What Made This New Jersey Nurse Practitioner Decide to Open a Pet Care Franchise?

Pet care Franchise Owner Savi Iyer

We’re excited to add another Franchise Owner to the Hounds Town USA family- meet Savi Iyer, who has opened her own location in Metuchen, New Jersey!

Originally part of the medical world, nurse practitioner Savi began to fall in love with the pet care world after adopting her Labradoodle, Cocoa. Now she dedicates a big chunk of her life to helping pets that are in need through her new career as the owner of a doggie daycare facility, grooming salon, boarding kennel, and pet taxi business all rolled into one! Her new location in Metuchen boasts over twenty units to accommodate any furry friend who may need some time away from home.

Life Before Hounds Town

Before she became a pet care Franchise Owner with Hounds Town, Savi started out volunteering with nonprofit organizations for animals in need, including the first U.S. shelter opened by popular international rescue group No Dogs Left Behind. The experience truly made her fall more in love with animals.

“I decided I wanted to open up a doggie daycare business to support pets on a larger scale, and that’s how I found Hounds Town USA,” said Savi in an interview with 1851 Franchise.

When Savi first decided to start looking into building up her own doggie daycare business, seeking out a franchise was her first idea. Savi was no stranger to the world of franchising, especially in the doggie daycare world, as she regularly dropped her own pup off at pet care franchises in the past. Savi knew that franchising, rather than starting a business from scratch, would create a streamlined opportunity to build a business. She also enjoyed the idea of working with a franchise team full of similarly-minded individuals who love animals, rather than starting completely from scratch with no support.

“Cocoa changed my life and made me realize I wanted to get more involved with animals,” said Savi, “I thought a franchise would be a great way for me to support the pets of my community. I did a lot of research on Google and looked at various franchise websites.”

Savi had the right idea to take such a pragmatic approach to business ownership. Many entrepreneurs who enter the pet care industry make the mistake of jumping into a startup or build their companies from scratch with nothing but difficulty. Franchises like Hounds Town USA are so valuable because they offer a level of support that one would otherwise not receive in the business world- mentorship, business assistance, and technical support. For many, especially those who enter the pet care field from another industry like Savi, that extra support is vital in running a long-term business with a successful launch and ongoing revenue. 

After searching the web for different pet care franchises, Savi decided to look into Hounds Town USA. Savi noted that she loved the name, what Hounds Town stands for, and the ideology behind the company that made it so different from other pet care companies. Hounds Town USA doesn’t gatekeep its Franchise Owner opportunities. Rather, our platform is available to anyone who is willing to make an initial investment and dedicate their time to running a doggie daycare business.

Just as well, Hounds Town does discriminate against any dog that might need to use our facilities. This philosophy is very important, especially in a year where so many people have adopted dogs during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. For Savi, it was clear that Hounds Town was able to provide much-needed services for dogs in the community where there may not have been demand previously. “Prior to the pandemic, there were not a lot of dogs in my town and now everyone has them,” said Savi.

Hounds Town Pups

Savi’s Advice for New Pet Care Franchise Owners

Savi has simple but powerful advice for like-minded dog lovers wishing to pursue their passion and open a pet care franchise: “Follow the policies and protocols to see success.” This is so true, especially for those that are entering the pet industry after a career change. The formula and business model that makes Hounds Town USA so successful is a simple one– if you follow our protocols and policies, you have great potential for success.

Hounds Town USA is far from a new franchise, as well. Our franchise has been around since 2000 with the goal of providing a safe and very welcoming environment for dogs of all shapes, sizes, temperaments, needs, etc. Savi is one such franchise owner who decided to take on all of the aspects of Hounds Town’s no-frills service, including dog boarding, doggie daycare services, grooming, and pet taxi services. We believe taking a practical approach to offering pet care services aligns with the needs of local communities of dog owners. Most don’t really want the unnecessary frills that tend to be offered by similar franchises. Rather, Hounds Town lets dogs be dogs in a safe and healthy manner. This business model makes our franchise locations so much more successful in the long run.

Savi hopes to open at least one more Hounds Town USA location in the wake of her successful initial launch. We can’t wait to see what amazing things she does in the Hounds Town USA community!

Do you want to become a doggie daycare owner? Hounds Town USA is a doggie daycare franchise that is focused on letting dogs be dogs. We don’t believe dogs nor their owners need many of the unnecessary frills and add-ons that are typically found at other doggie daycare companies. Rather, our Founder Mike Gould has brought over forty years of canine handling experience to Hounds Town USA, creating a focus that is on the happiness and safety of dogs in our care. If you want to join the doggie daycare world and identify with our goals as daycare service providers, get in touch with our corporate team! We’ll guide you through everything you need to know about Hounds Town and becoming a Franchise Owner.

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