Cindy Thurmond is Opening a NEW Atlanta Dog Daycare Business!

Running a successful dog daycare business is no walk in the park when you have to go it alone, but Franchise Owner Cindy Thurmond is ready to take on the challenge, thanks to the amazing support she can count on from the pack at Hounds Town USA!

We are proud to announce that “Hot-lanta” is about to become a HOUNDS TOWN, as Cindy takes steps toward opening a brand new Hounds Town USA in Atlanta, Georgia! Not only will this be one of the first locations of our dog daycare business in the city of Atlanta, but it will also be one of the first locations to pop up in the state of Georgia as a whole. Clearly, our dog daycare business is growing fast and selling quickly, and we’re so excited to welcome Cindy into the Hounds Town pack!

Atlanta dog daycare business owner Cindy ThurmondDiscovering our Dog Daycare Business: Cindy’s Story

Hounds Town USA is a dog daycare business with a unique approach. The mission of Hounds Town is to let dogs be dogs, with none of the unnecessary frills and expensive add-ons typically found at other doggie daycare businesses. We’re not interested in wringing our clients dry through unnecessary perks. We simply want to offer a customer-focused, community-driven experience that is nothing but pleasant for our customers.

Founder Mike Gould has brought along over 40 years of dog handling experience to Hounds Town USA and has passed along his extensive knowledge to Franchise Owners like Cindy Thurmond as they open their dog daycare business locations in cities across the country.

“Hounds Town USA has everything I was looking for in a franchise,” said Cindy, “It is a simple, uncomplicated model that works.”

That simplicity and unique approach to dog daycare services are what have led Hounds Town USA to experience tremendous growth as a franchise. From the moment Cindy first learned about Hounds Town USA, she was intrigued by our impressive economics and unique approach to doggie daycare. Upon meeting Mike and Hounds Town President Jackie Bondanza, she knew this was going to be the right business opportunity.

“I enjoyed getting to know Jackie and Mike a bit better,” she recalled, adding, “They seem very down to earth, open and honest. And I liked their willingness to share honest and transparent history and information with me.”

Cindy Thurmond starts an Atlanta dog daycare businessFrom Business Management and Human Resources to Owning a Dog Daycare Business

As Cindy moved through our Education Process, she was pleasantly surprised to find that Hounds Town USA is far from your conventional dog daycare business. It was clear that the Founders, corporate team, and other Franchise Owners genuinely cared about their human customers and their fur babies. This was particularly evident during her Discovery Day in Florida, where she was able to tour our new Sanford and Space Coast, Florida locations.

“[I liked] seeing how Mike interacts with the dogs, meeting Jackie and Mike in person, and meeting the Franchise Owners in Sanford and Space Coast – it was very helpful to see the sites live,” she says. “It was also helpful to have the corporate Hounds Town team provide an overview of their roles.”

Owning a dog daycare business wasn’t necessarily in Cindy’s original career plan. However, thanks to her extensive background in retail, business management, and human resources for a variety of companies across multiple industries, Hounds Town proved to be a perfect fit for someone of her skill set and professional experience.

“After graduating from college from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, I moved to Miami and began my professional career in retail management and corporate human resources,” Cindy, who moved to Atlanta in 1992, says. “My corporate human resources career spanned many industries including healthcare, telecommunications, retail, aerospace defense, and technology. Prior to joining Hounds Town USA, I worked as the vice president of human resources for an aerospace defense global company.”

Cindy was determined to find a real passion that would be worth putting blood, sweat, and tears into– something that would inspire a greater sense of purpose and pride. She also noted that she wanted to own a franchise that could help her build a better sense of community and provide opportunities for growth. And who wouldn’t want to spend their professional life working on something like that?

Instead of having a single awe-inspired “a-ha!” moment that led her to become a Hounds Town USA Franchise Owner, Cindy notes that all of the interactions she had during her Discovery Day and meetings with our Founders were too positive to ignore. She recalls feeling reassured by how responsive, supportive, and knowledgeable the corporate team was throughout her franchise Education Process. “I looked at a lot of different franchises. I think each step in the due diligence just fermented my decision,” she explains.

While running a Hounds Town USA dog daycare business is a unique experience on its own, this is far from Cindy’s first experience caring for dogs and other animals alike.

“I was born and raised in Tennessee in a small town near Memphis. My dad was a veterinarian, and I had the honor of working alongside him on large and small animals,” Cindy says, “I was everything from the receptionist to kennel assistant to the surgical assistant. I had many pets, mostly water dogs and beloved mutts.”

Hounds Town Atlanta dog daycare business owner Cindy ThurmondLooking Ahead: Cindy’s New Career as an Atlanta Dog Daycare Business Owner

While Cindy does not currently own a dog, she has had many past experiences as a pet parent and looks forward to adopting a new furry friend very soon. In the meantime, Cindy will focus her energy on building up her brand and establishing her Hounds Town USA location.

Cindy is a fan of snow skiing, horses, paddle boarding, enjoying the great outdoors, and (of course) spending time with her family and friends’ dogs! She is the mother of two adult daughters, Christy and Katie, who live in Nashville and Atlanta, respectively. When asked what advice she would give to a potential Franchise Owner, she had simple but effective advice: Hard work, dedication, using the right resources, and following the Hounds Town USA business model are the keys to success.

“Be patient,” Cindy advises, “And don’t settle.”

Wise words, indeed. We can’t wait to see what success Cindy finds as a new Franchise Owner of Georgia’s first Hounds Town USA dog daycare business!


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