Working at a dog daycare is undoubtedly an exciting and demanding position that requires a broad range of abilities and skills. The employees are not only responsible for feeding and walking the pups but also for their safety, health, and general well-being. As such, a dog daycare should aim at employing people who best fit and understand the needs of these furry best friends. 

The best way to go about dog daycare hiring is by looking at the job from an employee’s point of view. Ask yourself what the job requires in knowledge, effort, time, and skills. As an employer, below are several qualities you should check when getting a worker for your doggie daycare.

Dog Training and Handling Skills

The essential part of dog daycare is keeping the animals safe and happy. The employees should have the skills to keep the pups entertained. Additionally, they should be able to handle dogs of all sizes since they come in all sizes and strengths.

When hiring your employees, you should also ensure that they are comfortable working with dogs and willing to undergo extensive training on handling canine clients. Skills such as using voice commands to train dogs in basic obedience, handling dogs with clicker training, operant conditioning training techniques, and persuasiveness are all skills that are required for employees to equip. Taking care of the dogs will often lead to stressful situations, so you need a person who can handle the pressure well without losing their cool.

Interpersonal Skills Including Listening and Communication

Most dog parents are often curious about their dog’s progress, sometimes enquiring too much. As such, you will need to hire employees with excellent interpersonal skills. These skills refer to employees who can exercise patience and understanding while addressing any concerns of human customers. The employees should also be able to communicate with other animal professionals that they may encounter, such as co-workers, dog trainers, veterinarians, groomers, and breeders. During dog daycare hiring, look out for those with clear communication, listening, leadership, and teamwork skills.

Ability to Recognize and Interpret Dog Behavior

Dogs also communicate through body language, behaviors, and general expressions, much like human beings. It’s possible to tell when a dog is angry, sad, depressed, scared, or having fun by observing its posture, teeth, ears, and tail position. A good employee should be able to pay constant attention to these visual clues in taking care of the animal. They ought to be attentive to detail to efficiently assess interactions between dogs and ensure the pups are happy.

Business and Administrative Skills

Like any other business, dog daycare involves a lot of administrative activities. An employee with administrative and business skills such as bookkeeping, accounting, marketing, and customer service is always valuable to a business. Of course, not everyone working at your dog daycare needs to be a business wizard, but you can run your business more smoothly if you get some in your team.

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