So Long, Corporate America…Chris Duncan’s Dog Daycare Business is Coming to Austin!

Look out, Austin- there’s a new local dog daycare business in town! One of Hounds Town USA’s newest Franchise Owners, Chris Duncan, is opening up a new location in the Austin, Texas area.

In a world that has drastically changed in the last year, many working individuals have found themselves asking, “Could there be something more for me?” Where many people once found comfort in the 9 to 5, many others are considering a different kind of life — one based around taking control of their career and income while supporting their local community. Chris Duncan, a former tech professional who discovered Hounds Town USA while searching for opportunities in the world of franchising, is looking to make big waves in the dog daycare business with his Austin location.

From the Corporate Grind to the Dog Daycare Business- Chris’s Journey

Chris, like many other Hounds Town USA Franchise Owners, has a very unique background that doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with owning a dog daycare business. A former tech salesperson, Chris Duncan spent his career in corporate sales. Over the past 2 years, however, Chris decided to step away from his career to open his first dog daycare business. 

I have spent the last twenty years fully immersed in the corporate world,” Chris told us in an interview, “After I graduated from The University of Texas I immediately started working at National Instruments, a large tech company headquartered in Austin. That job launched my career in the tech industry, a space that I’ve remained in ever since.”

Upon leaving National Instruments, Chris went on to work in sales and customer success for enterprises like Dell and Oracle, Workday, and even with a small startup company in Silicon Valley. 

“I think 2020 was a year that sparked internal reflection for a lot of people, including myself,” said Chris, “I realized how all the time and effort I was spending to support my company and its accounts, could just as easily be spent building my own business and customers. And instead of working with people all across the globe, I could just as easily be building those relationships in my local community.”

A relatable stance to take, Chris took his desire for change seriously and began looking into launching his own business. Chris knew a little bit about franchising and noted that he always had a positive view of it, though he had never considered it for his own livelihood. And, over time, and after researching many different companies, the one franchise that stuck with him was Hounds Town USA, which he had discovered via an internet ad. 

“That’s what got my interest initially,” says Chris, “and after I began to research the company I was nothing but impressed…especially with the corporate team that I met with.”

Taking the Plunge into Entrepreneurship

Deciding to go all-in on a franchise is no easy decision to make. For Chris, he knew he wanted to have ownership over his own business, but didn’t feel completely comfortable with stepping into a completely new business all on his own. This is often a very smart move for potential Franchise Owners who have never owned their own business before, and want to enter the business world with a little extra help and security. With franchising, especially with Hounds Town USA, it is possible to have more flexibility and decision-making power right from the start with less risk involved. The support of a bigger and much more experienced team, coupled with Chris’s experience and knowledge, worked well to his advantage.

“All of the people that I spoke to had such diverse backgrounds and interesting stories about what ultimately brought them into franchising……which I found very comforting,” Chris said about Hounds Town USA Franchise Owners. 

“I asked candid questions and received candid answers: people talked to me about how their business started, how current operations were going, what their future plans for expansion were, etc., and even during a pandemic, not one of them had that nightmare scenario where they had to shut their doors permanently.”

Doggie daycare franchise team

Looking Ahead to Owning a Successful Dog Daycare Business in Austin

It’s no secret that becoming a business owner can be a challenge, and running into “nightmare” scenarios is unfortunately common. But impressed by the positive energy that surrounds Hounds Town USA, Chris left those conversations feeling empowered and ready to launch his own franchise. In fact, Chris has noted that he hopes to have multiple franchise locations in the future and to develop strong community ties with other businesses in Texas in order to build a better support system.

“I think that’s certainly on the horizon, but for now I have my blinders on and I’m looking straight ahead at what needs to be done to open our first location and make it a success,” says Chris. “So for now, I’m seeing where this ride takes me and I’m soaking up the new life and professional experiences that I’m getting along the way.”

When asked what advice he would give new Franchise Owners, Chris noted that the biggest benefit to working with Hounds Town USA is having access to a wealth of resources right out of the gate. And he recommends taking advantage of the aid that the Hounds Town USA corporate team offers whenever needed.

“Keep asking questions until you don’t have any questions left,” says Chris. “They answered every single one of them and then offered additional advice and resources on things I didn’t even know I need to be worried about. They obviously want you to succeed for the benefit of the brand, but how they go about running their operations and supporting their franchisees is also an impressive part of their organization.”

In his personal time, Chris enjoys spending time with his family and his two new mini Goldendoodle puppies. He also enjoys golfing, barbecues, and hunting.

Welcome to the Hounds Town franchise family, Chris- we wish you immense success in your dog daycare business!

Are you inspired by Chris Duncan’s journey towards business ownership and want to launch your own Hounds Town USA franchise location? Please visit our franchise website today for more information. We can’t wait to start working with you!

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