Our Dog Daycare Business Just Won TWO Industry Awards!

This year, our pet industry franchise Hounds Town USA won two prestigious awards in the Franchise Gator lists for 2021!

At the beginning of this year, franchise industry mogul Franchise Gator released their Top 100 Franchises list for 2021, and our innovative dog daycare business was featured not once, but twice!

Hounds Town USA was featured in the top 30 companies on both the Top Emerging Franchises and the Fastest-Growing Franchises lists.

Our Founders and our Franchise Owners are all thrilled with the result. Keep reading to learn more about Franchise Gator and the awards we received and what this means for Hounds Town USA dog daycare business owners going forward.

What is Franchise Gator?

dog daycare business top 100Franchise Gator is a company that started in 2002 to assist people looking to purchase a franchise. They are a huge name in the franchise industry and offer one of the largest directories of franchises in the industry. Franchise Gator’s main aim is to help potential business owners to find the best franchising opportunities. Not only that, but they also provide tons of information to help people that are new to franchising learn more about the industry and the opportunities available.

The company posts yearly lists to help people learn about the best franchises each year. The post a number of different lists for each category, including top emerging franchises and fastest-growing franchises. Not only do these lists award franchise businesses on their growth and success, but they also help people looking for franchise opportunities to keep their finger on the pulse when it comes to investing.

Here’s what Franchise Gator’s GM Eric Bell had to say about the top 100 Franchise lists for 2021:

“While 2020 was certainly a strange year for many, a strong number of those that desired to be business owners didn’t slow down their search And what they found was that there are some great opportunities to take advantage of.  Franchise Gator never slowed down in our quest to provide valuable information to prospective franchisees, and the Fastest Growing Franchises list as well as the Top Emerging Franchises list are two of our most important tools.”

And that’s where our dog daycare business comes in.

2020 was a tough year for many, but Hounds Town Franchise Owners across the country weathered the storm and managed to thrive amidst all the chaos. And our successes didn’t go unnoticed. Franchise Gator featured Hounds Town USA on two different awards lists, and our rankings were nothing to sniff at!

Hounds Town USA was awarded #28 on the list for top emerging franchises and we also ranked position #23 on the fastest-growing franchise list.

More about our prestigious awards

Franchise Gator doesn’t choose just anyone to feature in their top 100 lists, which is why we’re so excited to be featured twice in this year’s lists. In order to rank each franchise business, Franchise Gator assesses each company with the help of popular franchising resource The Educated Franchisee to work out which companies have real franchising potential.

The sorts of things that consider include how financially stable companies are, how much they have grown as a business, transparency, engagement, continuity, sustainability, and more. They study Franchise Disclosure Documents with a close eye to ensure that they are only ranking the absolute best franchises on their lists.

So how did we do it?

With such a scrupulous vetting process, you may be wondering what our dog daycare business did to get ourselves listed twice on the Franchise Gator Top 100 lists for 2021. Let’s take a look at Hounds Town USA’s journey and some of our big successes to date.

Hounds Town USA’s journey started way back in 1982 when our Founder Michael Gould, a pet-loving, decorated NYPD officer, became one of the founding members of the police force’s canine unit. His love for working with animals continued to grow over his career in law enforcement, and then the idea for Hounds Town USA was born. He wanted to open a pet care facility to meet the needs of the residents of Long Island, as he couldn’t find reliable pet care options.

Hounds Town USA quickly grew in popularity and Mike spent time serving our country helping with the U.S. military’s working dog program. After that, he expanded Hounds Town USA to a larger location and began to consider the options for opening other locations on the east coast.

dog daycare business ownerBy 2012, Hounds Town USA has steadily grown and there were now 3 dog daycare business locations, and 1 franchise sold. By 2018, we had expanded beyond New York State and we had 7 locations across the East Coast.

