Are You the Ideal Hounds Town USA Franchise Owner? Here’s How You Can Tell

Have you ever considered starting your own business and telling your time in the corporate world “goodbye” for good? It’s not as crazy of a goal as some think – every year, thousands of people launch their own brands with the hope of that becoming their path to financial success and lifelong freedom. However, it’s not as simple as picking a business name and designing a logo.

In the U.S., most businesses fail, often because someone isn’t cut out for entrepreneurship in the way they were trying to get started. However, even if you are the right kind of person for the job, there are a million other obstacles in your way, especially in the pet care industry. Today, our dog daycare franchise continues to introduce more future business owners to the Hounds Town USA business model and see success with each new location, but it’s because we know exactly what it takes to be the ideal doggie daycare Franchise Owner.

Why Franchising?

Business ownership is a common dream, but it’s not something many can succeed at on their own when they don’t have experience that can translate. According to Investopedia, three of the top four reasons businesses fail are:

  • Poor management from the beginning
  • Failure to consider the marketing needs
  • Lack of business planning before launch

Instead, you can join a franchise and take advantage of their established brand. Since they’ve already done the leg work for you, your only job will be to follow the systems laid out for you.

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Tried-and-True Systems & Comprehensive Support

When you start a business on your own, there’s no one supporting you, telling you how to handle each new situation or challenge you come up against. Instead, you only have yourself and your background to rely on. While this may come easy – and even be exciting – to some, it often causes others to burn out and abandon their dreams. 

However, franchising solves this problem by giving you the foundation and manual you need to operate, troubleshoot, and grow your business, taking away much of the risk of becoming your own boss. Rather than spending all your time reinventing the wheel, you get established systems to follow, and when you do need extra help, you’ll have a support team to lean on that wants to see you succeed as much as you do.

So, Why Hounds Town USA?

Hounds Town is an interactive doggie daycare franchise that provides overnight dog boarding, a pet grooming spa, and other pet-focused services and amenities. We operate no-frills facilities that are designed to meet the needs of dogs themselves rather than to impress their humans. This allows us to keep our build-out costs significantly lower and overhead expenses more predictable than our competition. Our simple business strategy provides Franchise Owners with amazing economic returns while also giving them the opportunity to spread joy to the four-legged customers of their community.

Lower Financial Investment & Overhead Expenses

All franchises require a large amount of capital to launch a location, but a pet franchise like ours has a goal to keep that initial financial investment affordable, making it easier to become a Franchisee. By utilizing simple, cost-effective, and dog-friendly materials, Hounds Town USA allows Franchise Owners to open their businesses for a starting investment of $457,200. This amount is significantly lower than other doggie daycare franchises in the country, which often start at $1 million, so this allows our Franchisees to break even sooner and enjoy larger profit margins. 

Plus, with our simple build-out and minimal employees needed, everyday overhead expenses are also low enough to make scaling and profitability easier than our competitors.

A Business Model Built on Established Canine Experience

Hounds Town dog daycare was founded over 20 years ago by former NYPD K-9 Unit Handler and Commanding Officer of the Nassau County Police Department, Michael S. Gould. It’s thanks to his nearly 40 years of direct canine experience that our dog daycare franchise has methodologies and techniques for human-dog interaction that make Hounds Town an effective and enjoyable place that dogs want to visit. In fact, our concept is actually modeled after childcare solutions rather than other doggie daycare options. This knowledge and expertise is passed on to every new Franchise Owner so they can be as effective and successful, no matter what breed, size, or age of dog they meet.

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Our Financial Outlook

The pet industry has been in a state of massive growth for years, even before the COVID-19 “puppy boom” of 2020. This industry has been proven to be recession resilient as historical data shows that even during an economic downturn, people are willing to pay the same amount for their pets’ expenses. With this state of the industry, it’s no surprise that in 2022, our Average Gross Profit for locations open five years or more was $905,531, with an Average Net Operating Income of $438,133! These are the kind of earnings that anyone can begin to build lasting, independent wealth with.

