, they still took a moment to sit down with our team so we could get to know them better. Here is a sneak peek into that interview and a couple of the excited answers they gave us!

What attracted you to franchising with Hounds Town USA?

Chris Herman: “I came across Hounds Town [while] researching dog daycare opportunities [and] watched several YouTube videos from [them]. [We] felt the team at Hounds Town truly wants their franchisees to succeed and have put systems in place to get franchisees to reach specific milestones, [helping them] achieve success.”

What aspects of your interactions with the corporate team did you find particularly appealing?

C: “[We] were pleasantly surprised that Jackie and Mike were pretty much the people they relayed themselves to be in the Hounds Town promotional videos I had watched during the discovery process. Jackie, Mike, and the corporate team are all easy to speak with and took the time to answer our questions and concerns in detail. The team really wanted to get a sense of who Johanna and I are rather than sell us on the franchise.”


Whether you recognized something of yourself in Chris and Johanna’s story or you’re excited by the idea of having guidance throughout every step of the marketing process, you may be just who we’re looking for at Hounds Town USA. Our dog daycare business model is designed for anyone looking to join the pet care industry with a simple, cost-effective build-out and earn big with outstanding revenue. Take the first step by completing our quick, 1-minute quiz today – before someone else claims your territory first.