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Hounds Town Dog Daycare Business Founders Mike Gould and Jackie Bondanza

Have you always dreamed about owning a doggie daycare business? If so, there’s never been a better time! 38.4% of family households own a dog in the United States alone. That number is expected to continue to rise, especially as more people have opted to adopt dogs during the global pandemic. Thanks to the “puppy boom” of 2020, more people than ever will be needing to seek out a high-quality doggie daycare business when they start heading back to the office.

It’s very clear that people really love their pets and are more than willing to spend quite a bit of money on them. In response to this growing love for pet ownership has come the demand for more from the pet industry– pet food, pet toys, pet healthcare, and pet daycare companies. The business opportunities in the pet industry are not only growing steadily but becoming easier to access as franchises like Hounds Town USA continue to grow and help Franchise Owners take their business to the next level.

Running a doggie daycare business can be an incredibly rewarding experience, even for those who have little business or entrepreneurial experience. It certainly isn’t impossible, either. With Hounds Town USA, avid pet enthusiasts and budding entrepreneurs can launch a doggie daycare business quickly, efficiently, and with little in the way of investment. If you love spending time with dogs and want to give back to the animals in your community, this could be the perfect industry for you to explore as a business owner. This industry can be an extremely rewarding one for dog lovers with the most minimal experience. And Hounds Town USA can help you every step of the way, regardless of your level of skill or experience in owning and running a business in this niche.

Ready to start your journey towards franchising your own doggie daycare business in your city? Let’s break down how one can start a doggie daycare business with no experience with some help from Hounds Town USA!

How to Own a Doggie Daycare Business with No Experience

Owning a doggie daycare business is quite an exciting experience for entrepreneurs! Here’s what you need to know about the Hounds Town USA opportunity and why it’s easy to get started, regardless of your previous experience (or lack thereof) in the pet industry.

Bring Your Passion– And Little Else

Hounds Town USA is an excellent doggie daycare franchise to choose if you don’t have any experience in business or the pet industry specifically, but you have a serious passion for animals!

There are so many reasons to launch a Hounds Town USA franchise location. To start, our Founder Mike Gould has brought over thirty-five years of direct canine experience to the Hounds Town brand after establishing the first K9 Unit for the New York Police Department. With this experience, Mike has been able to establish the right business model and the right services that serve pet owners the best. If you want to support your community while learning so much more about dogs, this could be the best business opportunity for you.

Just as well, Hounds Town offers some pretty impressive revenues. We implement several different types of revenue streams. We’ve been an established franchise for over twenty years, and we’ve been able to test and develop the right business strategies that work for this specific industry. As a result, our established business model is extremely profitable. With a low initial investment and high projected revenue streams, there is not a ton of risk when it comes to working with Hounds Town USA.

We also understand that many animal lovers who want to enter the pet industry also want to give back to their local communities. Our mission at Hounds Town USA is to enrich the communities where our franchise locations are located. Because of this, we founded Hounds Town Charities to help find homes for rescue pets and bring  communities together through a shared love of animals.

Hounds Town USA doggie day care - charity dog

Do Franchise Owners Need a Dog Training Background?

The short answer? “No way!”

You can launch your own Hounds Town USA franchise location without any pet industry or doggie daycare business experience. We believe that individuals who want to change their careers or enter entrepreneurship later in life deserve the same shot at successful business ownership that experienced business owners enjoy.

In fact, our approach to helping new entrepreneurs enter the doggie daycare industry is what makes Hounds Town USA such a unique franchise. In a recent feature on Hounds Town USA from 1851 Franchise, our Brand Director of Training, Danielle Jannace, was interviewed about her past experience in the doggie daycare business, which was very minimal.

“I have been an employee of Hounds Town USA as long as I have because Jackie Bondanza, Hounds Town’s president, and [Founder] Mike [Gould] are great bosses,” said Danielle in her interview, “When I started, there were only 3 stores, so I got to see how the brand rose to meet customer demand and grew exponentially. When it did take off, I knew that it was something I wanted to be a part of. Mike and Jackie helped me understand the bigger picture and how to make sure we all got there together as a team.”

