People who love dogs are often attracted to business ideas that allow them to spend time with canine friends every day. A dog walking franchise can seem like the ideal way to make extra cash and hang out with some fabulous pooches. However, a Hounds Town Dog Boarding & Pet Daycare franchise has much more to offer than your typical dog-walking business. Our business model gives you all the benefits of working with dogs and their families without all the stress of a dog walking franchise. Learn more about the exciting opportunities available to you and why Hounds Town is a better option for you than a dog walking business.

Drawbacks That Dog Walkers Face

The image you see in advertising for dog walking franchise companies shows you happy, smiling entrepreneurs leading clean, cooperative pups around on a beautiful day, with everyone getting lots of exercise and fresh air. However, dog walkers deal with serious struggles behind the scenes to keep their businesses operating and profitable. Revenue can be wildly unpredictable based on the success of your marketing efforts and the consistency of your client base. You have no paid vacation or sick days. Your clients and their dogs count on you to be there, so you must show up, even when you’re sick.

Here are a few other drawbacks of owning a dog walking franchise business that you won’t see in the ads.

Weather Conditions

No matter where you live, the weather can pose some significant challenges for dog walkers. Your clients’ dogs need their exercise every day, no matter if it’s pouring rain or snowing sideways. You must plan accordingly for sweltering and frigid days when it’s not safe to take the dogs out on their usual route. Even traveling to your clients’ homes is more difficult when the weather is crazy. With a Hounds Town franchise, your business isn’t at the mercy of the weather as you are with a dog walker franchise.

Travel & Commuting

Getting from place to place is a big part of a dog walking franchise. The time you spend traveling back and forth to clients’ homes, the cost of gas, insurance, and wear and tear on your car if you drive, or the cost of public transportation all figure into the bottom line for your business. If your clients live far apart, you may find it challenging to give each pet the appropriate amount of individual attention before you have to rush off to the next destination. Your time is valuable, and you may find yourself giving away too much of it with a dog walking franchise. The Hounds Town model helps you avoid these travel issues.


Schedules may be the biggest headache for dog walkers. Your preferred work schedule may not match up with the times that your clients need you. As your dog walking franchise grows and you take on more clients, coordinating the schedules gets increasingly complicated, especially if the clients live in different areas of the city. You also must build into your schedule time for marketing activities to grow your business, bookkeeping, and the other tasks associated with running a business. It can all add up to a scheduling nightmare.

How Hounds Town Avoids These Problems

With a Hounds Town franchise, your clients bring their dogs to your facility for daycare, overnight boarding, and grooming. Your business is not at the mercy of the weather, and you don’t have to include travel expenses and commuting time into your plan. Scheduling is simplified because you don’t have to leave your facility to travel to a client’s home. While some Hounds Town facilities offer a Pet Taxi to help transport clients to and from their homes, that service is optional, and still far more manageable than a dog walking franchise because you have greater control of the schedule and areas you travel. Your business is customizable, so you can offer the services that suit your needs best.

A Proven Success Rate

Starting your own business is a big step, so you want a franchise partner with a proven history of success. Hounds Town provides you with everything you need to achieve success in your new venture. However, we leave room for you to grow your business your way as well, striking a healthy balance. We help our family of entrepreneurs through our strong support team and our extensive training program. We pride ourselves on exceeding expectations in every way.

Strong Support

One of the most exciting parts of owning a franchise is knowing that you’re never alone in your business. At every step, from finding the right location to securing financing to daily operations, our team of professionals supports you with lessons learned from more than 20 years in the field.

  • The real estate team helps with site selection.
  • The team can help you identify a general contractor in your area who can help with construction or remodeling that you need to get your business open quickly.
  • The proprietary dashboard helps you manage your finances and track your business performance.
  • The marketing team helps you with every kind of marketing, from social media to print and beyond. We even help plan and celebrate your grand opening.
  • The support group stays in regular contact by phone, through emails, and at in-person visits.

Extensive Training

Hounds Town founder Michael S. Gould brings more than 40 years of experience working directly with dogs. He passes all that knowledge along to you when you join the team. Not only do you learn how to run your daycare business, but you also learn about dog behavior and psychology. Because of Mike’s in-depth understanding of canine mentality, the Hounds Town team concept is modeled after childcare centers more than dog daycare. Our training program allows you to learn what you need to know quickly and easily.

Begin Your Hounds Town Franchise Adventure Today!

Hounds Town USA Franchise Owners love making a living by spending time with dogs and their owners. They draw a great deal of satisfaction from knowing that they’re making life better for their clients and furry friends. As your business grows, you get the pleasure of providing jobs to people in the community.

When you’re a business owner who is part of the Hounds Town family, you enjoy the security of knowing that your company is part of the $95 billion per year pet care industry, one that shows no sign of slowing. You can build in even more security by offering multiple services in addition to the daycare, such as grooming, pet training, and retail sales.

Contact us today to learn more about how you can become a Franchise Owner in the Hounds Town family. Start by completing our simple online interest form. We’ll give you access to the Hounds Town Franchise Report that tells you more about the opportunity and what we look for in a Franchise Owner. A member of our team will follow up by email and set up a time for a qualification call.

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