How Hounds Town Franchise Owners are Giving Back to the Rescue Dog Community

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Animal shelters have been a mainstay in the pet industry since its inception over a century ago. We’ve seen drastic changes in how these shelters have operated over the past few decades, with many no longer adhering to outdated breed discrimination or euthanization practices in favor of a happier, healthier pet population in their communities. This has directly impacted the pet care industry as a whole, but–more importantly – it’s changed dog owners themselves for the better.

At Hounds Town USA dog daycare franchise, we believe all dogs deserve access to the same high-quality care and attention, no matter where they come from. However, as more people became pet parents over the first months and years of the pandemic, it’s impossible to deny the benefits the industry saw in animal shelters as countless dogs were rescued. So, let’s take a closer look at how adopting rescued dogs benefit owners, as well as learn about two of our newly-awarded Hounds Town pet franchise owners that love rescue dogs themselves!

5 Benefits of Adopting Rescued Dogs

Second Chances & Furever Homes

Today, it’s rare that dogs are given up to an animal shelter due to behavioral issues. Most adoptable dogs you see in shelters every day are surrendered due to a human reason like someone being under-prepared to raise a dog, a sudden extreme schedule change or lack of funds to care for the dog, or something else human-related. More often than not, these dogs find themselves in the wrong situation and are eager for their new home or need some rehabilitation to be healthy enough to be introduced to their new human.

As you rescue a dog, you give them a second chance at a normal life, the chance to make new memories and friends, and trust in humans again. While all pups may give unconditional love, dogs adopted from animal shelters are often more excited to interact and play with people, whether that’s in their new home, on a walk, or at the park. Even though we can’t read our dogs’ minds (yet), we’re confident they’re grateful to be rescued and aim to show you.

Pet Adoption Helps More Than Just Your Dog

Overburdened animal shelters across the country are forced to turn dogs away because they don’t have the space or resources they need. When you choose to adopt a rescue dog from a shelter, your adoption doesn’t just help give them the furever home they deserve, but it helps that shelter, your local dogs, and the entire rescue system in your local community. This is because when you adopt one dog, you’re making room for another and helping that animal shelter maintain their operating costs, so they can continue to help more pets get healthy and find homes.

Training Can Be Easier

Raising a dog from a newborn puppy is tough work. While you can certainly find younger dogs and puppies at animal shelters, you’re less likely to find a new four-legged friend that has zero experience with human interaction. When you rescue a dog rather than buy one from a breeder or puppy mill, the pup that you choose (or chooses you) could be there for any number of human reasons, like divorce, a move, unplanned litters, or a job change. Many of these dogs already have some form of rudimentary training and are accustomed to being around people, and–potentially–other pets.

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Whether your new addition to the family has existing training or not, the process could be easier because you may only need to focus on their obedience skills, rather than house-training them from scratch as you would with a brand-new puppy. Often, the animal shelter you chose for your adoption will have recommendations for local dog trainers you can use, should you prefer professional help in getting on the same page with your new dog.

Savings & Availability

Paying a breeder for a specific dog breed or an aesthetically unique dog often comes with an incredibly high price tag, with some dogs costing over $10,000 in today’s market. Instead, choosing to rescue a dog from an animal shelter may mean you’ll need to choose from different dog breeds, but your final costs will likely be in the low hundreds – a significant difference that can vastly affect the likelihood of the average American’s ability to adopt a dog.

Additionally, opting to rescue a dog may open up a wide variety of breeds you may not be able to find with local breeders. As more animal shelters are choosing to end breed discrimination practices and accept dogs of all kinds, you could have dozens of dog breeds to choose from, depending upon the size of the shelter. However, with most dog breeders choosing to only specialize in one or two breeds at a time, you may be forced to connect with someone on the other side of the globe if you want a specific dog.

Dog Daycare Franchise - Wilmington, North Carolina with Hounds Town CEO

You Get Connected to a Support System

Animal shelters often take surrendered dogs through extensive intake processes to verify everything from their age, breed, and demeanor to any existing health issues and if they’re currently microchipped. This information can be invaluable when choosing the dog that will best fit your family or current circumstances and may even be helpful down the road should they have a problem with their health. Additionally, animal shelters will give you all they can about their background so you can be prepared with a training strategy that works for them.

