GRAND OPENING: Central Bucks, PA is Now a HOUNDS TOWN!

Hounds Town Central Bucks, PA

The team at Hounds Town USA is so happy to announce that our Central Bucks, PA location is really taking off! Launched back in August 2021, Franchise Owners Bill and Linda Dompert decided to enter the pet care industry after a very simple event happened in their lives– Bill ready an airline magazine.

“I was actually reading through one of those point airport magazines and came across a [Hounds Town USA] competitor,” Bill told Hounds Town USA Founder Mike Gould in a recent interview on our Dish on Dogs podcast, “It talked about doggy daycare and just the potential in the pet care industry. And I think at the time, they said it was $90 billion a year, rapidly approaching $100 billion. I got curious and started doing a little homework and research and, you know, long term I’m looking for what’s next for Linda and I. I think we found something that’s going to work for both of us.”

Bill and Linda eventually connected with Hounds Town USA. Bill noted that Linda and he were not ready to retire yet. They wanted to build something that was sustainable, that could be passed down to their children and grandchildren.

Hounds Town Interior

Off to a Record-Breaking Start!

Our Central Bucks location has completed 248 initial evaluations during its first few weeks in business, along with nearly 30 boarding reservations made within the first few days of opening. This is a system-wide record-breaker for Hounds Town! However, this successful turn of events was more of a surprise for the pair, as they had some initial reservations about launching the business in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I mean, you kind of warned us that you know this can be an up and down road bumpy road,” Bill says to Mike in the Dish on Dogs interview, “We didn’t know COVID wasn’t an impact at that point. We actually signed at the end of December 2019, signed on as a new franchisee, and thought we were going to hit the ground running pretty fast. We’d identified a property and we were in final lease negotiations in March, and all of a sudden our landlord got cold feet.

And he pulled the property off off the market. And we basically had to start from ground zero. But when I look back at it now, to your point, that’s probably a blessing in disguise that we had, you know, a delay as part of that we weren’t going through build-out and things like that, during those tough times when there were so many unknowns with COVID.”

It’s fantastic that Bill and Linda were able to successfully launch at the right time. It’s also clear that demand for excellent doggie daycare and grooming services was high in Central Bucks. It was a very natural decision for the pair to opt for Hounds Town in this area, and they certainly didn’t have to jump into the industry without any help.

“I think one of the things that helped us to be able to really [launch] was working with Corey [Packer, Hounds Town Brand Development and Marketing Director] and the [corporate] team on the marketing planning and getting ahead of things,” said Bill, “We’ve been very active with Facebook, we’ve gotten a tremendous response from folks in the community that can’t wait for us to open, I think there’s a real need. We’ve set up a private Facebook group, and we’ve got almost 1200 members.”

Unlike many franchises, Hounds Town channels a lot of time and resources into helping new Franchise Owners get on their feet. It’s our passion, and we’re proud that so many Franchise Owners like Bill and Linda have noted how valuable that insight and assistance was upon launching their own locations.

Both Linda and Bill grew up with dogs since childhood and knew that Hounds Town USA could offer a future nest egg that wasn’t only sustainable, but emotionally rewarding. We’re so glad that Bill and Linda have found so much success in the pet care industry with Hounds Town USA! We’re also very glad that the pair are willing to help new Franchise Owners as much as possible.

“Since we’ve opened, we’ve taken care of over two million dogs. So we’ve experienced everything. And now we can provide that support to you.” said Bill.

Hounds Town

Changing the Pet Care Industry, One Hounds Town at a Time!

If you’re a prospective Franchise Owner candidate and are considering qualifying for your own Hounds Town franchise in your territory, you could be making the best possible choice for your future.

At Hounds Town USA, our focus has always been on letting dogs be dogs. We also focus on providing as much corporate assistance as possible to new Franchise Owners. We believe the most successful franchises have a foundation of professionals that help new Franchise Owners launch their business. The first few months of business are vital to the long-term success of one’s business– that’s why our corporate team at Hounds Town focuses so much time and effort on training and providing business assistance.

We’re so glad that Bill and Linda Dompert found so much success with their Hounds Town USA location, and we want to extend an offer to check out what Hounds Town has been doing in the pet care world. We’re always looking to add more Franchise Owners to our family!

At Hounds Town, our goal is to help business owners enter the pet care industry with the support of a top-notch franchise. It’s also our goal to place dog-focused daycares and grooming facilities in communities that need them the most. No needless add-ons, no useless frills. Hounds Town is all about letting dogs be dogs. If you’re ready to enter the doggie daycare industry, our corporate team is here to help! Get in touch with us today to learn more about your initial investment, what we stand for, and how exactly we can help you start your very own business today.

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