Lifelong Pet Lovers Realize their Dog Daycare Business Dream!

Meet Jo and David Evans

We’re excited to welcome Jo and Dave Evans to the Hounds Town USA family of Franchise Owners in Florida. Having purchased three franchise territories, Jo and Dave are looking forward to opening up their first dog daycare business in the Clearwater / St. Petersburg area. Meet the couple whose house was once referred to as a bit of a zoo by friends!


What Brings Jo and Dave to the Dog Daycare Business?

The couple recently swapped snowy Michigan for sunny Florida to enjoy their retirement in a kinder climate. Becoming Hounds Town USA Franchise Owners has been more than just one more step in their retirement plan. It is the realization of a life-long dream combining business ownership and their love of dogs!

Jo and Dave are planning to open the first of three dog daycare business locations later this year and are enjoying the process of setting up. 

After long, fulfilling careers in the automotive and healthcare industries, respectively, Jo and Dave are exchanging busy lives for their dream of entrepreneurship.  “Dave recently retired from General Motors, and I worked in healthcare management for the past 15 years,” Jo tells us. Becoming Hounds Town USA Franchise Owners will allow for the change of pace they are looking for while allowing them to own a business with serious profitability potential.

Jo had dreamed of owning and running a business for years, and Hounds Town proved to be the perfect opportunity. She started researching franchise opportunities after accepting a severance package from work. “Together with a franchise broker, I did my research and considered many different opportunities,” Jo recalls. “Following an assessment, we narrowed it down to four potential opportunities. Finally, Dave picked Hounds Town USA.”

More Than a Dog Daycare Business- We’re FAMILY!

In addition to the simple business model and impressive economics Hounds Town USA offers Franchise Owners, Jo and Dave were impressed by our tight-knit franchise family dynamics. Jo says, “With a doctorate degree in industrial/organizational psychology, a healthy corporate culture matters a lot to me.” So far, she has been impressed by her experience with the Hounds Town USA family. 

As new Franchise Owners, Jo and Dave enjoyed their Discovery Day experience of meeting fellow Franchise Owners at two different site locations. 

“Opening any new business can be nerve-wracking, so it was very reassuring to hear that neither of the Owners had regrets after opening the business,” Jo says. “I was amazed by how open and transparent the Owners were.”

The couple had a chance to watch a doggie temperament test and were impressed by how quickly and easily it was done. Jo considers Hounds Town Founder Mike Gould to be the company’s “secret weapon.” Mike has 40+ years of canine behavior and training experience, which has influenced every aspect of the business. The company’s philosophy is centered around letting dogs be dogs. 

Meeting the Founders was one thing that helped Dave and Jo choose Hounds Town USA. Jo says: “We found them to be personable, knowledgeable, and transparent. The good, bad, and a little ugly was shared. This helped to build trust quickly and increased our energy and excitement to be involved with this franchise brand.” 

Outstanding Support Helps Our Franchise Owners Succeed in the Dog Daycare Business

Receiving support with the business side of the franchise was also important for the couple. Jo says, “Both of us have had long careers, but we hadn’t done everything required to run a dog daycare business. Hounds Town USA has a proven business model and a training program. There is also additional support from the Franchisor to create a successful business model.”

The support from the Franchisor includes a report card for new Franchise Owners to provide an objective view and reveal any blind spots that can be improved upon in the future. “I am not afraid to ask questions and humble enough to take direction, especially if things are not going well,” says Jo.

At the end of the day, however, it was all about the fur babies. Jo and Dave have been animal lovers, and especially dog lovers all their lives. That’s on top of Dave enjoying golf and being a huge sports fan – you can ask him about Detroit and Michigan sports teams. Football, baseball, basketball: Dave enjoys all three and more. Jo loves reading, time spent outside in the Florida sun as well as going to and helping at her local church. 

Both list spending time with family among their favorite pastimes. Jo and Dave have two sons, Travis (30) and Seth (28), and daughters-in-law Christy and Jessica. Seth and Jessica have a beautiful daughter, two-year-old Faye – Jo and Dave’s first grandchild. Labrador, Akita and Mastiff-mix Zoey (7) and awesomely-named St. Bernard Harley Quinn (1.5) are equally part of the family,  as is the couple’s cat, Raylyn.

Lifelong Pet Lovers Look Forward to Giving Back to Clearwater/St. Petersburg Animals

Jo and Dave’s home has always had plenty of space for pets. Apart from dogs, they owned other pets such as a rabbit, a turtle, goldfish, and hamsters. Friends commented that they didn’t have to go to the zoo- they came to Jo and Dave’s house instead!

In fact, Jo and Dave are never short of pet-related stories. “At one point we had four large dogs living in our house. We had to move from a queen-size to a king-size bed to fit all the dogs,” recounts Jo.

Having open doors was another reason that persuaded the couple to choose Hounds Town USA for their doggie daycare business. “Hounds Town does not discriminate against certain breeds,” explains Jo. “The franchise is open to all breeds and dogs with disabilities. We have a blind dog, which would be a problem for many doggie daycares.”

The Hounds Town business model includes reaching out to the community and offering partnerships with local shelters. Jo adds: “Often dogs end up in the shelters because owners do not or cannot take the time to train their fur babies. Hounds Town USA is a place for dogs to get out some energy. We can also allow training time to curb unfavorable behavior, which can prevent some dogs from going to the shelter.”

Bergen County, NJ dog daycare franchise

A Dog Daycare Business Dream Come True

Becoming Hounds Town USA Franchise Owners truly has been a lifelong dream for both Jo and Dave. About 15 years ago, the couple considered similar options. At the time, however, they found that the capital investment required to start exceeded their budget. As a consequence, the dream fell by the wayside for a while, but it was never forgotten. 

When Jo and Dave looked at franchise opportunities this time, they found that the cost of getting started was a fraction of what had previously been required. Suddenly, their dream was back within reach. 

Right now, both are enjoying the process of setting up and getting started. Jo says, “Discovery Day was just the best experience.” Having been convinced by the information they had previously gathered on Hounds Town, they found meeting other Franchise Owners made it real: “Seeing is believing.”

Jo and Dave are currently taking their time getting ready for their St. Petersburg grand opening. Their advice for anyone considering a doggie daycare franchise of their own is to take their time. “Opening a Hounds Town USA  franchise is NOT a rapid process,” says Jo. “Take your time, think about the questions that are important to you, and never be afraid to ask anything about the franchise. Most importantly, though, enjoy all the small moments while you are opening your location!”

Own a Dog Daycare Business With a National Pawprint

As Hounds Town USA is growing and leaving pawprints across the country, there are plenty of options available to become a Franchise Owner. Owning a doggie daycare is a great opportunity to do something you love while building your own business. Startup financing help is also available. 

The couple is looking forward to providing a safe and dependable doggie daycare service to animal lovers based in the Clearwater and St. Petersburg area.  We can’t imagine a better franchise fit for two true animal lovers whose hearts are completely in their work. As Jo says, “We cannot imagine a life without dogs. When you think about it, people are entrusting us to care for one of the most precious items within the home – their pets.” 

If you’re ready to turn your passion for pets into a career with incredible profitability potential, visit our franchise website today! We’re selling out fast across the U.S. but still have territories available for prospective Franchise Owners looking to turn their city into a HOUNDS TOWN. See how you can get started on securing your dream business, just like Jo and Dave Evans did!

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