Most animal shelters are extensively connected to the surrounding community, so if you’re brand new to being a dog parent and don’t know where to start, you’ll receive a wealth of information from the shelter. If you need a dog trainer that works well with specific needs, the animal shelter will likely have a list of people they recommend or work with. When you go out of town and need a sitter or kennel for your four-legged friend while you’re away, the shelter will likely have businesses to reference, too. Regardless of the product or service you may need to make your dog comfortable in their new life, each animal shelter will have the information you need because they’re just as committed to your new dog’s happiness as you are.

Connect to the Community with Hounds Town USA

When we talk about getting involved with local communities, Hounds Town USA dog daycare franchise prioritizes building relationships with local animal shelters and other pet care providers so dog owners can feel they have the support they need to be the best dog parent possible. That’s why our corporate team trains our new Franchise Owners on connecting with communities through animal shelter partnerships, public events, and more. As we welcome our newest Franchise Owners, father-daughter team Chuck and Jessie Kraemer, we’re confident their love of rescue dogs and their past community involvement will help them connect with their new favorite customers in their Dallas market: the dogs!

New Owners & Current Dog Rescue Adopters, Jessie & Chuck Kraemer

Lifelong rescue dog lovers and father-daughter duo, Chuck and Jessie Kraemer, are the two newest dog daycare Franchise Owners to be welcomed to the Hounds Town USA dog franchise pack! The Kraemer family has loved dogs as their own over the years, so once Jessie made the decision to go into business for herself, she knew she wanted to stay in the pet care industry she’d loved throughout her career. In a recent interview with the duo, we learned more about their passion for pets, business, and more, so let’s see why the Kraemers are excited to be our newest dog daycare Franchise Owners!

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Their Background

Chuck Kraemer began his career in the Navy as an Aviation Electronics Technician before leaving the service to earn his BA in Electrical Technology, then MA in Management and Supervision. As he and his wife began to start their family, he joined the Controls Operation and Plant Management team at Fisher, where he’s been for over 30 years. While he didn’t see himself becoming a business owner, once his daughter expressed her passion for becoming an entrepreneur, he knew he wanted to support her and become a co-owner together with her.

Jessie, on the other hand, has led a colorful career, involving pet care, retail management, and a BA in Organizational Behavior from the University of North Texas. After leaving college, Jessie began her career at the Second Chance Pet Adoptions (SCPA) of Texas where she worked at the Wellness and Spay/Neuter Clinic in South Dallas as a Supervisor, and even spent time on their SWAT team when animal rescues were necessary. During her time there, she joined rescues of all kinds, including a 120-cat home operation, and even assisted the Houston SCPA in the aftermath of Hurricane Ike.

Once she’d decided she was ready for a change, Jessie joined the PetSmart team, where she became the Store Manager of a location that won the Circle of Excellence during her tenure. For the next two years, she was tasked with supervising and fixing several other “broken” stores until she decided it was time to move closer to family and start a new career that provided more financial freedom and better work-life balance. This is how she found out about the world of franchising and Hounds Town USA Doggy Daycare!

For the Love of Dogs & Financial Freedom

As Jessie began her new life after leaving the retail world, she started by researching franchises in the pet care industry so she could continue leveraging her knowledge and industry expertise. Once she found Franchise Business Review’s Top 50 franchises and learned more about Hounds Town’s psychology-backed foundation, Jessie was eager to learn more. After agreeing to start a business with her father, Chuck, at her side, the pair dove into learning about Hounds Town’s mission, vision, and everything else they could at Approval Day.

Throughout the discovery process, Jessie and Chuck appreciated the level of honest transparency provided by our corporate team as we discussed what it means to be a Hounds Town USA dog daycare franchise owner. By listening to other Franchise Owners’ stories and recognizing how they could leverage the proven franchise business model, this father-daughter duo decided to take a leap of faith, and they plan to become the best Franchise Owners possible as they move forward with opening their dog daycare location!

If you’re like Jessie and Chuck and you’re ready to leave the corporate world for a franchise business opportunity that gives you the financial stability, work-life balance you’re craving, and enables you to help the rescue dog community as a whole, Hounds Town USA dog daycare is ready to help you join our pack! Find out more about our franchise business opportunity today and contact our team to see if you qualify to open the Hounds Town dog daycare location the dogs of your community are dreaming of!