Hounds Town USA’s First Dog Daycare Franchise in Georgia is Open!

Here’s some exciting news for resident pet owners in Stone Mountain, Georgia: The very first Hounds Town USA franchise in the state of Georgia has finally opened up! Michelle Eason is one of Hounds Town USA’s newest Franchise Owners. The Stone Mountain location had their grand opening back in June and have experienced steady success since their opening.

Michelle has found substantial success as a Hounds Town Franchise Owner. During its first weekend open at the beginning of June 2021, Michelle’s Hounds Town location completed over 150 initial evaluations. It was very close to breaking our existing record for most initial evaluations on an opening weekend, which goes to our Space Coast, Florida location with 193 opening initial evaluations. The Stone Mountain location is not only the first Hounds Town location to pop up in the Atlanta metro area, but also the first location to launch in the entire state of Georgia.

Dog daycare Franchise Owner Michelle Eason and Founder Mike Gould

Celebrating Our FIRST Dog Daycare Franchise in Georgia!

Hounds Town USA is a dog daycare franchise dedicated to offering the type of environment and services that benefit local communities of dog owners. We pride ourselves on being a unique and service-oriented place for dogs, as well as the Franchise Owners who make Hounds Town USA locations magical.

As the franchise continues to grow around the country, one state that has yet to benefit from a Hounds Town location is the state of Georgia. In particular, the Atlanta metro area has significant potential for growth in the pet care industry. Not only do a majority of residents in this area own a pet, but Atlanta significantly lacks excellent top-tier doggie daycare and boarding services. Atlanta also boasts a steadily growing population and is currently the fourth fastest-growing metropolitan area out of all major U.S. cities. It’s clear that the demand for pet care services will only grow in the years to come. Michelle Eason’s Stone Mountain location will be the first of its kind to dip into the potential in this area.

What Made Michelle Choose to Franchise With Hounds Town?

Michelle, who is from the close-by city of Lawrenceville, is passionate about animals and knew that she wanted to enter a franchise space that focused on helping dog owners and their furry companions find fun, safe, and affordable boarding and doggie daycare services.

“I wanted to give the pet parents in my community a place for their dogs to go and just be dogs,” Michelle told Hounds Town USA in an interview shortly before she launched her franchise location, “There was a large gap in my community for a place like that—once I learned about Hounds Town and had the chance to meet with [Founder] Mike [Gould] and [CEO] Jackie [Bondanza], I knew it was exactly what I was looking for.”

Preparing for a BOOMING Dog Daycare Business in Stone Mountain!

Michelle’s Hounds Town location is technically on the Gwinnett portion of the DeKalb and Gwinnett county division, but she expects a majority of business to come from Stone Mountain as well as the city of Tucker. Located just off of Highway 78, the Stone Mountain location is expected to grow steadily due to the demand for pet care services in the area and its ultra-convenient location. Many pet owners use that highway to go to and from their jobs, making it a great spot for pulling in new clientele who want convenient access to the location.

According to Michelle, she expects to have a steady stream of customers who use the Hounds Town daycare facilities on a daily basis and well as other customers who will entrust their furry friends with her business only a few times a week. As the pandemic winds down and many people return to working in person rather than from home, either part-time or full-time, it’s very likely that many dog owners will need doggie daycare services in the coming months.

Dog daycare Franchise Owner Michelle Eason and Founder Mike Gould

A Foundation for Entrepreneurial Success

Michelle’s business prowess and dedication to pet owners is another major factor that will likely contribute to the Stone Mountain location’s future success. Michelle started off working in the insurance business for over twenty-six years before she became a Hounds Town business owner. She began as an employee in the insurance industry before launching her own insurance business. Her love of dogs motivated her to look into another type of business– doggie daycare. Her lifelong dream was to launch a business where dog owners could bring their beloved pets to a safe environment where she herself would be comfortable taking her own pups. While Hounds Town USA is her first brick-and-mortar franchise business, Michelle’s business-owning experience in the insurance industry has provided her with the foundation for success.

During the launching process, Michelle also knew that she wanted to staff her Hounds Town location with very particular employees. Specifically, she wanted to ensure that all of her staff included people who genuinely loved being around dogs but were also comfortable around dogs of all breeds and sizes.

The Stone Mountain location has taken up shop in a retired school that has since been remodeled. The facility itself is over 8,300 square feet and boasts the bright hues of blue and green that you’ll find at any Hounds Town location. The energy is vibrant and fun– exactly what anyone would want in a dog daycare franchise.

Dog daycare Franchise Owner Michelle Eason and Founder Mike Gould

Inside Georgia’s Newest Dog Daycare Franchise

Michelle’s location offers a variety of services and features as well. The facility is split up into multiple playrooms, a grooming area, luxurious suites, and extra-large rooms for multi-dog families that need to be boarded together. The backyard is truly something to behold as well. The outdoor facilities are large and securely fenced in, so the residents can enjoy a fun, sunny day with fresh air and plenty of playtime. The entire theme of the facility is quite literally compared to the franchise name. Each room and hallway has its own street name that is heavily inspired by locations around the Atlanta metropolitan area.

The Stone Mountain Hounds Town USA location also puts a lot of emphasis on safety for both dogs and staff. In order to board one’s dog at the facilities, they must be spayed or neutered. Just as well, they will also be given a quick temperament exam to ensure that they are non-aggressive and in a good headspace to be placed in a doggie daycare. Dog owners won’t have to worry about the potential for dog fights at Hounds Town USA! Customers are also required to leave veterinarian information and emergency contacts with the facilities before dropping their beloved pups off for a day of fun at Hounds Town.

Cats can also enjoy the boarding and grooming facilities at Michelle’s Hounds Town location, where they will be placed in an area far away from the dog section of the facility to ensure that they won’t be bothered or stressed by the sounds of dogs barking. Hounds Town USA Stone Mountain also offers a variety of extra services, such as grooming and taxi services.

We can’t wait to see where Michelle’s business goes, and we’re so excited to have her as part of the Hounds Town USA family! With so many dog owners in the Atlanta area struggling to find excellent doggie daycare services, it’s clear that Hounds Town will be massively successful in this sector.

It’s definitely exciting to see Hounds Town USA grow in states like Georgia. In addition to the Atlanta area, Hounds Town USA is in the process of boosting franchise locations in a variety of areas. These include Philadelphia and surrounding Pennsylvania areas, Orlando and surrounding Florida areas, Wilmington and surrounding North Carolina areas, Las Vegas, Montgomery County, and Nashville. In fact, Hounds Town is currently developing two different franchise locations in Nashville, another city with incredible opportunity for growth in this sector. We’re growing fast, and we’re looking for more potential and passionate Franchise Owners to jump on board!

Have you been thinking about starting your own business in the pet industry? Working with a franchise could be the best decision you’ve ever made, especially if you are new to running a company. Hounds Town USA is a dog daycare franchise that focuses on one mantra– Let dogs be dogs. Our franchise provides services to local communities for boarding, daycare, and grooming services without all of the unnecessary bells and whistles typically associated with such services. With over two million dogs hosted. over 1,000 dogs boarded per day, seventy-five different locations, and over twenty years in the industry, Hounds Town is a franchise that is growing fast and becoming the standard of doggie daycare services in the U.S. We’re looking for more Franchise Owners who are passionate about dogs and want to launch their first (or second) business with a trustworthy and low-cost franchise. Get in touch with the Hounds Town USA team today to learn more about how you can bring Hounds Town to your local area and become our next Franchise Owner!

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