Danielle started working for Hounds Town USA as a teenager in high school. Starting at just seventeen years old, Danielle began her work with the doggie daycare business as a kennel cleaner. Danielle noted in her interview with 1851 Franchise that she was a very shy person who definitely got along better with animals over humans– something that many of our Franchise Owners have in common, even our Founder Mike Gould. Like Danielle, Mike suffered from social anxiety during his journey towards making Hounds Town USA a success. With his mentorship, Danielle was able to climb the corporate ladder within Hounds Town USA to become a director.

“Hounds Town USA prepares its franchisees the same way it prepared Danielle,” said Mike Gould in the writeup, “There are three training workshops, which total 150 hours. These include the initial training, the opening training and phase III training. These cover everything from kennel safety, to Hounds Town’s unique dog temperament evaluation, to identifying and addressing the most common dog injuries. All the training sessions also instruct franchisees on how to launch and run a business, evaluate financials and effective marketing and branding.”

Now, Danielle Jannace trains Franchise Owners to help them prepare to launch their business, including new Franchise Owners with no experience whatsoever. Thanks to Danielle and the rest of the corporate team at Hounds Town USA, new Franchise Owners with little to no experience can access the support they need to continue on their journey towards success as a doggie daycare business owner. If you don’t have any experience in business or this industry specifically, Hounds Town USA can help you rise through the ranks and become an established business owner! You might just be surprised at how hands-off and simple the Hounds Town USA business model actually is. With a low investment and low risk, inexperienced entrepreneurs really do have the opportunity to thrive in the pet industry.

Start Your Business Journey Today

Are you ready to enter the world of doggie daycare? The pet industry is an incredibly lucrative one at the moment, and that growth is only expected to continuously expand in the coming years. If you really love dogs and can see yourself being happy in this industry, consider owning a Hounds Town USA franchise location!

At Hounds Town USA, we take a no-frills approach to doggie daycare. Far too many daycares that are popping up today offer an unnecessary wealth of bells and whistles that dog owners don’t really need. We’re not interested in nickel-and-diming our customers and supporters. Rather, we take an approach to doggie daycare that involves safe, healthy, and happy daycare services that can fit any budget and daycare need for pet owners. We want to help you support your local community by establishing a family doggie daycare business that pet owners will continue to visit for years to come.

Are you looking for so much more than just monetary success? Are you burnt out in your current line of work and want to enter a more relaxed and stable industry with a relatively hands-off approach to ownership? Do you want to make a real difference in your local community by offering affordable and reliable pet care services to pet owners in your town? If so, then becoming a Franchise Owner with Hounds Town USA could be an incredible investment in your future and happiness. 

Hounds Town USA is unique in that we ask for a comparatively low investment for our Franchise Owners to get started in their doggy daycare business. While other pet industry franchises can be prohibitively expensive right from the start, we are able to keep our initial investment amounts to a minimum, costing Franchise Owners a fraction of what they’d have to spend to franchise with a competitor. At Hounds Town, we are committed to offering our potential Franchise Owners a lower investment simply because we believe in our unique business approach to doggie daycare. The investment is low, but the ROI potential is quite high!

At Hounds Town, we also understand how difficult it can be as a first-time Franchise Owner to get started and start pulling in revenue from the get-go. That’s why we’re much more involved with our Franchise Owners than other doggie daycare franchises. We’ll walk you through each and every step of the way towards launching your Hounds Town USA location with some assistance from our awesome corporate team. If you want to take a more hands-off approach to own your franchise location, we’ll work closely with you to help develop the right business model to pursue from the very beginning. Our approach is focused on simplicity, as we believe the simplest business models are often the most lucrative and successful. As your franchise location continues to grow and evolve, our team will be available for technical, customer, and business support for the lifetime of your business. Far too many franchises will abandon their Franchise Owners once their business has launched. At Hounds Town USA, we’re here to help!

Start your journey towards doggie daycare business ownership in the booming pet industry today! Please visit our franchise website for more information on how to get started. Our corporate team is ready and excited to discuss your future as a Hounds Town USA Franchise Owner!

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