Tips for Keeping Your Pup Active This Summer!

Keep Your Pup Active This Summer - 1

You’re probably spending more time outside now that summer is here. You want to keep your canine partner as comfortable and satisfied as possible, whether in your backyard, in a park, or on a patio. Learning how to keep a dog cool in the summer will ensure that they enjoy the sunshine as much as you do – safely! Let’s look at some health suggestions, summertime activities for dogs, and holiday celebration ideas.

Check Out Obedience Classes

Obedience training is beneficial for a variety of reasons. They get your dog moving while also training them to be more attentive and responsive to your orders. Unlike at the dog park, group obedience lessons are a fantastic method to introduce your dog to other dogs in a controlled atmosphere with trained experts present.

Spend Some Time in the Water

Water is a favorite of many dog breeds. Water is a terrific alternative for a summer sport that won’t overheat your dog on the warmest summer days. If you have the room, installing a kiddie pool in your backyard is an inexpensive and simple way to add a new location to play. Consider visiting a small pond, creek, or even a dog-friendly community splash pad if a kiddie pool isn’t available. A canine life vest is advised if your dog is venturing into a more significant body of water for the first time.

Go Hiking or Cycling Together

Dogs like being outside just as much as you do. Take your dog on your next vacation, or check out some new parks and trails in your neighborhood. While unsuitable for all canines, many dogs accompany their owners on rides. Cycling on the road might be risky, but many cities provide bike paths where you can safely ride with your dog.

Go for Daily Walks – Just Not for Very Long

Both you and your dog will benefit from a regular 30-minute stroll. Make going for a walk a part of your daily routine so your dog may receive some exercise even if you don’t have time to do so in other ways. Take a walk around the neighborhood or discover a walking route for a change of scenery. If walking your dog becomes too easy, consider taking them on a hiking route for a more demanding workout.

Try a Simple Game of Fetch

Playing fetch with your dog is the next best method to get them to work up a sweat. Teaching your dog about this activity is simple because you can play it in almost any place. Take a ball or a stick and toss it to your pet, who will retrieve it for you. You may need to teach your dog how to do this at first, but after he masters the skill and obeys your commands, it will also become an enjoyable game for him. You may even train them to retrieve the frisbee for you if you want to play frisbee with them.

Try Some Scent Training

Dog owners like nose games as a fun way to assist their dogs in growing and improving their scent-sensing abilities. It keeps dogs physically busy while also stimulating their brain faculties. Treats may be kept in the little boxes, and a scent trail can be left behind. When you can’t take your dogs out, you may build your own “go find it” activities at home. When they complete the trail and discover the boxes, don’t forget to congratulate them and reward them with a treat.

Take a Stroll Through the Dog Park

The purpose of dog parks is to get dogs active! They usually provide a variety of toys, plenty of room to run around, and challenging exercises to put your dog through his paces. Your dog will be able to mingle with other dogs as well! If your dog has never visited a dog park before, keep him on a leash for the first few trips.

Keep Your Pup Active This Summer - 2

Simply Spend Some Time in the Yard with the Family

The sun is shining, there’s a breeze in the air, and you and your pet can’t wait to get outdoors and play with the kids. Spending a summer day as a family bonding over games and activities is ideal. There are plenty of ways for everyone to bond, from teaching your dog a new skill to playing in the yard sprinkler.

Spend Some Time Indoors

Limit your pet’s exposure to toilet breaks when the weather is too hot to be outside. Then make their inside time even more enjoyable. Can you throw a ball down a long corridor or organize a scavenger hunt with their favorite bite-size treat? When you can’t get outside, running up and down the stairs a few times is a wonderful way to gain muscle. Just be careful not to overwork your dog, as this activity is just as demanding for dogs as it is for humans. In addition, if you’re searching for a terrific dog exercise for high-energy breeds, a treadmill is a great option. Your dog may come to like her treadmill workouts with some careful training. Treadmills improve endurance and don’t rely on good weather, so they’re a suitable replacement for walking or running outside.

How was our guide to keeping your pup active this summer? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

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