Houston Brother and Sister Team Up to Own 3 Dog Daycare Franchise Locations!

The dog daycare franchise world is about to be shaken up with the newest addition to the Hounds Town USA family, Twinkle and Parth Bhakta! Twinkle and Parth are a brother-sister duo who recently decided to take on not one, not two, but THREE doggie daycare franchise locations in Houston, Texas.

Like all Hounds Town USA Franchise Owners, Twinkle and Parth have unique backgrounds that play into their ability to run an excellent doggie daycare business. Twinkle started her career with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management, as well as a minor in Human Resource Management from the University of Houston. With this solid business education background in place, she launched her small clothing and accessory business called Little Star Creations Co. Parth also graduated from the University of Houston with a Bachelor’s degree in Finance, which led him to work as an operations manager of a residential and hospitality properties corporation.

New Houston dog daycare Franchise Owners Twinkle and Parth Bhakta

Parth and Twinkle’s Path to Entrepreneurship

So what led this pair to enter the world of doggie daycare entrepreneurship? Twinkle shared that before discovering the Hounds Town USA opportunity, she first wanted to enter the hospitality industry, thanks to her roots in her family’s business.

“I always wanted to open up my own business growing up,” Twinkle told us in a recent interview, “I chose to become an entrepreneur because I want to work in an industry where I can work with a big smile on my face and come back home with the same smile.”


With their unique business-savvy backgrounds, Parth and Twinkle decided to take on a business venture in the booming pet care industry with Hounds Town USA. When the brother-sister pair first began researching potential dog daycare franchises, they discovered Hounds Town pretty quickly.

“We first learned about Hounds Town through Google searching for doggy daycare franchises,” said Twinkle, “Hounds Town was the last franchise we read about, and we immediately knew that was our first choice if we chose to go with the pet industry. Growing up, we have been a part of the hospitality industry with our family, and our love for dogs is out of the roof.”

Discovering the Hounds Town Difference

At first glance, many dog daycare franchises tend to look the same, but upon taking a deeper look, our simple operations, low investment, and focus on canine psychology make us a stand-out favorite among potential investors. There were a number of ways that Hounds Town stuck out from the competition, but one specific thing that caught Twinkle and Parth’s attention was Hounds Town USA’s business model.

“The Hounds Town business model is an effortless and straightforward way to run a business,” Twinkle explains. “One of the things that stood out to us is how we will be grouping the dogs with the evaluation. We will start new dogs in an empty room and slowly add dogs when the new dog is ready to engage with other dogs.”

Our dog daycare franchise model focuses on letting dogs be dogs, while also creating an environment that is as safe and delightful as possible for our furry customer base. This practice of letting dogs be dogs comes from the Hounds Town USA Founder Mike Gould, who has brought over forty years of canine training experience to our dog daycare franchise. When Twinkle and Parth met Mike during their Discovery Day at our Space Coast, Florida location, they knew immediately that they were destined to work together.

“Mike and Jackie [Bondanza, Hounds Town CEO] both share strong personalities, which will catch anyone’s eye,” Twinkle says. “During the Discovery Day, we were immediately able to picture ourselves working with both of them. We liked how Jackie, Mike, and both Florida Owners were transparent about their experience with Hounds Town. We visited two locations, personally spoke with both Owners, and learned more about the franchise while we were staying. The most important thing that separates Hounds Town USA from other franchises is their environment; as soon as you walk into any of their locations, you are treated like family, and your pet feels like they are home away from home.”

New Houston dog daycare Franchise Owners Twinkle and Parth Bhakta

Twinkle and Parth’s ‘A-Ha Moment’

Twinkle went on to note that their our dog daycare franchise’s “no breed discrimination” policy provided the “a-ha” moment they needed to make their final decision. Far too many doggie daycares ban specific breeds from enjoying playtime and services. At Hounds Town, we understand that dogs with even the most challenging behavioral tendencies deserve to have a safe and fun place to stay. Rather than judge a dog on its breed, we let our temperament evaluations determine which group a dog should be placed in, and make it possible to accommodate dogs of all breeds, ability levels, and personality types. Twinkle says that while they looked at many different doggie daycare franchises, Hounds Town was the only franchise to emphasize that ALL dogs are welcome!

Advice for Future Dog Daycare Franchise Owners

As Twinkle and her brother get set to open their first Houston-area dog daycare franchise, they have some advice for potential Hounds Town USA Franchise Owners who are considering launching their own business. Twinkle says, “Every day, we remind ourselves that to be successful, you have to put 110% into your work and never look down; if you fail, get back up and start over but never give up. We would advise a potential Franchise Owner to be prepared to learn and explore new things because the pet industry is entirely different from the corporate world, and you have to be confident with your work ethic when entering this industry.”

Stellar advice, we have to say! We look forward to celebrating Twinkle and Parth’s grand opening of their first Houston dog daycare franchise later this year.

Are you ready to take the plunge and launch your own Hounds Town USA doggie daycare facility like Twinkle and Parth? Hounds Town USA is a top-quality dog daycare franchise that is specifically focused on letting dogs be dogs– no unnecessary add-ons or cash grabs. Just simple, quality doggie daycare and grooming services. Our Founder Mike Gould has brought over forty years of canine handling experience to Hounds Town USA’s business model, so you know you’re only going to be working with the best. Get in touch with our corporate team to learn more about how you can start your own business with a little help from Hounds Town USA. We can’t wait to welcome you to the Hounds Town family!

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