Bob LeBlanc is Taking Over the Pet Industry!

Hounds Town USA is popping up all over the United States, and our newest location is in Hartford, CT. Our latest Franchise Owner is Bob LeBlanc, who recently opened the Hounds Town Hartford location.

In a recent interview with Hounds Town USA, Bob was candid about his previous career – one worth mentioning for his work to benefit the aerospace industry. Bob started his career as a mechanical engineer for Pratt and Whitney in East Hartford. He eventually moved on to technical sales and business development roles in the aerospace industry. He noted that he was fortunate to work for some great companies and leaders. We believe that even though Bob came from a very different industry than the pet trade, his experience in sales and business is what will help him find success as a Hounds Town USA Franchise Owner.

Bob noted that he wanted to become an entrepreneur because his father was a coach and an educator who built a successful rental property business outside his main work. This inspired Bob to become a business owner, as the money generated from his father’s side business supported his mother in the wake of his father’s passing. That, to Bob, showed the value in semi-absentee business ownership models that Hounds Town USA proudly invests in.

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“I’ve always believed in franchising as a business growth strategy ever since I read a book about the making of McDonald’s by Ray Krok many years ago,” said Bob in our interview, “When I heard about how Hounds Town USA was founded, the positive impact they were having on dogs and their owners, and the successful franchise system they developed, I got very excited! I saw it as an amazing opportunity to serve my community in an industry which is growing exponentially and focuses on one of my passions – dog ownership.”

Bob explained that he first heard about Hounds Town USA at a crossroads in his aerospace career.

“For the first time [I was] thinking about possibly doing something different. A career transition coach named Darren Leavitt engaged me in some constructive conversations, which reminded me I had an entrepreneurial spirit and it was not too late to start my own business. After reviewing my strengths, experiences, and passions, he introduced me to a number of potential business opportunities. One of those was Hounds Town USA.”

We’re certainly glad that Bob chose Hounds Town USA, but he didn’t do so just to pick one. Instead, Bob was attracted to our unique dog daycare business model, which led him to choose Hounds Town as his franchise.

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“I was drawn to the simplicity of the business model. Hounds Town USA has figured out what helps dogs thrive and focuses on that – curating packs of dogs so they can interact with each other,” said Bob, “It is a service business, and I know firsthand the peace of mind knowing my dogs are receiving the best care possible. I can proudly offer that service to my community all day long. I also like the fact that I can hire and train staff to eventually handle the day-to-day activity, which will free me up to expand the business with new locations in the Greater Hartford area. I look forward to building a great team and having a lot of fun!”

After attending our company’s Approval Day, Bob was also convinced to become a Hounds Town Franchise Owner. Approval Days are designed to connect potential Franchise Owners with the corporate team, company Founders, and other Franchise Owners to make a more educated choice on whether or not Hounds Town is the right fit for their business endeavors. Bob was very impressed by his own Approval Day experience.

“They [the Founders and corporate team] are the real deal,” said Bob, “My impression is that the Founder, Mike Gould understands dogs in unique ways, and his knowledge is a key differentiator in the industry. The leadership team that Jackie Bondanza has built is well seasoned, and they are cultivating a fun and high integrity culture that will ensure Hounds Town USA’s success.”

Likewise, Bob was impressed by the Hounds Town USA Franchise Owners he had the opportunity to meet.

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“Besides getting to know the leadership team and asking a million questions they could answer to my complete satisfaction, we had the opportunity to meet two Hounds Town USA Franchise Owners and see their facilities in operation. Their Hounds Town USA locations were bright, cheery, clean, and simple, and the dogs loved it! And most importantly, I could see myself running this business successfully and having fun!”

So what was the real “a-ha!” moment for Bob? In his words, it was “when I hung up the phone after a one-on-one conversation with the CEO. She understood the investment that franchise owners make when they join the Hounds Town USA family, and they take that responsibility very seriously. They are building a support system that is second to none.”

Bob and his wife have quite a few non-pet-related hobbies outside of franchise ownership. The pair love to create unique places to entertain family and friends. They belong to a vibrant church community where Bob serves in the men’s ministry. Bob also enjoys physical fitness, gardening, and cooking… and of course, he’s crazy about his family dogs. 

“I’ve had a dog most of my life and got a second one during the pandemic,” said Bob, “They are the most amazing creatures and bring tremendous joy to our life. They are part of our family, loyal beyond reason, and possess a tremendous capacity to give and receive love. From the moment we wake up to lights out, they are right there by our side.”

We’re looking forward to supporting Bob and his new Hounds Town location!

Do you want to start your own franchise location in the pet industry? Check out our franchise website and connect with the Hounds Town USA team today to learn more about how our franchise opportunities could be the perfect fit for you.