For busy families living in large, suburban communities, finding the right doggie daycare franchise to help care for their beloved furry friends is a must-have! After all, long commutes to a nearby city for work and school can make for some lengthy periods of time alone in the house for the family dog. Being left on their own can cause some dogs to experience separation anxiety, boredom, and stress, which can often manifest into destructive behaviors- like chewing on furniture, ripping up carpeted areas, and leaving little, um, presents for their people to find upon their return. Not only can these behaviors be stressful for the human members of the family who have to deal with the fallout, but they are prime indicators of a dog’s state of mind. Many families who can’t always be there for their pups during the day turn to reputable dog daycare franchise locations in their local area. 

However, not all sprawling, suburban communities are fortunate enough to have a pet care franchise like Hounds Town USA in their backyard. Certain states with prime conditions for owning and operating a doggy daycare franchise remain a largely untapped market for Hounds Town pet care franchise opportunities, though they possess many qualities that are quite attractive to our brand. One such state, Pennsylvania, was recently mentioned in an article in 1851 Franchise as an ideal market for a Hounds Town USA doggie daycare franchise, and details our plans to expand our brand throughout the state. With agreements in place to open three locations in Philadelphia and another one opening any day now in Pittsburgh, you can say we’re off to a great start! 

“Pennsylvania has a large population of people who care about their dogs but also have to travel for work. They don’t necessarily have the time to rush home after work to walk their dogs, so there is a demand for services that will take excellent care of their dogs,” said Hounds Town USA President Jackie Bondanza in her interview. “Our services make Hounds Town USA an attractive option for multiple demographics. Pennsylvania also has strong suburban communities that meet our price points, and the real estate market is a solid one for small and medium-sized businesses.” 

As the article mentions, Hounds Town USA is on a mission to open 30 pet care franchise locations in Pennsylvania overall, and plan to have 10 locations in place within the next five years. We feel that the large number of densely-populated suburbs full of busy, working adults with children (and dogs!), as well as the long commute time required for people living in the suburbs to travel to and from work each day, suggests a largely unmet need for the services our pet care franchise offers. We are actively seeking qualified Pennsylvania residents who love dogs and want a career in the pet care industry to own and operate Hounds Town USA locations in select markets within the state.

One of our newest Franchise Owners, Joe Allbaugh, whose Pittsburgh location is slated to open later this month, appeared in the article to talk about his decision to invest in the Hounds Town USA opportunity, as well as what led him to look into a doggie daycare franchise in the first place. “I was looking for a business that would be small enough to still be team-built and have that camaraderie in the workplace without feeling too corporate,” Allbaugh said in his interview. “That is ultimately what I found in Hounds Town USA. The flexibility of the business model allows me to have ownership in something without having the stress of taking it all on myself.”

Hounds Town in Philadelphia

Husband-and-wife Franchise Owners Paul and Wendy Boehm, who have signed a three-unit deal to bring Hounds Town USA to Philadelphia, talked about how our doggie daycare franchise model differed from other pet care franchises in Philadelphia that they were investigating prior to learning about our opportunity. “We were looking for a good, solid model we could copy but we also liked that it was not quite as rigid as some of the other ones we looked at,” Paul said. “Hounds Town USA has enough flexibility to let us be us. I also really liked [CEO Mike Gould’s] experience with dogs and dog behavior—I feel like that will take us pretty far.” 

If you live in Pennsylvania and have been contemplating an investment in a doggie daycare franchise opportunity, now is the perfect time to speak with Hounds Town USA! We are currently awarding franchises in select territories- not just in Pennsylvania, but in markets across the United States! Do you think your hometown would make a great Hounds Town? Let us know! Complete the form below to be considered for eligibility in our franchise awarding process, or visit our website to learn more about our exciting opportunity and find out what makes us different from other pet care franchises in the industry.

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