As we reflect on the past year and what we are thankful for this Thanksgiving, we’d like to recognize our dog daycare Franchise Owners, the people who help spread the happiness that Hounds Town USA brings to pets and their owners across the country. With 11 locations and three more in the works, we are thankful for their help in growing our brand and spreading our mission. Hounds Town USA isn’t just a place to drop your dog off. As our founder Michael S. Gould puts it, “Hounds Town USA is home to the Happiest Dogs on Earth!”

Our Franchise Owners have a lot to be thankful for as well. Aside from getting to be with dogs on a daily basis, they enjoy high ROI, a strong support network and great work/life balance. Our Franchise Owners come from all walks of life and a variety of different career backgrounds, but they all share one thing in common: A passion for animals and their care.

Owning a Hounds Town USA is a truly rewarding experience and Franchise Owners are passionate about what they are doing. Many of the hardest parts of running a business are taken care of or strongly assisted with by our Hounds Town USA support team. These include marketing, real estate selection, and staff training among other things. As a result, Hounds Town Franchise Owners can focus on giving their four-legged guests the best possible experience during their stay. Hounds Town USA doesn’t just cater to what the pet owner wants. They actually cater to the needs of each individual dog, dependent on their breed, age, and personality. Few other dog kennel franchises can say that they do this and pet owners can truly notice this difference, especially when their dog comes home happier than ever. Because of this, Hounds Town USA Franchise Owners are seeing tremendous profits, with an average unit volume of $859,005 across both franchise and corporate locations.

Arguably the best part about the entire Hounds Town USA franchise model is the work/life balance that Franchise Owners can achieve. Owning a dog kennel franchise is not your typical corporate job. Owners are given the ability to create their own schedules and thus get to do more of what they love. They are not required to be on-site every day and are given much more flexibility than a typical office job. While management experience can be advantageous, no experience is required when opening up a dog daycare franchise with Hounds Town USAand people from all sects are finding their calling owning a dog daycare franchise with us. When your spending time with dogs on a daily basis, it barely even feels like your working, something that Hounds Town USA owners value across the country. 

All things considered, Hounds Town USA is a place that truly fosters happiness, whether it be for pets, their owners, or Franchise Owners. As we move into the coming year, the pet care industry is only continuing to grow, building off the $225 billion that it is currently valued at. By 2023, this number is expected to be $281 billion.

Now is a better time than ever to become a part of this booming industry and start a career that you truly can enjoy. For more information on owning a dog kennel franchise with us, visit our franchising site here

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