Eric Steinke Trades Physical Therapy for the Doggie Daycare Business

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Do you dream of owning a doggie daycare business, but lack experience in the pet care industry? You might just be inspired by Eric Steinke, our newest addition to the Hounds Town USA Franchise Owner family! Eric has opened his very own franchise location in Fort Worth, Texas, and has no experience as a business owner in the pet care industry.

While this is Eric’s first rodeo in this industry, he does know a bit about running his own business. Eric owned his own physical therapy practice for several years and has been a practicing physical therapist for a decade.

“I have a Doctorate in Physical therapy,” Eric Steinke told us in a recent interview with Hounds Town, “I have been practicing physical therapy for ten years. I opened my own private practice three years ago in Forney, Texas.”

Moving from physical therapy to entrepreneurship is a big jump, but Eric was finally ready to live his dream and move on to a new career that was more ideal for the future.

“I have always had the dream of owning my own business and I have now done that successfully with my physical therapy practice. I believe the layout of healthcare will change tremendously in the next ten years, therefore I would like to open another business away from healthcare.”

Finding the Perfect Franchise as a Career-Switcher

When we asked Eric how he found Hounds Town USA, he was frank about his long-winded search for the perfect franchise.

“I had been looking into possible franchises for about a year, when I started speaking with a recruiter who happened to mention Hounds Town USA,” said Eric, “These [Hounds Town locations] are not in Texas yet, therefore I had never heard of them. I had told my wife years ago that I had an interest in opening something for pet care or daycare options. It felt like a God-send thing that it all aligned with something that we had been interested in for years.”

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So how did Eric know Hounds Town was the right fit for him? It all came down to Hounds Town’s excellent support system and established name.

“It is something my wife and I have been interested in for a long time. After starting a business alone, from the ground up, we are excited to join a franchise that is established but remains small. I like the idea of having support and systems already in place which will be a smoother process than starting a business alone.”

Eric went on to note that it appeared that the corporate team had a great system in place to help launch and start his business. He felt as though the franchise’s small size but big support team would give them exactly how much support they needed. Eric’s Approval Day, formerly known as Discovery Day, with the Hounds Town corporate team sealed the deal.

“It felt intimate with the executive team, they took time to meet with each person individually and get to know everyone,” said Eric, “It wasn’t overly done or wasn’t made into a big production. They seemed genuine and the process was easy and relaxing. After looking into the franchise and looking at the NDA, I realized it was a great opportunity. I think the Discovery Day solidified my decision to move forward.”

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Building a Future with a Doggie Daycare Franchise

When we asked what would make him successful as an entrepreneur, Eric noted that being determined is a big factor. Not just for him, but for potential Franchise Owners as well.

“I am a determined individual, I’m not scared to take risks and work the extra hours to make something succeed,” said Eric, “I have a proven track record with the start of my private practice and will push with the same level of confidence and determination with Hounds Town. Don’t be afraid to take a risk, but do your research and find the best fit for your personal values and personality. Find a franchise that makes you feel like a part of the team and family.”

Outside of running his business, Eric noted that he enjoys spending time with his family at the lake and traveling. His family owns an Australian Shepherd, whom he appreciates for bringing his family happiness when they come home at the end of the day.

We can’t wait to see where Eric goes with his new Hounds Town USA location in Fort Worth. It just goes to show that people from all walks of life can use their prior career experience to successfully operate a Hounds Town USA doggy daycare.

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