Across the United States, cities are becoming more and more densely populated as younger generations move from rural areas into metropolitan hubs. As the population increases, so does the number of pets! Unfortunately however, the pet population has been left vastly underserved, with little resources for pets and pet owners, aside from the average veterinary clinic. A recent article from Franchise Dictionary highlighted the need for dog day care franchises such as Hounds Town USA in today’s day and age and the profound effects they can have within communities. 

Pets fill a vital role within the community. Aside from being cute, they are our friends, companions, and are there for us through good times and bad. As a result, we are committed to keeping them as happy and healthy as possible. As Franchise Dictionary staff writerElice Morgenson puts it, “Despite their diverse backgrounds and professions, dog lovers share one trait: lifelong devotion to these creatures, great and small. Hounds Town USA allows the dog-loving franchisee to take this passion and turn it into an occupation that is both emotionally and financially rewarding.” Nothing could be more true, as Hounds Town USA franchises are starting to pop up across the United States. Currently, the dog daycare franchise has 11locations, with three more opening before the end of the year. Americans from all walks of life are finding truly rewarding careers that they are passionate about through owning a pet franchise with Hounds Town USA. 

One may wonder, what makes Hounds Town USA different from the average dog boarding facility? For starters, the simple, streamlined business model and in-depth training program allow for new franchise owners from any background to get their franchise up-and-running quickly and efficiently within only 9 – 12 months from an initial inquiry! Furthermore, “Hounds Town USA applies their canine psychology expertise which gives their Franchise Owners a special competitive advantage over other doggie daycares”. The pet care franchise’s knowledgeable support staff are well educated on canine psychology and behavior, emphasizing the importance of pack social structure for canines. This is then passed on to every Franchise Owner, creating a better, more sociable experience for every dog that passes through Hounds Town USA’s doors. The dog day care franchise is more than just a place to drop your dog off. It’s like taking your dog to summer camp, and they come home ecstatic, waiting for the next chance to go back and have fun. 

The Franchise Direct article pointed out how Hounds Town USA differs from the typical pet care franchise, stating that the, “concept is designed around the unique needs of the dogs [that they] serve (rather than the pet owners’)”. More often than not, dog day care franchises simply cater to what the dog owner wants, which isn’t always best for the dog. At Hounds Town USA, the dog comes first and every hound gets not just an experience catered specifically to them, but the care that they truly need. This is something that few pet care facilities can offer and the difference certainly shows within Hounds Town’s numbers, with a towering year-over-year average sales increase of 32 percent. 

All things considered, happier dogs lead to happier owners, which makes the community happier as a whole. Hounds Town USA can provoke this happiness. As a result, the dog care Franchise’s Owners consider themselves some of the happiest Franchise Owners on Earth. Hounds Town USA has become more than just a business. It is a bedrock for the community, a meeting place for both pets and their owners. Hounds Town USA is transforming the way that people think about pet care and is setting the bar for dog care franchises across the country. 

Whether it be the simple, streamlined business model, the high return on investment, or the strong support network for Franchise Owners, people from all kinds of backgrounds are finding a career that they can truly enjoy by owning a franchise with Hounds Town USA. If this sounds like something that would interest you, visit our franchise site here

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