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Learn how to make dogs & their owners happy, while learning how to build a successful business.

Built on dedication & experience.

Learn how to make dogs & their owners happy, while learning how to build a successful business.




It’s widely known that getting in on the ground-floor of a young franchise has numerous benefits; A+ real-estate locations, lower costs on basically everything, direct access to the Founders and an ability to influence the direction of the brand. The typical downside of joining a young franchise is that there’s usually not a lot of support and infrastructure from the Corporate team.

At Hounds Town USA, our franchise owners get the best of both worlds. We know that support is crucial in helping you to hit it big. We’ve invested in an experienced team. From real estate to marketing, operations, curriculum development and accounting; we’ve got you covered.



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Our Real Estate Team helps you find the best location by teaming you with proven local brokers who know the area best!

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Our team helps find the right General Contractor for the job and gets your Hounds Town USA open as quickly and affordably as possible.

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We have the tools to help you run your company and benchmark with our proprietary dashboard. We help you make data based decisions on your Hounds Town USA business as you look to get open.

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We work with you to on growing awareness in your community! From Grand Opening, Local Marketing, to Social Media – our job is to help you let your community know that your Hounds Town USA is now open!

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Our support team is here to help you understand that you are not in this alone. Whether it’s email discussions, phone calls and regular visits to each other; we are invested in your new business.




Mike Gould, Founder & CEO – Mayor of Hounds Town USA!

“When I retired from the Nassau County canine unit as the commanding officer, I never expected to open a doggie daycare franchise. As more and more people began asking me to take care of their pets, I realized the need for this service in our community. I am very proud that we have so many wonderful franchisees that have joined our system since that day I first opened my doors. I take pride in their hard work, and am always looking for ways to help and encourage them. I spend a lot of time focusing on ways to increase revenue for our franchisees, and I work with franchisees to find locations, create an optimal layout, and build out their facility to optimize their business. I also enjoy leading programs with our 501c3, Hounds Town Charities, and working with shelters and rescues in my community to help dogs in need. I look forward to having a Hounds Town USA in every town in the United States!”

Jackie Bondanza, President – First Lady of Hounds Town USA!

“I have been working at Hounds Town for about five years now. When I first met Mike, I just needed my dog trained, I wasn’t looking for a whole new career! When I got to know him and the business he was running, I saw an opportunity to get in on something that I anticipated was going to expand and quickly. Just the work he did with my own dog, and the benefits she experienced from participating in the environment that Hounds Town offered, blew me away. I felt there was so much opportunity with this brand and I believed in Mike so much that I left my career to help him develop the business. Since I began in this role, we have increased revenue at our corporate store by nearly 35% and have doubled the size of our doggie daycare franchise system. In my role, I focus on franchisee support, operations, marketing, and leading our corporate training team. I could not be more thrilled to continue this growth!”


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