Good Things Come in Threes! Meet our Newest Dog Franchise Owners

What’s been going on at Hounds Town USA? A PAW-ful lot!

We’ve been growing by leaps and bounds, with more and more dog lovers getting excited about investing in a doggie daycare franchise opportunity focused on the dogs, not humans, and led by a Dog Psycologist and Former NYPD Dog Handler.

Every day, we talk to people who want to quit the corporate grind and send their career to the dogs… literally! After all, what better way to find emotional reward and personal fulfillment while having the potential to achieve their financial and entrepreneurial goals at the same time than to invest in a thriving dog franchise like Hounds Town USA?

We love talking to people who are looking for a recession-resilient franchise business opportunity that allows them to be their own boss and build a legacy within their community doing something they are truly passionate about — caring for their furry, four-legged clients in a fun environment created with dogs’ actual needs and wants in mind.

This month, we’re thrilled to introduce not one, not two, but THREE new Franchise Owners, who are slated to open their dog daycare locations in 2023.

Let’s meet the PAW-some new members of the Hounds Town pack!

Dan Gerner - Hounds Town USA Franchise - Erie, Colorado - 1

Dan Gerner – Erie, Colorado

With his extensive background in the restaurant industry and a lifelong love of dogs, Dan ticked all the boxes for becoming a Townie. Based in Erie, a Colorado town just outside of Boulder, Dan is excited to bring Hounds Town USA to fellow dog lovers in his community.

Before discovering the Hounds Town dog franchise opportunity, Dan worked for nearly 25 years as a general manager of a restaurant, an experience he feels will enhance his chances of success in the doggie daycare arena. “I have years of experience running multimillion-dollar businesses,” he explains, adding, “I have a passion for both dogs and customer service and I am adept at finding creative solutions to increase both revenue and profit.”

While Dan enjoyed his time in the restaurant industry, he decided it was time for him to put all of his knowledge and experience to work helping him run a business of his own. He says, “I have spent my life making a lot of money for other people. I wanted to put my experience and talent to work for my family’s benefit.”

Not surprisingly, dogs are a huge part of Dan’s life, and he has an immense love for his furry family members.

“I have always had two or three dogs in my family,” he notes. “The connection they create with each other and with us is a bond unlike anything else.”

Thanks to Dan’s passion for dogs and his enjoyment of working with people, deciding which industry to pursue a franchise business opportunity in was a no-brainer. He got to work exploring dog franchise opportunities, though as far as he was concerned, there was no other option for him but Hounds Town USA.

“I honestly didn’t look past Hounds Town in this industry,” he says. “The open-book approach to the Franchise Owner sold me very quickly. Most other franchises I explored were not as forthright.”

In addition to the transparency our franchise investors can expect from us, Dan says he also loved the simplicity of our dog franchise business model, as well as the openness and honesty of the executive team members he met during his Approval Day. “It was a very informative and welcoming experience,” he recalls. “It answered all of the lingering questions I had about becoming a Townie.”

Soon after attending his Approval Day, Dan was awarded his Hounds Town dog franchise, and is now hard at work preparing for the buildout phase of his new doggy daycare location. We can’t wait to see it become a major success when it opens in Erie, Colorado next year!

TJ Ajmeri and Michelle Everill – Bucks County, Pennsylvania

Hounds Town USA is already a pretty well-known dog franchise brand in TJ and Michelle’s home state of Pennsylvania, with locations in Chalfont, Pittsburgh and Reading. In fact, the duo first learned about our dog franchise opportunity when visiting the Chalfont location with their Siberian husky/German shepherd mix, Jimmy.

As a career entrepreneur, TJ is no stranger to being on the lookout for exciting new business ventures, and he and Michelle, a senior director for a pharmaceutical company, quickly realized the Hounds Town model’s strong potential for profitability thanks to its simplicity and affordability.

In fact, it was our franchise business model as a whole, especially what TJ describes as “a lean, growth-oriented start-up environment,” that made the couple know for sure that this was the opportunity for them. “We love the start-up environment and the people we have come across within the company,” says Michelle, adding, “Oh, and the pack philosophy!”

What Michelle is referring to is the emphasis we place on encouraging natural pack behavior in dogs. Our Founder, Mike Gould, has over 40 years of experience as a canine behavioral expert, and uses this expertise to train Franchise Owners and Hounds Town staff on truly understanding the needs and wants of each dog at their location.

Our unique evaluation method allows us to place dogs into packs based on age, size, ability and energy level so they can tap into their primal instincts and interact with one another in a way that is safe and fun for everyone involved.

TJ and Michelle also liked the non-discriminatory practices that are the cornerstone of Hounds Town USA’s philosophy. Unlike many of our competitors, Hounds Town does not breed discriminate. As long as a dog passes his or her temperament evaluation and interacts well with other dogs and humans, he or she is welcome to come run, sniff, and play the day away as one of our Hounds Town campers.

This difference, along with our core philosophy of putting the emphasis on dogs’ actual needs and behaviors instead of price-gouging our customers for unnecessary services, attracted TJ and Michelle to want to learn more about the Hounds Town dog franchise opportunity.

The couple moved through the Franchise Discovery Process with the help of our Franchise Development Director (and Denver, Colorado Hounds Town Franchise Owner!) Rob Taylor.

“[Rob] has been open, quick, transparent and supportive throughout this process,” TJ says. After impressing the Hounds Town executive team in their discovery process, TJ and Michelle were invited to Approval Day to meet the pack in person, where they enjoyed “getting a flavor for how the team operates, the more informal conversations, and seeing Mike command the dogs like a boss!” as TJ describes it. “They were down to earth, open about learning through growth,” Michelle adds.

