In case you missed it, a recent article from local magazine Pittsburgh Pet Connections, featured Franchise Owner Joe Allbaugh and his Hounds Town USA location! The article discussed some of the most exciting features of Joe’s pet franchise and an overview of the services offered to pet owners. It proves to be superb evidence of how word-of-mouth can help our Franchise Owners to market themselves!

Joe officially opened his 9,000 square foot Hounds Town USA franchise on October 5th, and business has been booming ever since! Located in the famous Pittsburgh shopping district known as “The Strip,” his pet franchise offers a variety of personalized pet boarding and grooming services. Joe and his employees cater to the needs of every dog that they see, based on breed, age, and overall personality. This approach is something that few within the pet industry can match, and the results are tremendous! “We have taken in several shy dogs and turned them into not so shy dogs,” Joe explains. “We’ll get on the floor with the dog, make sure the dog feels comfortable.” 

Additionally, owners can stay in contact with their dogs while they are away. Like all Hounds Town USA owners, Joe and his franchise have a private Facebook page where staff can add videos of the dogs playing and post pictures. For a more personalized check-in, Joe and his employees are known to text or email individual photos and videos to lonely pet owners. This level of personalized experience is exactly what keeps pet owners coming back to Hounds Town USA year after year., helping Franchise Owners have the potential for stupendous profits!

In terms of services, Joe’s pet franchise has made sure that dogs and their owners have their every need taken care of. They offer everything from quick wash downs to Hydrosurge spa baths, which include nail clipping and ear cleaning. There are also specialty services, such as the blueberry face scrub, which will keep your hound feeling clean and smelling great! If owners are rushed for time, Hounds Town USA even offers a pet-taxi service that will pick-up and drop-off the dogs from their homes. These services are excellent at not just satisfying customers, but for bringing in multi revenue streams for Franchise Owners. 

While in the facility, dogs are allowed to be themselves and not confined to any restrictions or limitations based on age or breed. In fact, they are encouraged to interact with each other! Each Hounds Town USA location has several play areas designed at letting the dogs make new friends while getting their energy out. At the same time, they are under 24-hour supervision by Hounds Town USA employees to make sure that they don’t have any adverse interactions. “Dogs have no more than an average 5lb weight difference when playing, so you’ll never see a Great Dane playing with a toy breed,” describes Joe. “We have our own toy dog area so they can be segregated from the others, and dogs can be matched by playstyle as well as weight.” The importance of this type of canine interaction cannot be understated, and dog owners will see the difference instantly. Their dogs will want to go back for more!

Joe and his pet franchise cater to our feline friends as well, as he has incorporated the Purrington Villas add-on to his Hounds Town USA location. This section of his franchise represents the full-service cat boarding part of the facility, which allows cats to relax and socialize with ease. The sector is temperature-controlled, and each cat is looked after with special care. This optional add-on allows Hounds Town Franchise Owners to reach an even larger customer base and have the potential for even more profits! Few other franchises within the pet industry can compete!

Interacting with canines daily creates a vibrant atmosphere for Hounds Town USA employees, and our Franchise Owners truly reap the benefits. They are more passionate about their careers and are happier than the average working adult. While they have the potential for tremendous profits, they also enjoy a stellar work/life balance. This allows them to spend more time with their families than the typical career. If any challenges arise, the Hounds Town USA support team has them covered. Their support includes, but is not limited to, pushing marketing efforts, training new employees, or finding new real estate. All things considered, franchising with Hounds Town USA is the way to have your cake and eat it too!

So what are you waiting for? Find the career you’ve always wanted owning a pet franchise with Hounds Town USA! Visit our franchising site for more information.

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