Chris LaBianco and Caitlin Jackson Share Their Florida Pet Care Franchise Journey

Orlando pet care Franchise Owners Chris and Caitlin LaBianco with fur baby Loki

New Hounds Town USA Franchise Owners Chris LaBianco and Caitlin Jackson will be opening their all-new location in Volusia County, Florida later this year. We’re looking forward to seeing how they can take on the pet care franchise world!

Like many Hounds Town USA Franchise Owners, this pair comes from very different professional backgrounds. The two met while working at a large engineering company. Chris was working as a mechanical engineer and Caitlin was working in the creative writing field. When Chris graduated with his degree and became a field engineer, he went on to work at various power plants around the globe for over twelve years. Similarly, Caitlin worked in the technical writing field for several years while pursuing her passion for creative writing. She went on to publish a number of different poetry collections.

Chris and Caitlin’s Road to Hounds Town

So what brings an engineer and a poet to the world of business ownership, specifically in the pet care segment?

“I had been interested in owning his own business for a long time, and one day when I was looking into franchise opportunities I found Hounds Town,” said Chris in a recent interview. “Caitlin has always been passionate about dogs, so I knew it would appeal to her too.”

Outside of their shared hobbies of sailing, fishing, and swimming, the pair absolutely adored their pet dog, Loki. The pair are major dog lovers– so when an opportunity to enter the business world and work with dogs came up, it was an intuitive decision to get involved.

“I worked at a dog resort way back when I was in college,” said Caitlin, “And it was by far my favorite job I’ve ever had. I barely dared to dream I would one day have my own doggie daycare. Chris loves dogs, but also was drawn to the more practical aspects of the franchise. He realized right away it would be a sound business to invest in.”

In an industry with thousands of doggie daycare and grooming services, what made Caitlin and Chris feel drawn to Hounds Town USA? When it comes down to it, our franchise’s unique business model made all the difference.

“[Hounds Town USA’s policy of] no breed restrictions is something we’re both very passionate about, that drew us in right away,” said Chris, “Caitlin loves that the focus of the business is on the dogs and making them happy, I like the ‘no frills’ approach that keeps overhead costs down. We also both loved that the initial investment was so affordable compared to similar franchises.”

Compared to similar doggie daycare franchises, Hounds Town USA is focused on offering a more affordable initial investment. We believe that good business owners will bring in good money within the first year– because of this, we made sure to keep starting capital low.


Making a “PAW-fect” Pet Care Franchise Match

It wasn’t just the affordability and sound business model that drew the couple to Hounds Town USA. It was also our unique team of corporate professionals, including Founder Mike Gould and CEO Jackie Bondanza.

“We loved how approachable everyone was!” said Caitlin, “But really, we loved how comfortable they seemed to be with each other, and how happy they were to be a part of Hounds Town.  Everyone seemed so excited about the business! The fact that everyone we met was genuinely proud and passionate about what they do really sold us on the franchise. I liked getting to see the dogs [during our Approval Day] and how happy and calm they all seemed. Chris liked that he had plenty of time to think and ask any questions he had. We both enjoyed being able to meet everyone in person or via video!”

When it came to that major “yes” moment, Caitlin notes that she knew they were a good match when she was told about the lack of breed restrictions for patrons of the franchise. The issue of breed discrimination is something close to the pair’s heart. The thoughtful and well-written correspondence between the pair and the Hounds Town team was also a major selling point. Far too many franchises entice new business owners and leave them hanging when it comes time to launch. At Hounds Town, our goal is to support and help our Franchise Owners every step of the way, from pre-launch to launch to long-term.

Taking Their Career Off-Leash

When asked why these two wanted to leave the corporate world, the answer was simple and fairly relatable– there’s just nothing suitable or pleasant about corporate life.

“We both met and worked in a big corporation for a large chunk of our lives,” said Chris, “Sitting in a gray cube just does not suit us! We wanted to own our own business and generate income doing something we are both passionate about, and that we believe will be a positive contribution to our community.”

We believe Chris and Caitlin will be a positive addition to the community as well. The pair make a great team. Caitlin is quite enthusiastic and creative, while Chris is more careful and calculating. When you take these two personalities and combine their hard-working nature, the only thing you can predict is success!

Part of the Hounds Town Franchise Family

So what do Caitlin and Chris think of the experience thus far?

“It really feels like a family who puts the animals first,” said Caitlin, “While making money is always a priority for businesses, it feels like Hounds Town also prioritizes their people and their clients in a way that feels very special and entirely different from the corporate culture we are used to. The best part of the experience with the corporate team was being able to talk to and develop real relationships with members of the Hounds Town team. Even when we were still just exploring the idea of starting a franchise, everyone was welcoming and eager to help us with whatever we needed.”

We can’t wait to see how Chris and Caitlin take their Daytona Beach-area franchise location to the next level!

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