Say Hello to New Franchise Owner Crystal Rasor!

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We’ve got a new Franchise Owner to add to the Hounds Town USA family! Crystal Rasor is our newest addition to the Hounds Town franchise, and she’s launching her new location in Prosper, Texas.

A Business Professional Takes Her Career Into Her Own Hands

Many Franchise Owners at Hounds Town come from completely different careers that often don’t involve business. For Crystal, however, she originally spent many years in the business and marketing world.

“I have a Bachelor’s degree in Communications and I was a store manager of Abercrombie & Fitch for three and a half years after college,” said Crystal in an interview with Hounds Town, “I worked at Walmart for twelve years as a co-manager, store manager, and my most current role, a marketing e-commerce manager leading all digital initiatives over a territory.”


This background in management, marketing, and overall business was a big factor in Crystal’s decision to become a business owner herself.

“When I was a store manager I loved being my own boss,” said Crystal, “I’m organized and have a good understanding of how to run a business and manage the books to ensure profit. People have always liked working for me, and I have the ability to step back, observe, and problem-solve fairly well. That’s something I’ve definitely picked up along the way with Walmart. Ultimately, I wanted more flexibility and moved into my current role.”

Naturally, like many entrepreneurs who first begin their business-owning journey, the prospect of a franchise over starting a business from scratch was attractive to Crystal.

“I was daydreaming with my other half about ‘What if money didn’t matter, what would you do?’ I said that I’d love to open a doggie daycare. I’ve never found the perfect one and I think I would truly enjoy going to work. I started just casually looking around on the internet searching for doggie daycares for sale and ran across Hounds Town. The low cost to get started stopped me in my tracks… I thought, ‘I can do this.’”

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A New Journey into the Pet Care Industry

After hearing about Hounds Town USA, Crystal found more exciting information through her research. She noted that the start-up costs and profitability made sense, and the Hounds Town website was an excellent wealth of information.

“I felt like all the podcasts and media found online gave me a sense of who they are as a company and as people – down to earth, fun, and caring,” said Crystal, “You can tell they know what works for the business, they’re passionate about it, they care about animals and they’re not just trying to be the next big franchise. They will wait for the right Franchise Owner to join the system. And I think that’s smart.”

When asked about what made Crystal choose Hounds Town and start the process of becoming a Franchise Owner, she had nothing but good things to say about Hounds Town’s business model.

“You can be whichever owner you want from working day-to-day in the business, [like an owner who is] absent or semi-absent,” said Crystal, “Also, the fifteen-to-one dog ratio keeps staffing expenses lower as well as industrial locations making rent lower. I’ve never felt so sure of something in my life. Listening to the videos online and learning about the Franchise, listening to the other Franchise Owner calls and how they were doing, watching the videos Rob would send me about how Hounds Town was helping dogs in need had me tearing up. This wasn’t something I thought was attainable and now I feel like I’m fulfilling a dream.”

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Crystal is a new mom of a 20-month-old daughter in addition to being a business owner. She noted that she loves to travel, competitive dancing, and has a background in cheerleading. However, she is also an avid lover of dogs.

“My dog and I have been through a lot together,” said Crystal, “He was with me through my divorce, moving back with my mom for a few weeks, then to an apartment, there was a lot of back and forth. It has been hard on him. But I believe he helped get me through the hard times, and he gave me a reason to walk around the block. He just brings me so much joy. Now we’ve found our forever home together, the 3 of us and our dog of course.”

Crystal’s close relationship with her pup has been a huge factor in her passion for helping animals through Hounds Town doggy daycare.

“I have a passion for animals in need, I just want to help them. If they get out or are lost, they need us and we need them. I want to be able to provide a safe and fun place for animals in my town. A place where the animal parent will feel comfortable leaving their pet when they go out of town with no worries and where they can bring them for daycare to play with others dogs. I can’t wait to see what charity work we can get involved with as well in our community.“

When asked if Crystal had any advice for future Franchise Owners, her response was simple but succinct: “Take your time, do your research, and ask all the questions you have. Take notes, review them, and if it makes sense you’ll know it. Use all the resources they provide to know if it’s a good fit, trust the franchise system, and know it is a system to follow to be successful.”

We wish Crystal nothing but luck in launching and running her Prosper, Texas location of Hounds Town USA!

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