Brad Bettridge Trades Legal Career for Dream Pet Care Franchise Opportunity

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Our newest Franchise Owner can be found in a very familiar location!

Brad Bettridge, our newest addition to the Hounds Town USA family, has just taken ownership of our popular location in sunny Port Jefferson, New York.

Brad’s career origins started in the world of law before he decided to transition to business ownership. This is a common theme among our Hounds Town Franchise Owners. Many want to start their own business, but don’t have the necessary background or time to start a business from scratch. That’s why a franchise like Hounds Town is so viable – Franchise Owners can enjoy a low initial financial investment, tons of support, and a better chance at success.

“When I first visited Hounds Town as a customer, I was starting to debate leaving law,” said Brad, “I wanted to do something involving golf or dogs, but did not know what that was. When I brought my dogs for their evaluation, their vaccination records were given back to me in a Hounds Town USA folder. On the back, it said ‘franchises available.’ I looked at my wife and said ‘That’s what I want to do.’”

From the Legal World to the Business World

Brad is a lifelong New Yorker who originally started his career in the legal industry. Holding a Bachelor’s degree from West Virginia University and a law degree from the St. John’s University School of Law, Brad has been practicing law for the past thirteen years. Eventually, Brad came to a point where he realized that business was his true passion.

“I have always wanted to run my own business,” said Brad in an interview with the Hounds Town pet care franchise team, “When I came to Hounds Town as a customer and saw the option to franchise I knew it would be the perfect business opportunity to pursue. Being an entrepreneur also allows me to share in the success of the business. I know that if the business is successful, I will personally reap those rewards.”

Like many of our new pet care Franchise Owners, including our CEO Jackie Bondanza, Brad first heard about Hounds Town USA as a customer rather than a potential business owner.

“I first came to Hounds Town as a customer,” said Brad, “I was looking for a place to board my dogs where they had the ability to play all day long and would not be caged, since they are not caged at home. I am a huge dog lover and can’t think of a better way to spend ‘work’ than with dogs. I also love the fact that I can bring my dogs to work with me.”

Getting to Know the Hounds Town USA Pack

The prospect of a dog-focused career was definitely what interested Brad, but it wasn’t until his Approval Day with the Hounds Town executive team that he realized this was the perfect business investment opportunity for his needs.

“Approval Day was a wealth of information and provided an open discussion of the business model,” said Brad, “It provided answers to any remaining questions or concerns. It was also great to personally meet Mike [Gould, Hounds Town USA Founder], Jackie and [Hounds Town COO] Rob Flanagan before beginning this venture. Everyone has been so comforting and supportive throughout the process. Beginning with my initial call with [Franchise Development Director] Rob Taylor, I felt welcomed into the company. Rob has been instrumental throughout this process, guiding me through every step and answering any questions or concerns I had. He was an absolute pleasure to deal with. Aside from the financial investment, it’s been a big decision for me to leave a profession I’ve spent more than a decade in. Everyone I have dealt with has made me feel confident that I made the right decision.”

Brad also noted that he was particularly interested in Hounds Town USA’s unique pet care franchise model. The long hours of operation, the ability for dogs to be social and play, and the use of rooms over cages in Hounds Town facilities were game-changers in Brad’s eyes.

He tells us that what sets Hounds Town apart from other pet care franchise opportunities, in his view, is “The way the dogs are treated,” adding, “We have boarded our dogs at many other facilities. I felt that some nickel and dime you on extras, including putting the dogs in camp during the day. Hounds Town makes a priority of doing what’s best for the dogs. I also look forward to learning from Mike’s knowledge and expertise in dealing with dogs. His background brings an aspect to Hounds Town which cannot be matched.”

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A Love of Dogs That Led to a Career in the Pet Industry

Brad, his wife Brittany, and toddler twins Cassidy and Jordan are all dog lovers. The family has two dogs – Riley, a 10-year-old Morkie, and Yogi, a 5-year-old Mini Goldendoodle.

“Our dogs are a huge part of our lives and bring us such joy,” said Brad, “They were our first ‘kids’ and equal members of our family.”

This is a common theme among our Franchise Owners. Many dog lovers out there want to give back to their communities and pursue a career that involves being around animals. For many, this seems like a pipe dream that is difficult to bring to fruition. With Hounds Town, however, experienced and inexperienced business owners alike can enter the pet industry and pursue their dreams of working with dogs in the best way.

Brad also noted that he enjoys spending time with his family and dogs, in addition to playing golf and watching Alabama Crimson Tide football. When asked what Brad is looking forward to the most in launching his new Hounds Town location, his first thought involved his own family of pups.

“First [thing I’m looking forward to] is bringing my dogs to work with me. Second is watching the business grow and succeed.”

We’re so excited to see how well Brad succeeds as a new Hounds Town Franchise Owner, and we’re nothing but hopeful for the success of the Port Jefferson location in the coming months!

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