This Duo is Changing Their Lives with Hounds Town USA!

Another couple has joined the Hounds Town USA family! We want to welcome Nancy and Roy Stoner of Jacksonville, Florida to the team. Originally from Nebraska, this pair has made some pretty big changes from their previous career, something that is very common for Franchise Owners at Hounds Town USA. While many enter the world of doggie daycare with not much business experience, Nancy and Roy Stoner have had their share of business experience, even though this is their very first venture into entrepreneurship.

“I’ve worked at DuTeau Chevrolet, a new car dealership in Lincoln, Nebraska, for the past thirty-three years,” Roy told us in an interview with Hounds Town USA, “Twenty-five of those years were spent as the Service Manager. I’ve also spent several of those years working as an antique and iron sculpture artist at Gallery 9 in Lincoln. Nancy’s career has been in the hospitality industry. She has held various positions in food service including Executive Chef, Food Service Supervisor, and General Manager for restaurants, hotels, and public schools.”

With ample combined experience in making businesses run and thrive, Nancy and Roy were ready to start a new chapter in their lives as entrepreneurs.

“We have worked for others all of our lives but have always known that we had the potential to do something more,” said Nancy in our interview, “We feel we are at the perfect age where we have acquired sufficient knowledge, skills, experience, and funds and are still energetic and driven to work hard to build something for ourselves. We also have the desire to leave a family legacy for our daughters Desiree and Sabrina.”

The Stoners’ desire to enter the world of business ownership and leave a legacy for their family is admirable, and also a very common reason why so many Franchise Owners decide to work with Hounds Town USA. For this pair, working with Hounds Town USA was a no-brainer after discovering the franchise on a website list.

“We found Hounds Town on a franchise website,” said Roy, “We read the story of the founders, its origins, and why they do what they do. We quickly became excited about the possibility of having the opportunity to be a part of this concept.”

Initially, the pair decided to start their journey into something different by looking for job opportunities on Indeed before they decided to start looking into franchise business opportunities for sale.

“We were looking into job opportunities on Indeed, and that pretty much sucked,” said Nancy, “Every opportunity seemed to be for hard-driving businesses with no heart that were only interested in working people to the bone to gouge customers for a profit. One day, the thought came to us to look into a franchise. Hounds Town was the third down on a list of franchise ownership opportunities on the first website we pulled up and was the first that caught our eye. After reading what Hounds Town was about, no others interested us in any way. We had found the one!”

And we’re so glad the Stoners found us! After getting in touch with our corporate team, the pair came by for their Approval Day. At Hounds Town, an Approval Day is simply a “demo” day where prospective Franchise Owners can visit a thriving Hounds Town facility, see what the day-to-day action is like, network with other Franchise Owners, and meet the corporate team and Founders.

“Everyone has been so knowledgeable, professional, friendly, welcoming, and real,” said Roy, “The passion for Hounds Town is very obvious at every level. We feel like we have been invited into a family. It was very impressive that the presentations came directly from the Founders and the leaders of the company. This allowed us to be able to connect with the franchise and understand why they do what they do.”

The Approval Day wasn’t the only thing that swayed the pair to become Hounds Town USA Franchise Owners. They also noted that they were very impressed by Hounds Town USA’s business model, which is unique when compared to similar doggie daycares and industry leaders. Hounds Town’s unique business model is also what helped our franchise survive the ups and downs of the pandemic.

“What jumped out at us first was the structure of the support team and their eagerness to help us succeed,” said Nancy, “We liked seeing that all of the franchise locations were able to survive some of the toughest conditions through the pandemic. We liked that the franchise has a solid foundation but also allows the Franchise Owners the freedom to personalize their business. We really liked that this business model was affordable and allows an opportunity for growth.”

“We love the culture of the company,” said Roy, “The Founders are real and transparent. They are a reflection of our personalities. Hounds Town is the perfect blend that expresses our passion for dogs along with caring for people.”

We’re certainly glad that Roy and Nancy decided to become part of the Hounds Town family, especially because of how driven they are. When asked what they think they will need to do in order to be successful in their first year, their answer was direct and confident: “Failure is not an option.”

“We love people, we work hard, and we are willing to invest all of our focus, energy, and resources in this direction,” said Nancy.

We can’t wait to see Nancy and Roy do great things as Hounds Town USA Franchise Owners!

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