Demand for Pet Hotels is Growing – and Hounds Town USA Franchise Owners are Reaping the Rewards!

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As pets are increasingly being viewed as family members and not just animals in the home, pet owners have evolved into pet parents. This change and people’s growing fondness for pets during the COVID-19 pandemic have led to an increase in pet expenditures. Pet owners today want their animals to live as opulently as they would expect for their own loved ones. Pet holidays for dogs, cats, and other exotic animals are becoming more and more popular as pet owners increase their spending on their animals. Because of this, pet hotels are become more common.

Let’s take a look at how the demand for pet hotels are increasing and how Hounds Town USA Franchise Owners are reaping the rewards of this growth.

What is a Pet Hotel?

A form of pet boarding business called pet hotels looks after animals when their owners are absent or temporarily unable to provide them the attention they need. Although the amenities and services provided at pet hotels might differ greatly from one facility to the next, they virtually always include basic care like feeding, routine exercise, and medication administration. Many times, pet owners have the choice to select additional playtime with a staff member of the pet hotel, dog walking, and grooming services from a menu of options.

Similar to human hotels, pet hotels that charge more often have a wider selection of services, while there may be a variety of lodgings available even within a single pet hotel. Traditional kennels can be used to house pets, or they can be given more roomy quarters that may even be connected to outside runs. Some pet hotels even offer televisions for the animals, which can help them feel more at home and prevent boredom.

For pets who are social, like dogs, some pet hotels provide group activities. Dogs may be taken for runs in nearby parks or along local beaches, or just allowed to play together in specially created rooms at the pet hotel.

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What is Driving the Growth of Pet Hotels?

Nowadays, pet owners are very interested in planning vacations for their animals since they see them as four-legged children. This aspect has significantly fueled the market’s expansion of pet hotels.

One of the key elements fueling the market expansion for pet hotels is the increase in pet ownership. The American Pet Products Association estimates that 85 million American homes have pets, and that the percentage of households with pets has increased by 12% over the past 30 years. This increase in pet ownership is anticipated to boost the market’s expansion. The growing preoccupation with high-end pets in various areas is also projected to support industry expansion.

Popular business concepts like personalization and customization are particularly prevalent in this sector. The experience that their dogs have at pet hotels can be tailored or personalized by the pet owners. The pet hotels on the market are offering unique packages to draw in a sizable clientele. In a pet hotel, the pet owner may create a unique experience for their animals that might include a variety of services including pet entertainment, grooming, and other amenities. To ensure that our business strategy concentrates on the simplicity of dog boarding without the fluff and outrageous add-ons, Hounds Town USA provides extremely limited customization capabilities.

The idea of pet hotels is only starting to gain popularity. The market is still developing and has a lot of unrealized potential. The market will present new doors of opportunity for the participants with a bit more knowledge of the concept. Additionally, as more pet hotels are booked online in the future, internet penetration is anticipated to boost market expansion. More chances are anticipated to arise as knowledge of furry visitors rises in developing countries.

Social media’s increasing use is probably going to increase market potential even more. Additionally, market participants are looking for franchising possibilities, which is predicted to increase pet hotel sales throughout the projection period.

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How Can Hounds Town USA Franchise Owners Benefit from this Growth?

It’s pretty straightforward – Hounds Town USA franchises offer pet hotel services, and such services are in major demand right now. Hounds Town USA offers both a fully interactive daycare facility in addition to overnight boarding. 

As noted before, many pet owners are interested in a customizable experience. However, many of the options offered by dog boarding facilities get a bit convoluted. Hounds Town USA has a different business model that offers minimal customization options without the in-your-face bells and whistles that dogs simply don’t care about. Rather, we offer the opportunity for dogs and cats to be boarded safely in a clean, pleasant facility that customers can trust. The goal is to offer a worry-free experience that stands out from the competition. And as pet hotels grow in popularity, it’s more important than ever to stand out as a pet boarding facility.

Michael Gould, a veteran canine handler for the NYPD and Nassau County Police, founded Hounds Town USA in 2000. Our franchise provides economical pet care that is refreshingly uncomplicated and free of unnecessary costs for supplemental services, so you’ll stand out from the competition as a Franchise Owner.

Do you want to start your own doggie daycare franchise? Get in touch with our corporate team via our franchise website for more information.