10 Things Every Dog Owner Should Know Heading Into Spring

When you drop off your favorite four-legged friend at doggy daycare, you trust they’ll be in the right hands. And that’s precisely what you’ll get with Hounds Town USA. This full-service, interactive doggy daycare is what you’ve been looking for when you can’t take Spot on the family vacation. Hounds Town offers overnight dog boarding, dog grooming, retail products, and tail-wagging rides in our pet taxi — nothing but pure love.

Now, while we love to take care of our customers’ pets more than anything, we also love to dish on things we’re confident about: pet care, dog training, etcetera. And since we’re rapidly approaching spring, no matter what that goofy groundhog says, we’ve got a few tips to help you better manage your pup during the springtime.

So, follow along below as we list out our 10 things every dog owner should look out for as we head into spring.

Top 10 Things Dog Owners Need to Keep An Eye Out for This Spring

1. Monitor Allergens

Humans aren’t the only beings on this planet suffering from allergies. Our beloved pets can be affected just as much, if not more, by seasonal allergies. If left untreated, specific allergies can pose serious health risks to your dog.

When spring arrives, it’s essential to take note of particular blooms that may be toxic. Some of the most common include lilies, azaleas, and daffodils. These pretty flowers can cause diarrhea, vomiting, and in severe cases, death.

However, there are simple steps you can take to avoid allergen complications. Be sure to wash your dog regularly with an allergen-removing shampoo recommended by your veterinarian. As with humans, your dog can get an allergy test to find out what they are and aren’t allergic to.

2. Watch Out for Ticks and Fleas

Keeping a watchful eye out for ticks and fleas is a no-brainer, but these annoying little pests thrive when the flowers bloom. We know the two of you cherish your daily walks, but it’s very important to thoroughly inspect your dog after each stroll around the neighborhood, hike in the hills, or even after a romp at the dog park. If caught early both are very easy to eradicate.

3. Other Bugs and Pests

Fleas and ticks aren’t the only insects to beware of; mosquitoes are just as annoying to dogs as they are to us. Other than itchy bites, mosquitoes can transmit heartworm disease through their blood-sucking ways. 

However, there are simple ways to prevent mosquito-born heartworm disease. Be sure to ask your veterinarian what the best heartworm prevention medication would be for your dog.

4. Save the Chocolate for Yourself

It’s spring time which means Easter is around the corner — and with the Easter holiday comes giant baskets stuffed with all sorts of candy, including LOADS of chocolate. These aren’t any more toxic during this time of year, but since they seem more prevalent, we figured we’d remind you of how VITAL it is to keep these tasty treats away from your pet. Keep the family dog locked inside when the kids are running around the yard looking for chocolate eggs.

 5. Double-Check Your Landscaping

Sure, your yard may look gorgeous once everything begins to bloom, but just like the plants around the park, some in your own yard can present a problem. Be mindful of what you will plant and what is already planted.

Many fertilizers, insecticides, and mulch can be toxic as well. Keep all planting and gardening supplies, including your tools, locked away in a shed or another place where their paws can’t reach.

6. Keep Their Shots Up-to-Date

After being cooped up all winter long, your dog will no doubt be more social when the weather turns. This is the perfect time to make sure their vaccinations are current so they don’t get sick while frolicking with fellow four-leggers at the park.

7. HIDE Your OWN Allergy Medication

Something that can be worse than your dog having allergies is them getting into YOUR allergy medication. If that happens, it can present a host of severe problems for your pet.

Depending on what medication they ingest, it can cause vomiting, lethargy, incoordination, wobbliness, hyper-excitement, and tremors. If they’ve accidentally eaten some meds or if you even suspect your dog has, take them to the veterinarian immediately. If you catch it early, it can be fixed early.

8. Keep All cleaning Supplies WAY Out of Paws Reach

Spring cleaning is a tradition as old as Thanksgiving which means you’ll be stocked to the gills with cleaning products; many, if not all, are poisonous to your pets. Store up high or in a locked cabinet.

9. Absolutely No Grapes And That Means Raisins

Grapes are a massive no-no for dogs, but many think raisins are okay because they’re just dried grapes. However, they can cause quick kidney failure in cats and dogs if it’s not treated immediately, so make sure any Easter treats containing them are left on the kitchen counter.

10. Microchip Your Dog

Microchipping of dogs and cats has become very popular among pet owners. It’s an easy way to identify a lost animal and become reunited with the favorite member of the family. It’s an identification tag that cannot be tampered with, unlike a standard collar tag. They never need to be replaced, and the insertion procedure is entirely painless.

Dogs, like us, love good weather. And when they’ve been stuck inside all winter long, and that first day of 72 degrees and sunny comes, your dog will want to play. When that door opens, and they bolt, a microchip in the neck will help you track them down.

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