Do you love dogs so much, you want to spend all day surrounded by dogs? Well, if that’s the case, you should consider starting up your own dog grooming business! From cleaning hair out of fuzzy ears to doggie pedicures, all dogs need good grooming at some point in their lives. Not to mention all of those show clips! A Hounds Town USA franchise is a great way to get started with the dog-centric business you crave.

Define Your Dog Grooming Business Concept

Knowing how to start a dog grooming business begins with defining a concept. This is where you visualize your business. Is it a DIY dog washing studio or a full-service pet spa? Maybe you’ll want to offer add-ons like homemade dog treats or doggie fashions. Or you may want to go the mobile grooming route. You might even want to combine your dog grooming business with a doggie daycare for even more of that delicious doggie goodness!

What kind of people and dogs live in your area? Are they busy professionals willing to pay for services like full-service grooming, or are they more the DIY type who would appreciate a no-frills, convenient place to wash their dog? Are their dogs pedigreed pooches who need breed-specific clips or scruffy mutts who need an occasional bath?

You should also consider the competition in your area and their services. How will you make your dog grooming business stand out and attract more customers? Finally, consider whether you want to go it alone or enjoy the support offered to a Franchise Owner.

Training and Certification for Dog Groomers

Unlike beauticians and barbers who deal with human hair, dog groomers don’t need any special licenses or certificates to open up shop. However, training never hurts, and official certificates on your wall can reassure customers that their precious pooch will end up with the breed-specific cut they desire.

Besides, loving dogs means you probably love learning more about them too. And attending training events lets you network and swap stories with fellow business owners who all love dogs as much as you do!

Picking a Location and Setting Prices

Now that you know how to start a dog grooming business from scratch, it’s time to consider location and pricing. Nearby dog parks, popular dog-walking trails, veterinarian offices, and pet stores (as long as they don’t offer grooming services) are all good indications of a welcoming, dog-friendly location.

Set prices to attract loyal customers rather than those who ‘price-hop’ their poor pets from groomer to groomer in search of the lowest prices. Sticking with one groomer is better for both the customers and their pets since both will know what to expect. It’s also better for your morale and your bottom line when you develop a loyal and reliable customer base.

Letting Dog Owners Know About Your New Business

Social media is a great way to attract attention to your new business and connect with future customers. Show off photos of your shop and the pets you’ve groomed. Photos will let potential customers know what they can expect when bringing their pets in for grooming.

Introduce yourself to area vets and the staff at the local animal shelter. Maybe offer to do a free grooming for one of their most in-need pets. Hand out your info at pet stores, dog shows, and county fairs.

Once you get some customers, start building an email list and request that customers post reviews to help you get the word out. Satisfied customers should be happy to help!

What Type of Equipment Do You Need?

The equipment you need will depend on the type of grooming business you’ve decided on and whether you want to start slow and steady or with a bang. Starting small with used equipment is the least expensive option. You can continually expand and upgrade as your business grows.

A self-serve dog wash will need large tubs, pull-down sprayers, plastic aprons, lots of towels, and a selection of shampoos. A full-service groomer will need all that, plus much more.

Why Choose Hounds Town USA?

Are you confident you know how to start a dog grooming business? After all, there’s a lot to think through and remember. If you want an easier way to get started in your dream industry and work with dogs every day, check out Hounds Town USA. We offer all of the knowledge, expertise, and support you could want on your way to a successful dog daycare and grooming business! Contact us today for more information about becoming a member of our dog-loving community.


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