But it was no surprise that 2020 was the year that earned us our placement on the Franchise Gator lists, as it was easily the best year for our dog daycare business to date. With the help of our robust franchise program and PAW-some support team, Hounds Town USA expanded to Pittsburgh, Orlando, Las Vegas, Detroit, Atlanta, Denver, Washington, DC, Nashville, Philadelphia, and Raleigh, to name just a few!

Not only this, but the services we offer have expanded through the years too. We’ve gone from a simple dog daycare business to an all-inclusive pet experience, offering dog boarding and grooming, cat grooming, and pet taxi services, among other select services that vary by location.

Aside from our growth, our franchise model also offers Franchise Owners stability, support, and a great opportunity to make profits. Our franchise cost is low in comparison to some other franchise companies, which means that you can see a return on your initial investment in no time. Best of all, we offer extensive support to our Franchise Owners, from help with real estate and finance to support with marketing and everything in between. When you franchise with our dog daycare business, the Hounds Town pack has got your back!

All this and more makes us one of the top emerging franchises in 2021, and one of the fastest-growing too!

So, what do these awards mean for our dog daycare business (and our Franchise Owners)?

The Franchise Gator awards are just another extremely positive step in our growth plan. Awards like these are an important achievement for our business, as they showcase our growth potential as well as our potential for profitability in markets across America.

Not only do they help to raise awareness of our franchise amongst a community of people searching for great franchising opportunities, but they also help to bring legitimacy to our brand which will help us in our quest to become a big industry name in the pet care community.

These awards will help to draw more potential Franchise Owners towards our business which will aid our continued expansion throughout 2021 and beyond.

The Franchise Gator awards are a great recognition of the success that all our existing Franchise Owners have enjoyed this year, and we’re extremely proud of the way the business is growing.

Even in the face of adversity, many of our franchise locations earned more this year than ever before, and experienced record attendance numbers thanks to the puppy adoption boom! These awards go some way to legitimize the rapid growth that our business is experiencing.

As one of our newest Franchise Owners, Michael DeMatteo, says, “Hounds Town USA has a proven system that allows you to achieve success if you simply follow the system they’ve put in place and trust the process.  This is exactly what I was looking for in a franchise and what others should as well, Hounds Town USA is big on keeping things simple and not complicating things for no reason.”

Our business model is working exactly as planned, and we have more growth expected in years to come. Here’s to climbing the rankings of the Franchise Gator lists in 2022 and having a successful year of growth ahead!

Other awards we’ve won

Hounds Town USA has also won a variety of other awards over the years which we are extremely proud of. To name a few, we were featured in Franchise Dictionary’s’ Top 100 Game Changers list for 2020, The Franchise Help awards, and the Bethpage Best of L.I. awards! You can see the full list of awards and recognition we’ve received here.

Find out more about Hounds Town USA Franchise Opportunities

Hounds Town USA is always looking to add more dog daycare business locations and more Owners to our thriving franchise. Were open to franchise opportunities in our available markets across the U.S. If you think there is a need for a dog daycare business in your area and you’ve always dreamed of owning a business that gives you emotional and financial reward, we invite you to learn more about us.

We may be biased, but we think there’s no better way to get involved in the booming pet care industry than to invest in a Hounds Town USA franchise. Our Franchise Owners enjoy a low cost of entry, outstanding economics, simple operations, freedom and flexibility, and support from our team and Founders.

Want to know what other Franchise Owners have to say? Check out our owner reviews page to learn all about how our owners got involved with the business and how they turned their dreams of owning their own pet care franchise into a reality.

If you’re keen to learn more about how our franchise program works, and how you can join our team, feel free to head to our dedicated franchise website and check out exactly what we have to offer. You can learn about everything from start-up costs to how our dog daycare business model and support work. In addition to this, you can learn about other locations in your area.

You can also learn more about the different locations and services we offer on our official Hounds Town USA website.

Thanks to Franchise Gator for the extremely prestigious rankings, but also, thanks to all of our hardworking Franchise Owners and the rest of the Hounds Town USA team for making this year a huge success!

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