Baxter and Ollie’s Parents Just Bought a St. Louis Doggy Daycare Franchise!

Bill and Connie Moore are two of Hounds Town USA’s newest Franchise Owners! Complementing Missouri’s soon-to-open St. Charles location, this new addition to the Hounds Town USA family will be the first location to pop up in St. Louis. 

Bill and Connie have shared a lifelong passion for working with dogs of all shapes and sizes. Over the years, the Moore family has included a son, a daughter, and always at least one rescue pet. With a passion for pet-based charities, it was clear that Hounds Town USA was the right franchising choice for this pair. Not only does Hounds Town USA offer franchising opportunities for doggy daycares, but we sponsor Hounds Town Charities as well.

Currently, Bill and Connie are “empty nesters” and the only ‘children’ that live with them are that of the furry, four-legged variety. Currently, their little family includes Baxter and Ollie. Baxter is a 100-pound rescue “granddog” that the two adopted while their daughter was attending college. Their second dog, Ollie, is a 4.8-pound rescue teacup poodle that was adopted from a local dog rescue about three years ago. Connie and Bill take great pride in loving these animals for life. When the pair first adopted Ollie, the poor pup would often curl up into the tightest ball ever out of fear. With a little bit of time, love, kindness, and patience, Ollie is now a happy and unbelievably fearless pooch who thinks he owns the joint.  It is out of their love for dogs and their unique business expertise that the pair decided to join the Hounds Town USA family.

Bill is a former Technical Operations and Sales professional in the food and beverage industry, with over thirty years of experience in processing, manufacturing, packaging, and logistics.  Bill and Baxter can be found walking on a daily basis around their neighborhood.  In addition to his love for dogs and running his own business, Bill enjoys weekly visits to the local archery range and riding his Harley Davidson motorcycle.

Connie has spent her career as a Certified Care Manager and Certified Senior Advisor with a major trust company in the Midwest. In addition to her love of pampering pooches, she also enjoys knitting, crocheting, reading, walking, and traveling.

Is Hounds Town USA the Right Franchise Choice for Me?

Bill and Connie Moore’s story is not unlike that of many other Hounds Town USA Franchise Owners. They are avid animal lovers who decided to make a career change with a little bit of business expertise and experience. In fact, most of Hounds Town USA’s Franchise Owners have unique backgrounds that don’t necessarily involve business ownership or management.

The reason so many career-switchers like the Moores gravitate towards Hounds Town USA comes down to our unique approach to franchising. We believe that anyone should be able to start their own business with minimal risk. Starting a business from scratch with one’s own branding can be extremely risky, which is why many new entrepreneurs look to franchising for a little more support. They can certainly get it– however, the level of support the Hounds Town corporate team offers new Franchise Owners goes above and beyond what you would expect from a franchise.

Furthermore, Hounds Town USA has an extremely simple business model that involves a low investment, high revenue, and no excessive bells and whistles that you’d find at other doggy daycare facilities. Hounds Town USA is the kind of doggy daycare franchise that focuses on letting dogs be dogs, with none of the unnecessary and expensive add-ons that you’d find at other doggy daycare facilities. Our Franchise Founder Mike Gould has brought over forty years of canine handling experience to Hounds Town USA and is proud to pass along his extensive knowledge to Franchise Owners. When you work with Hounds Town, you feel like family!

We’re so excited to welcome Bill and Connie Moore to the Hounds Town USA family and can’t wait to see what direction their franchise location takes in the Gateway to the West! Just as well, we’d love to share more information about why the Moores’ decision to franchise with Hounds Town was a good one. We’re always looking to expand our doggy daycare franchise reach and would love to work with you!

Are you ready to start your journey towards running your own doggy daycare like Bill and Connie Moore? Check out our franchise website for more information and to get started. We can’t wait to work with you!

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