It’s Time to Invest in a Hounds Town USA Dog Daycare Franchise

Team Photo: Hounds Town USA, Dog Daycare Franchise

For over 20 years, Hounds Town USA has been a leader in the doggy daycare business by creating a safe, welcoming, and trustworthy place to leave your four-legged friend. Our affordable and straightforward approach to pet care has been critical to our success all these years. 

Our profound knowledge of canine psychology has given us a considerable advantage over the competition, thanks mainly to our founder, Mike Gould. Mike spent most of his professional life as a K-9 police officer in New York City, New York, and in Nassau County on Long Island, where he honed his skills and knowledge of America’s favorite pets. 

Now, over two decades later, Mike has built a leading pet care brand and transformed it into one of the most solid and lucrative franchising opportunities future entrepreneurs can invest in. Hounds Town USA offers significantly lower initial financial investments and gives prospective franchise owners the option to run the business as a semi-absentee Franchise Owner from day one. With excellent economics and flexible ownership options, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

Sounds pretty good, right? Follow along below to discover why 2023 is the year to invest in yourself with a solid, award-winning doggy daycare franchise brand.

Invest in your future

The low investment cost is one of the most significant selling points for getting involved with a Hounds Town franchise. We currently offer an initial financial investment fee 40% lower than the competition’s $358,900. Plus, who wouldn’t want to trade an office with wall-to-wall cubicles for an open workspace filled with happy dogs?

Here’s a quick breakdown of some of the many aspects that set Hounds Town USA dog daycare apart from other pet franchises:

1- Hounds Town USA, Dog Daycare Franchise
  • Immediate Revenue Streams: The average net profit for a single franchise location throughout the year is $342,257.
  • Give Back: Because of Hounds Town Charities and our various partnerships, you’ll have the opportunity to impact your community positively.
  • Expert Training: Learn from someone who has been in the dog training field for their entire professional life and has mastered the franchise program.
  • All Breeds Welcome: We don’t discriminate toward any breed of dog, which means you’ll welcome more customers and money.

Find furever homes for dogs in need

As mentioned above, our Hounds Town Charities allow you to give back to an industry and an animal we deeply care about. Through these charitable programs, we help to rehabilitate and train dogs so a loving household can adopt them. Society may have given up on them, but we haven’t.

Check out a breakdown of our various Hounds Town Charities:

  • Handcuffs to Healing: Rehabilitating humans through animals is the goal of this program. We pair six dogs with six inmates and allow the inmates to train and bond with dogs to make the animals more adoptable while enriching the lives of people who deserve a second chance.
  • Rehabilitation & Training: Many dogs at high risk of euthanasia are simply misunderstood. With the right person to teach them to trust and to work through these issues, these dogs can thrive in a home environment and make excellent companions.
  • Fresh Air Fund: Many dogs in shelters are deprived of this critical interaction because shelters cannot provide fresh air due to space and management challenges. Hounds Town Charities works with local animal shelters to offer daily socialization at our interactive facility, allowing dogs in desperate need of interaction to get out and play.
  • Bucket List: Many older, senior, and special needs dogs are in our animal shelters today. We specialize in enabling special needs and senior dogs to enjoy being a dog.
  • Community Outreach: We offer several community outreach programs to help individuals and groups learn how to manage and care for dogs. Hounds Town Charities Founder and President Mike Gould works directly with the Department of Social Services to conduct dog management and behavior seminars.
  • Educational Seminars: Enjoy the company of our founder, Mike Gould, who, upon request, will teach dog training and management at a local animal shelter near you.

Is it worth it?

Only you can answer this question after doing your research. But considering that the pet industry in the United States is expected to be worth about $283 billion by the end of 2023, it grows by 7.8% year-over-year, and 70% of households currently have a pet, it may be worth it for you.

2- Hounds Town USA, Dog Daycare Franchise

From corporate life to a dog’s life

Hear why some Hounds Town USA Franchise Owners left their regular jobs to strike out on their own:

 “As I was working my way up the corporate ladder and trying to get ahead in the book publishing world, I got married and got a couple of dogs… but I started to realize I wasn’t happy. I just felt like I could no longer find that in what I was doing.”

Jackie Bondanza, CEO, Hounds Town USA

“We wanted to secure our future for ourselves instead of securing a future for someone else.”

Anne McDonald, Owner, Garden City, NY

“Hounds Town guides you and gives you the tools to grow, but they also let you create and do things on your own.”

Lauren Duffy, Owner, Island Park, NY

Don’t wait any longer!

We can’t believe how fast we’ve been growing. From one dog daycare franchise location to over 100 nationwide is something that wasn’t even on our radar at the beginning. Our doggy daycare franchise territories are selling like hotcakes, and if you don’t want to miss out on all the fun, reach out for more information. We can’t wait to hear from you!