When Doggie Franchise Opportunities Become Give-Back Opportunities

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Investing in a franchise isn’t just an opportunity to make money or create a nest egg. Rather, it can also be an opportunity to do good and give back to your community or to a particular cause that’s near to your heart. 

There are a number of ways local business owners can engage their community to make a difference. And Hounds Town USA doggy daycare is dedicated to helping its Franchise Owners do that on a larger scale than independent pet Franchise Owners are sometimes capable of doing. With a franchise, so many of the difficulties of starting a business from scratch are removed from the experience of business ownership. Hounds Town USA also provides charity opportunities through Hounds Town Charities to make it even easier for Franchise Owners to give back.

Here are some ways dog franchise opportunities can help you connect with organizations in your community that give pets a chance to live their best life!

Volunteer Your Time

Even if you have a busy schedule as a small pet business owner, you can always find time to volunteer for a local charity or group. You can volunteer on your own or enlist the help of your entire team by organizing a special event and inviting your employees and team members to attend. There are several advantages to volunteering: First and foremost, you’ll be assisting a worthy cause in your town, which is a reward in and of itself. Second, you’ll gain positive publicity. You’ll also have the chance to meet new people in the neighborhood.

Join a Community Board

In your city or town, there is very certainly at least one large community board that is relevant to you. And as a business owner, you should have no trouble getting on the board at some point. For example, your community may have a council dedicated to small businesses or those who operate in the downtown area. There might be one that supports some of your other passions as well. Getting involved in the community, no matter which board you join or how you get involved, is a good thing for your business. You’ll make connections with other local company owners and professionals, and you’ll have the chance to support your community as well.

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Get Together With Other Local Business and Build Communities

The assistance that small businesses provide one other is one of the most powerful ways that they can have an impact on their communities. Local companies frequently fund various youth activities, such as a local restaurant sponsoring a high school soccer event or other school organizations, for example. Local companies also tend to support one another through volunteer work, contributions, involvement in community activities, and simply shopping at one other’s establishments. Being a member of a community and offering high-quality products and services for the betterment of its citizens is a source of pride.

Reward Your Customers and Fans

Local residents are most likely the ones who are working to keep your business alive. Why not thank them for their loyalty with a gift? Offer special promotions, prizes, or other activities to accomplish this. You may give discounted or free doggie daycare or pet grooming services to those who donate to a fundraiser you’re sponsoring. The options are limitless!

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Seek Out Ways to Improve the Community to Boost City Revenue

Because local businesses pay local taxes, more money stays in the community. More money for city roads, schools, and other needs means more money for upgrades. While shopping online is convenient, it does not maintain tax income in the community. This is an issue that many small towns encounter. Large warehouses and shopping malls are another issue. Rather than improving the neighborhood, they frequently put pressure on local resources. The growth of these major corporations can put a strain on a city’s budget. Owning a small business typically benefits other small businesses by raising income, providing additional jobs, and making daily necessities more accessible. Furthermore, local residents are more likely to shop at local businesses because they see it as a way to support their city, neighbors, and local families.

How Hounds Town Charities Helps

There are many doggie daycare franchise opportunities, but few of them offer the charity connections that Hounds Town USA does. In every U.S. market with a Hounds Town USA franchise location, Hounds Town Charities work to give Franchise Owners the opportunity to make a difference in local pets’ lives by partnering with shelters, rescues, etc. One way Hounds Town has helped is by launching a pilot program called Handcuffs to Heeling to help inmates in need of a fresh start and dogs in need of homes. Hounds Town has also launched the Fresh Air Fund to help provide shelter dogs with opportunities to play, socialize, and enjoy the chance to go out and play. The list goes on!

If you want to become a Hounds Town Franchise Owner and get involved with charity opportunities, visit our website to learn more.

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