Doggie Daycare Franchise Developer Buys 3 Denver Locations!

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We’re super excited to introduce the newest member of our Hounds Town doggie daycare franchise family…partly because he’s already been instrumental in helping other Franchise Owners discover the Hounds Town opportunity for years! Meet Rob Taylor, the Franchise Development Manager for Hounds Town USA, who will be opening 3 Hounds Town locations of his own in the dog-loving city of Denver, CO! 

It’s a huge compliment to our doggie daycare franchise concept that a franchise industry insider has decided to invest in three locations for himself. Needless to say, Rob’s decision certainly has franchise entrepreneurs taking notes! Franchise industry publication 1851 Franchise just spotlighted Rob in their regular feature, The Great Franchisee, to share the unique story of his journey from franchise development expert to doggie daycare Franchise Owner.

Rob’s career started out with 16 years in the veterinary industry before moving to Denver-based franchise development firm Raintree, which handles franchise marketing and brand development for Hounds Town USA, along with a roster of other exciting franchise brands across multiple industries.

A lifelong dog lover, Rob had actually considered opening something like Hounds Town USA in the past. In the veterinary section of his career, Rob had worked in the medical field to promote high-quality medicine, securing long-term contracts and widening the general business. Rob has always had a passion for dogs and they’ve always been a part of his career, which were major contributing factors in choosing Hounds Town USA. 

That passion, combined with having worked with us to educate prospective Franchise Owners for some years (not to mention the fact that Denver’s market was wide-open and red-hot!) meant that he saw an amazing opportunity and grabbed it. 

This is not Rob’s first experience on the ownership side of the franchising industry. He previously owned a British Swim School franchise, which was run by his wife. Rob’s own experience with franchising, his knowledge of the business model, and the Hounds Town USA brand itself was what led Rob to become a Franchise Owner. Because of his franchising connection with our brand, Rob already had a great working relationship with  Hounds Town USA president Jackie Bondanza and Founder Mike Gould. Knowing Mike and Jackie for so long and having such a great rapport with them made it a walk in the park to announce his intentions of investing in his own Hounds Town doggie daycare franchise. 

Rob says that he chose Hounds Town USA because “Jackie and Mike are very genuine people. They really care and want to support franchisees. Mike’s knowledge and methods are also better than their doggie daycare competitors. They are the best at what they do.” 

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At Hounds Town USA, we do love supporting our doggie daycare Franchise Owners. From a dedicated real estate team helping you find the ideal location for your new Hounds Town USA, a general contractor to help open the best and most affordable Hounds Town USA as soon as possible, to a proprietary dashboard that gives you the tools to make data-driven decisions for important benchmark goals, our entire model is built on giving Franchise Owners the support and guidance that Mike wishes he’d had when he first started in the doggie daycare business!

Unlike other doggie daycare franchise opportunities, our commitment to Franchise Owner support doesn’t stop the minute you open your doors. We’re committed to helping you become a success in your market because when you win, we all win! 

Our Director of Marketing and Brand Development, Corey Packer, will work with you for social media and other marketing campaigns to help build awareness about your Hounds Town USA, and our operations team provides ongoing support and communication so that you always have the help and advice you need. 

In addition to Jackie and Mike’s attitudes and approaches aligning with his vision, Rob also chose Hounds Town USA because he has a lot of experience in the pet care industry and is well-versed in it. He enjoys doing whatever he can to enrich dogs’ lives because they’re family members, not pets; a sentiment that 94% of the 85 million pet owners in America share. He considers his dog Kona to be his furry child and comes to the Hounds Town doggie daycare franchise opportunity with the complete understanding of what pet parents want from a PAW-SOME experience! 

Rob’s hopes for the future are that all three of his locations in the Denver Metro area are successful, and he’s confident that that will happen. He’s noted a significant increase in expenditure in the pet care industry and doesn’t see that slowing down for many years, combined with the fact that 2020 saw record pet adoption rates due to the pandemic. 

For others looking to buy a franchise, Rob offers this advice: “do your research and make sure the opportunity is a good fit. Make sure you can see yourself in the business and evaluate your competition as well. You need to look at everyone in the industry space and compare. Be sure there is chemistry between the franchisors and the franchisees so that you can all work together.”

With his impressive career behind him and great things ahead of him, you’d think that Rob Taylor has his hands full with no downtime. But he actually enjoys spending time outdoors – mountain biking, skiing, kayaking, and camping. He and his family love to go camping throughout the picturesque mountains and parks of Colorado, and he is also a musician. 

Hounds Town USA makes this possible for Franchise Owners like Rob. We offer a strong potential for financial success, with low investments and faster ROIs. We have outstanding economics from several different revenue streams that come from 20 years of testing and development, that resulted in industry-leading dog behavior training programs, and a highly profitable business model. 

Beyond this, we want our Franchise Owners to feel fulfilled in life and have freedom and flexibility like Rob does. Our doggie daycare franchise business model allows our beloved Franchise Owners to do more of what they love. 

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As we said before, we always support our Owners – not only in good times but during challenging ones too. Our Hounds Town USA Franchise Owners have stayed open throughout the pandemic, and sales have stayed steady. We’ve even opened a couple of new locations, with new customers and over 90% of new business transitioning into permanent customers!

Rob believed in our concept and his decision to purchase three Denver locations really speaks to the strength of our Franchise model. 

So what services could you offer as a Franchise Owner exactly? We have doggie daycare, overnight dog boarding, dog and cat grooming, and pet taxis. We have canine psychology expertise, so we understand how integral pack social structure is to a dog’s emotional wellbeing. We don’t turn away dogs because we don’t discriminate against dogs based on their breed, age, or disabilities.

And we do all this from town-themed centers that our customers recognize and love!

Hounds Town USA is growing rapidly across the United States, and it’s tough to say which state we’ll sell out in next! We’re all sold out in Metro Denver, thanks to Rob, but we’ve still got opportunities available for folks who want to open a doggie daycare franchise in other parts of Colorado and the U.S. If you’re looking for a franchise opportunity that’s in line with your love for dogs, visit our website for more information.

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