Doggy daycare franchise owners here at Hounds Town USA always have dogs’ best interests at heart. Because of this, it’s no surprise to us that people are beginning to see benefits of pet care franchises like Hounds Town USA that go way beyond the need for daycare and overnight boarding services. Blog posts and articles touting the many emotional, psychological, and physical health benefits of doggy daycare services are all over the Internet, saying just what our Founder Mike Gould and President Jackie Bondanza have always said about the importance of allowing dogs to have a place where they can socialize, engage in pack behavior, and generally be themselves. Here are some of the chief benefits of dog daycare franchises like Hounds Town USA that franchise owners can use to help spread the word about their pet care franchise to their local community.

Keep Your Dog Engaged

Once upon a time, dog owners were expected to leave their furry friends home, either in a kennel or roaming free about their houses, while they went off to work or school each day. Thankfully, more and more people are now beginning to understand that dogs require a certain level of engagement to prevent them from becoming bored throughout the day. As this article from Petguide acknowledges, this boredom may cause dogs to become destructive and engage in negative behaviors, such as chewing, to cope with the monotony of spending each day alone in the house. By finding a reputable pet daycare franchise, you are giving your pooch the chance to interact with humans and other dogs every day, rather than stay home alone.

Give Dogs the Right Amount of Exercise

No matter how much people love their dogs, it’s not always easy to find the time (or the energy!) to give them the amount of exercise they need to stay healthy and happy. As this article from points out, putting your dog in pet care during the day ensures that he or she is getting enough exercise for their breed and energy level. At a doggy daycare franchise like Hounds Town USA, people can rest assured that their dogs are receiving ample time and space to exercise in a supervised, safe environment. 

Develop Your Dog’s Social Skills

As this blog post from The Honest Kitchen mentions, dogs need to be around other dogs in order to learn how to act properly. If a dog is left alone all day with little to no interaction with other dogs, he or she may not learn how to socialize with other dogs, which can lead to aggression and other inappropriate behaviors down the road. A well-supervised, fully-staffed doggy daycare franchise like Hounds Town USA is an ideal place for pet owners to let their dogs learn to make friends and play together in a safe environment.

Peace of Mind for Dog Owners

We all live life at a hectic pace, and it can feel terrible to know that your busy schedule is negatively affecting the well-being of your beloved dog. Blogger Erin Bessey at The Modern Dog Trainer asserts that signing your pet up for doggy daycare helps to ease the guilt we can all feel from being away from home for hours each day, and can also provide reassurance that dogs’ basic needs for exercise, entertainment, and frequent potty breaks are being met when we can’t be there to care for them.

Dog daycare franchise owners who are looking to expand their channels of revenue can use these talking points to gain the attention and interest of local dog owners who think Hounds Town USA is just for overnight boarding. As the pet care industry continues to grow, more and more dog lovers are beginning to realize that doggy daycare isn’t just for out-of-town vacations or special occasions- it can be a highly valuable resource for dog owners who want to ensure that their beloved pet is receiving expert care throughout the day rather than being cooped up at home. By sharing this information with members of your community, our franchise owners can spread the word about the many benefits that Hounds Town USA provides to dogs on a daily basis.

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