All in all, Approval Day tied up all the loose ends for TJ and Michelle, making them certain that the Hounds Town USA opportunity was right for them. They were awarded their Bucks County, Pennsylvania dog franchise location and are now in the process of getting the ball rolling on construction and buildout for a 2023 grand opening!

Roy and Nancy Stoner – Jacksonville, Florida

After 33 years working at a new car dealership in Lincoln, Nebraska, with 25 of those years in the role of Service Manager, Roy Stoner was ready for a change. His wife, Nancy, had spent her career in the food service industry, wearing various hats including Executive Chef, Food Service Supervisor, and General Manager for restaurants, hotels and public schools in the Jacksonville community. In his spare time, Roy has many interests including martial arts, skydiving, flying ultralight and experimental aircraft, bull riding, powerbocking, running, kayaking, hiking, motocross, art, creative writing, sign language, Stephen ministry, hospital volunteer work, overseas mission work, antique restoration, and, as his wife puts it, “random acts of kindness.” Nancy likes spending her free time bargain-hunting and attempting to learn new skills.

Together, the couple enjoys playing and hanging out with their beloved dogs. “We have an inseparable bond with our dogs,” explains Nancy. “They love us and we love them and we could not imagine ever being without the love and companionship of dogs.”

Dan Gerner - Hounds Town USA Franchise - Erie, Colorado - 2

After decades of working for others, Roy and Nancy decided to take their professional lives in an exciting new direction — going into business for themselves! Nancy explains, “We have worked for others all of our lives but have always known we had the potential to do something more. We feel we are at the perfect age where we have acquired sufficient knowledge, skills, experience and funds and are still energetic and driven to work hard to build something for ourselves. We also have the desire to leave a family legacy for my daughters Desiree and Sabrina.”

The couple’s shared love of dogs and desire to explore entrepreneurship made them excellent candidates for the Hounds Town USA dog franchise opportunity, and as soon as they found it, they didn’t see the need to look any further. “One day the thought came to us to look into a franchise,” says Roy. “Hounds Town was the third down on a list of franchise business opportunities for sale on the first website we pulled up and was the first that caught our eye. We read the story of the Founders, origins, and why they do what they do. We quickly became excited about the possibility of having the opportunity to be a part of this concept. After reading what Hounds Town was about, no others interested us in any way. We had found the one!”

Everything about Hounds Town USA ticked the boxes for what the Stoners were looking for in a franchise investment opportunity, including our recession-resilient business model and outstanding franchise support.

“We love the culture of the company,” says Roy. “The Founders are real and transparent. They are a reflection of our personalities. Hounds Town is the perfect blend that expresses our passion for dogs along with caring for people.”

“What jumped out at us first was the structure of the support team and their eagerness to help us succeed,” Nancy notes. “We liked seeing that all of the franchise locations were able to survive some of the toughest conditions through the pandemic. We liked that the franchise has a solid foundation but also allows Franchise Owners the freedom to personalize their business. We really liked that this business model was affordable and allows an opportunity for growth.”

In addition to all of these attributes, Roy and Nancy enjoyed the vibrant aesthetics of our dog franchise locations, along with our no-frills, no-nonsense model that puts dogs first, always. “The focus is on the development of the dog to become the best it can be for itself and its owners,” Nancy explains. “The facilities are lively, colorful, welcoming and fun, unlike others we have seen.”

After filling out a brief questionnaire, Roy and Nancy pre-qualified for the Franchise Discovery Process, where they were able to take a deep dive into the Hounds Town USA franchise business model and interact with members of our executive team, an experience that they found both rewarding and informative, especially as they got to see our team dynamics firsthand. “The executive team is nothing less than stellar in every way,” says Roy. “All of Hounds Town is a team that works together helping each other to be the best they can be because they know this reflects on the reputation of their own and every other location.”

“We were walked through the process step by step given direction and care from everyone along the way,” Nancy adds. “The executive team truly removes any doubt that you are in the best of hands and are making the best decisions for your future.”

The franchise education and information they gained during their Discovery Process led up to the big event — Approval Day! This culmination cemented Roy and Nancy’s desire to become Franchise Owners, thanks to the welcoming, open nature of the executive team. “It was very impressive that the [Approval Day] presentations came directly from the Founders and the leaders of the company,” notes Roy. “This allowed us to be able to connect with the franchise and understand why they do what they do.”

Nancy adds, “Everyone has been so knowledgeable, professional, friendly, welcoming and real. The passion for Hounds Town is very obvious at every level. We feel like we have been invited into a family.”

All in all, the Stoners felt that the Hounds Town corporate culture was a terrific fit for them, and the feeling was mutual! They were awarded their Jacksonville, Florida franchise and are planning for a 2023 grand opening that they have no doubt will be a major success. “Failure is not an option,” says Roy. “We love people, we work hard and are willing to invest all of our focus, energy and resources in this direction. We also have good listening skills, follow direction well, care for the well-being of and trust those who are giving us direction.”

“We look forward to assembling great teams of people we can help grow and care for,” says Nancy. “We look forward to meeting and serving customers, building relationships with them and partnering with others in the area. We look forward to reach out to the community, building fun and excitement in the brand and being the people and the place that makes everyone smile when they see our name.”

We couldn’t be more excited to welcome our three newest sets of Franchise Owners into the Hounds Town family, and wish them all the best as they work toward their big Opening Days next year!

Imagine the PAW-sibilities!

Is 2023 your year to take your career off-leash and make a living doing something you’re truly passionate about? Now’s the time to get started! Hounds Town USA still has some franchise opportunities available in major U.S. cities and is looking for entrepreneurs with a passion for dogs and making a difference in their community. Learn more today at our franchise website.