Hounds Town Charity Work

Every Franchise Owner is empowered to partner with local charities, rescues, and animal shelters to build strong relationships within the community while experiencing the pride of giving back. This can be through offering discounted daycare, boarding, and other services to shelter and rescue dogs waiting to be adopted into their “furever” homes, collaboration on fundraising events, and more. Hounds Town USA has built a company culture around its commitment to strong community impact and outreach, so Franchise Owners get more than just a business with us – they get the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of dogs in their territory, as well as their community as a whole.

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The Ideal Hounds Town Franchise Candidate

When you start a dog-centric business, you need to have certain qualifications to get started; however, prior dog or pet industry experience isn’t one of them. While a passion for animals is certainly a plus, with our unique methods of grouping and managing dogs, anyone can be taught the Hounds Town way! Here’s what we’re looking for in a Hounds Town USA Franchisee:

You Love Connecting with People

As a business owner, your day-to-day work will be less on the nitty-gritty operations of your Hounds Town location and more on hiring and leading the people doing the day-to-day for you. The managers and dog handlers you hire, as well as the pet parents bringing in their dogs, will be the people who make or break your business, so someone who enjoys connecting with a diverse group of people will have the easiest time launching their doggie daycare.

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You’re a True Animal Lover

When starting a business, making money is often the first thing you think about when you wake up, especially when you leave your day job to make it happen. However, if you’re passionate about the idea of spending your workday with dogs instead of stuffy cubicle coworkers, you’ll love your doggie daycare business that much more! Each day, your ultimate goal will be to provide your four-legged customers with the best experience possible so they can return home with a “Hounds Town hangover” and excitement about returning to your location again. 

You’re an Entrepreneur at Heart

Our doggy daycare business model is so simple that you don’t need to have a business background. Instead, we’re looking for entrepreneurial-minded individuals who want to build a meaningful business that allows them to become their own boss and run the show themselves. The best Hounds Town Franchisees come to us with experience in sales or a background in leadership because it shows they’ll be ready to lead a team or secure new customers from day one. If you have an entrepreneurial drive, a knack for sales, and leadership experience, then this could be the right franchise for you.

You’re Willing to Follow a System

Some prospective entrepreneurs love the idea of starting their own business because they want to reinvent the processes and systems they believe could be improved. While, when successful, these are the people that go on to create companies like Microsoft and Apple, they are one in a million. With a franchise, you’ll instead be given proven methods and established systems you’ll be expected to follow, so you’ll never need to worry about scrambling to figure something out on your own. If this sounds like something you can appreciate, then a doggie daycare franchise may be the right next move for you.

You Love to Have Fun at Work

People who describe themselves as uptight and corporate won’t enjoy the fun, dog-loving Hounds Town culture. A doggie daycare business is an inherently fun environment and our pet franchise works to amplify that through our decor and the arrangements we put our dogs in. During the moments you’re not spending time with dogs, you need to continue that enjoyable energy into interactions with your team to maintain the ideal Hounds Town culture. If a pet parent comes in to pick up their dog and recognizes the great culture you’ve created, they’re more likely to be a loyal, return customer.

You Want to Impact Your Community

As a Franchise Owner, you’ll be encouraged to do more than just “business as usual.” The pet industry is built on nonprofits and organizations that strive to impact communities for the better, so you’ll need to adopt this approach if you want to succeed. At Hounds Town Dog Daycare, our Franchisees help their territories by reducing euthanization rates, establishing healthier handling protocols, and offering assistance to animal shelters in their communities just for the sake of helping more dogs every day. If being part of this doesn’t sound exciting, Hounds Town may not be a fit for you.

Now that you know why franchising is a great solution for anyone looking to become their own boss and what it takes to franchise with us, do you see yourself in our description of the ideal Hounds Town USA Franchise Owner? Whether you’re confident that you’re the right person to open a location in your territory or you want to learn more about our dog daycare franchise, your next step will be to get connected with our franchisee support team! To see if you qualify as an ideal franchisee candidate for your own Hounds Town doggie daycare, take our quick, 1-minute quiz to get started today.