Detroit Hounds Town Owner Pete Mourad Shares Back-To-Work Tips for Pet Parents

Detroit doggie daycare Franchise Owner Pete Mourad

Hounds Town USA is making the news in Motor City! Our Detroit Franchise Owner Pete Mourad was recently featured in a live television news segment for Fox 2 Detroit to talk about his top tips for dealing with separation anxiety in dogs. As more of us start heading back to the office, our pets may find the sudden disappearance after over a year in quarantine to be stressful. Mourad broke down his top tips to share with Detroit viewers and host Alan Longstreet for making a successful and painless transition for our pets.

“We’re not doing training yet,” Pete told viewers during his appearance when asked about what services Pete’s Hounds Town USA location offers, “I’m hoping since we’ve only been open a year, by the end of this year we’re going to start doing puppy training classes. So there’ll be dogs like six months and under, where we’ll do obedience and puppy training. So that’s something in the future. But we do daycare, boarding, and grooming here. As you can see, the day spa is behind me here.”

As a Hounds Town USA Franchise Owner like Pete, you could implement as many services as you please with some help from our corporate team. Hounds Town USA is a doggie daycare franchise focused on letting dogs be dogs. We’re not interested in taking the traditional approach to dog grooming with our franchise. Rather, we build franchise businesses for dog grooming and daycare that have none of the unnecessary frills and add-ons found at other doggie daycare businesses. We’re direct and straight to the point, and our goal is to help build doggie daycare companies that benefit both the Franchise Owner and the local community of pet owners. Our Founder Mike Gould has brought over forty years of canine handling experience to Hounds Town USA, passing along his extensive knowledge to Franchise Owners like Pete Mourad.

Pete’s news appearance is a big deal, especially for those who are interested in becoming a Franchise Owner with Hounds Town USA. This television appearance shows the level of visibility and publicity our Franchise Owners can get in their local markets, and it’s all thanks to our incredible Franchise Owner-focused public relations team. Prospective franchise candidates can count on Hounds Town USA’s PR and support team to help them book high-profile TV spots to advertise their Hounds Town grooming services locally.

There are so many reasons to consider becoming a Franchise Owner like Pete Mourad. Through the guidance of Hounds Town USA Founder Mike Gould and our incredible and knowledgable support team, you’ll be able to benefit from nearly 40 years of direct canine experience. You’ll also benefit from the best revenues you’ll find in the dog grooming franchise world. We offer several different revenue streams with over twenty years of testing and development and an excellent, profitable business model. We’re also passionate about giving back and have launched Hounds Town Charities to make a huge difference in the lives of rescued pets and strays. Aside from excellent charity opportunities, we have a business model that is flexible and simple– you can operate as a semi-absentee if you want to, and you can also enjoy excellent low investment costs. Hounds Town USA offers customizable revenue streams to keep your bottom line protected, making Hounds Town USA an excellent low-risk choice for franchising. Pete has surely benefited from his time with Hounds Town USA!

Interested to learn the top tips that Pete shared during his news segment? Let’s break them down! You can also watch Pete’s news appearance over at

Detroit doggie daycare Franchise Owner Pete Mourad

Top Tips for Dealing with Separation Anxiety in Pets

During his news appearance, Pete broke down his tips for helping dogs that are struggling with separation anxiety as more people begin to return to work.

“Let’s say I have to go back to work next month, “ Alan started, “What can I do now to prepare my dog for that departure in one month?”

“The toughest part of anxiety with dogs comes from the fact that dogs are naturally pack animals,” says Pete, “They’re not naturally used to being by themselves. So over the past year, we, the humans, have become their pack, if you will. So once we started going back to normal life and leaving the house and leaving them alone, it’s very important that they feel safe and have a secure place within the home.”

Pete goes on to recommend crate training for dogs, even if they are of an advanced age. By making the training process one full of rewards, crate training can be quite simple. One of the best ways to do that is to keep their food, water, and a blanket in the crate so it can become a safe space for the dog over time. This way, the dog can be left in the crate while you’re at work and won’t resort to destruction, anxious behaviors while you are gone.

Another great way to reduce your dog’s anxiety is to bring them outside more often. During the COVID-19 lockdown, taking your dog to the dog park wasn’t always possible or safe. Now that things are getting better, try taking them out for walks in different environments. This can include your neighborhood, a backyard barbeque, or a dog park.

When asked about helping pets who are anxious in cars, Pete went on to explain that taking the dog for trips at short periods of time to start can help acclimate them to being in a moving vehicle.

Open a Doggie Daycare Franchise With Hounds Town USA

Pete’s appearance on Fox 2 Detroit and the tips he shared certainly put a lot of Motor City pet parents’ minds at ease. However, thanks to his TV news segment, Pete and Hounds Town USA will also be trusted by dog owners who are looking for a reputable doggie daycare as an alternative to leaving their pets at home. Publicity like this is great for jumpstarting our Franchise Owners’ visibility and helping them establish a solid reputation as the face of pet-related issues in their community. Thanks to the awareness and recognition that come from the local TV appearances, podcasts, and news articles we’re able to arrange, Franchise Owners benefit by being able to grow their business.

If you’ve always wanted to open a pet care business, now is certainly the time! 2021 is shaping up to be another banner year for the pet care industry, which is projected to grow to even greater heights, thanks to the recent puppy adoption boom of 2020. Choosing to open a Hounds Town USA doggie daycare franchise in your community can give you the opportunity to jumpstart your business in ways that just aren’t available to independent doggie daycare owners. Please visit our franchise website for more info on how to qualify for our Education Process today.

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