Hounds Town Owners Share Winter Pet Safety Tips on Local TV!

Meet the Dog Daycare Franchise Team

Doggy daycare franchises like Hounds Town USA have become a popular solution for dog owners all over the world in the last few years. It’s a great way for dogs to burn off energy, socialize, and have fun while their humans are at work, school, or other engagements. Dog owners get the peace of mind that their beloved pup isn’t home alone all day, too, making it a win-win situation!

However, as many dog owners will attest, all daycares are not created equal. It’s not always easy to find a doggy daycare that you can trust, that will take good care of your pup while you’re away, or that will understand his unique temperament. Thankfully, retired NYPD Canine Officer Mike Gould realized this and created a very special doggy daycare franchise that would soon become a favorite among dog owners everywhere.

As our “pawprint” continues to grow across the country, it’s also becoming a favorite pet care franchise opportunity among prospective entrepreneurs. One major reason for this is our unparalleled franchise support system, which includes a robust marketing support program for our Franchise Owners. Thanks to our partnership with one of the top franchise PR firms in the nation, we’re able to get our Franchise Owners the kind of exposure and visibility that is not always available to independent doggy daycare owners, giving them a “leg up” on their local competition.  

Marketing, brand building, and more are all handled for Franchise Owners, allowing them to focus on their businesses and their individual missions. That’s why this is a great opportunity for those interested in becoming animal advocates in their community — they get to do what they love, without all the hassle of running a business!

Two of our Franchise Owners, Jenny Lasker (Hounds Town-Raleigh, NC) and Joe Allbaugh (Hounds Town- Pittsburgh, PA), recently appeared in TV segments to share tips for keeping pups safe this winter amid cold weather, holiday foods and decorations, and more. Here’s what they had to say.

Jenny Lasker’s Tips:

Observe Your Dog 

Many people don’t realize that dogs and humans react to cold temperatures differently. So, while you might be snuggled up on the couch under a blanket, your pup might be itching to get up and go! Jenny says your dog will tell you what they need, just observe their behavior as well as consider things like their size, breed, and age. Smaller breeds get cold easier than larger breeds, but most dogs actually enjoy playing outside in the cold to some extent!

Keep Them Exercised

While it’s cold outside it’s easy to assume your dog won’t want to go out, but as we discussed above, that’s not always true. It’s also important to remember that dogs need exercise no matter the weather — to avoid weight gain, excess energy (like chewed-up couches and shoes), and other health issues. Jenny says inside games, practicing their recall throughout the house, and obedience training are all great ways to tire out dogs who can’t get outside to burn off their energy. Continuing walks and outside activities whenever possible is helpful too!

Try Hounds Town USA!

Hounds Town is the perfect place to bring energetic pups during the winter months. They get to play all day and just be dogs, and you can stay home where it’s warm! The old saying “a tired dog is a good dog” comes to mind here, and it couldn’t be truer — when dogs have fun playing and exercising all day, they come home happy and well behaved, leaving less work for you to do!

Watch Jenny’s full segment on Raleigh, NC’s CBS affiliate here!

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Joe Allbaugh’s Tips:

Watch for Harmful Foods 

During the winter months come the holidays, and family gatherings abound. This means lots of yummy food that your dog would just love to get his paws on, but that might not be good for him. In fact, Joe reminds us that there are several common foods on the holiday menu that can be downright dangerous for your pup! Anything with onions, garlic, raisins, grapes, yeast dough, and of course chocolate is a big no-no for your dog, so it’s important that family members know not to share their food with Fido — no matter how cute he is!

House Plants to Consider 

With dogs and humans in the house more during the colder months, it’s also important to know which houseplants don’t agree with dogs. Joe says that many popular choices can be toxic and even deadly to your pup, so you probably shouldn’t have them at home. If you already do, just make sure they’re out of reach or otherwise inaccessible to your canine friends. The most common houseplants that can be dangerous to dogs are things like lilies, tulips, aloe vera, money plants, and spider plants.

Stay Healthy!

Joe echoes Jenny’s advice about the importance of regular exercise for dogs during the winter months. He says that the cold can actually make your pup more active, which is an instinctual behavior for them during colder weather. He recommends keeping them active and exercised as much as possible, even when it’s too cold to be outside — which is another great reason to take your pup to your local Hound’s Town where they can get all the exercise they want, with none of the cold exposure!

Check out Joe’s full segment on WPXI Pittsburgh here!

Own a Doggy Daycare Franchise With Hounds Town USA!

Hounds Town USA is a doggie daycare franchise focused on letting dogs be dogs, with none of the unnecessary frills and add-ons found at other doggie daycare businesses. With over 40 years of experience behind them, it’s no wonder that this is the place where dogs are the happiest!

If you’re a dog lover, animal advocate, or just interested in living your passion through your work, becoming a Franchise Owner with Hounds Town could be a perfect way for you to do what you love: spending time with dogs! To be part of a totally supported franchise with a top PR firm behind you and a low investment at a fraction of what you’ll find through most other pet care franchises, find out more today!

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