Why You Should Open a Dog Boarding Business in 2021 (And How We Can Help!)

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It makes sense why businesses within the surging pet industry are becoming even more popular than before. People are beginning to go back to work and want to help their dogs feel more comfortable with them leaving. Additionally, with the country opening back up more each day, people with serious cabin fever are planning their first vacations in over a year and need somewhere reliable to board their dogs.

For those that love animals and want to enter an entrepreneurial realm, opening a dog boarding business through Hounds Town USA could be an excellent idea. Owning your own business in the ever-growing pet industry is a great way to work for yourself, improve your community, and reach your personal business goals. Luckily, a dog boarding business can make excellent income as well.

A majority of Americans have pets, and we can expect the occurrence of pet ownership to grow in 2021. As American families continue to adopt dogs, there will always be a need for products and services that will help them care for their pets. This means that dog daycares and other pet stores are going to become much more popular in the future. If you’re wondering how profitable a dog boarding business could be, in addition to other pet-related businesses, keep reading!

How Much Do Dog Boarding Business Owners Make?

If you’re an entrepreneur or are considering a career change to business, it’s always wise to investigate how profitable a potential business venture could be. Luckily, doggy daycares have the potential to be extremely profitable. There’s not exact figure on that profitability, since there are so many factors involved.

Regardless, you can look at the pet industry as it continues to grow and understand that you can make a substantial amount of money as the owner of a dog boarding business or doggie daycare.

In general, it is estimated that the pet industry will be worth about $110 billion by the end of 2021, as consumer expenditure in this industry has continued to grow year by year. Pet food and treats make up about $44.1 billion. Supplies, live animals, and over-the-counter medicine account for $23.4 billion. Vet care and product sales account for about $32.3 billion. Services, such as doggy daycares and dog boarding businesses, account for $9.7 billion.


While much of this industry spend is going toward consumable goods like pet food, a significant percentage of this spend is always going toward dog boarding, kennels, and dog daycares. With such hefty numbers, it certainly makes sense why dog daycare boarding facilities are popping up around the country.

This growth in the pet industry is likely due to the pandemic. During the COVID-19 pandemic, 12% of adults with children adopted pets, and 21% of animal owners spent more money on their furry friends during the pandemic than pre-pandemic. To put it simply, a lot of pet owners in 2021 are going to need dog kennels, daycares, groomers, and other pet-related services.

Let’s take a look at a few of the reasons why 2021 is shaping up to be an ideal year to open a dog boarding business in your community.

Factors That Affect a Dog Boarding Business

There are many factors that contribute to how much revenue a dog boarding business owner can make. Understanding these different factors may be helpful in making better business decisions from the very start of your career.


The city or town where a potential dog boarding business owner is located is typically where they will set up shop. It’s important to look at your region and think about a few different factors. Will there be a lot or very little in the way of competitors? How big is your town? What are the statistics about pet ownership in your state or city? Someone located in a large town or city with numerous pet owners can expect a higher annual income than someone in a smaller community with fewer dog owners.


Consider how much money you will need to invest to kickstart your dog boarding business. If this number is low, then you’ll be profiting more once you actually start your business and get it running. A business that requires a massive investment could be a big risk. Franchises like Hounds Town USA tend to be lower in terms of investment as well, thanks to our national brand recognition, proven business model, and robust support team.


Franchising vs Independent

Running a doggie daycare and boarding franchise usually will present better earning potential than, say, launching an independent dog boarding business from scratch. This is because the initial investment is typically a lot lower and Franchise Owners typically have the benefit of a recognizable, reputable brand name. Just as well, those who choose a franchise will be able to access a wealth of corporate resources and excellent support, making franchises a better choice for new entrepreneurs or career-changers. The specific franchise you choose can impact your earnings in a substantial way.

Let’s consider an example. Hounds Town USA’s Franchise Owners experience year-over-year sales growth that is a whopping three times higher than the pet industry average. This is mostly due to the fact that our required investment is quite low compared to other businesses in the pet industry. We also offer a well-known brand name and a number of different, complementary revenue streams, including boarding, doggie daycare, grooming, and options for a pet taxi service and retail merchandise.

Learn More About How to Start a Dog Boarding Business Today!

Do you want to move into the pet industry for the next chapter of your career? There is a lot of great income potential, tons of opportunities for growth as an entrepreneur, and the opportunity to spend every day with dogs! Owning a Hounds Town USA franchise could be the best choice you’ve made as a business owner!

Do you want to launch your own dog boarding business, but want the support of a franchise? Visit our franchise website for more information about how Hounds Town USA could be the perfect franchise for you!

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