Our year is off to a fantastic start here at Hounds Town USA, especially for our Founder Mike Gould! Mike was recently featured on local news outlet Fox 5 New York City, where he discussed dog training techniques and highlighted some of the features of our dog kennel franchise! This was a great opportunity not just for Mike, but for the Hounds Town USA brand!

To say that Mike Gould has experience with dogs would be an understatement. He began his canine career in 1982 and has had over 35 years of expertise working with canines. Mike has worked as a dog trainer, examiner, and even as the Commanding Officer of the Nassau County Police Department’s Canine Unit. In 2001, he founded Hounds Town USA, helping to spread his extensive knowledge of man’s best friend to Franchise Owners across the country. Today, Hounds Town USA has 11 locations across five states with four more planned for the coming months. 

During his recent news appearance, Mike addressed some of the most common misperceptions that our society has about dogs. One of the largest myths is that age is a factor in a dog’s ability to be well trained. Good Day New York host Rosanna Scotto asked, “When you teach a dog, do you have to do it at the beginning because at 11 years old is Lulu (her dog) going to learn new tricks?”

“Absolutely!” responded Mike. “This dog is six years old, that’s why I selected Hampton. He looks young, and he’s been coming to Hounds Town USA for almost his entire life. He’s socialized, but he doesn’t perform tricks. So the answer is easily yes. You can train a dog to do new tricks.” 

Mike proceeded to show viewers how Hampton had been trained to use his sense of smell to detect a treat rather than just his sight. During a typical boarding experience, dogs don’t get any training or interaction. However, at Hounds Town USA, dogs are motivated to maximize their natural abilities, be it through coaching or merely socializing with their canine peers. Few other facilities can match this!

Mike continued by addressing the misperception that only the top-tiers of society use doggie daycare. 

“Daycare has become a necessity, not a luxury anymore. Just like children’s daycare,” he stated. “Our customers are from all segments of society. They drop their dogs off every day and head into the city.” 

Mike has made it his mission to make doggie daycare available to all, and he has made it quite affordable for Hounds Town USA customers. It’s precisely this type of model that sets our dog kennel franchise apart from the rest!

“What we like to say at Hounds Town is that we make dog ownership possible for any scenario,” concluded Mike.


Public appearances like these aren’t just great for Mike. They’re a great marketing opportunity for the Hounds Town USA brand and our Franchise Owners. Viewers get to see first-hand the kind of treatment and experience that their dog gets while boarding at a Hounds Town USA location. The dogs do much of the marketing themselves, allowing our Franchise Owners to focus more on giving their canine customers the best possible experience! This pairs perfectly with the great work/life balance that our Franchise Owners already enjoy.

Hounds Town USA is doing more than just providing an excellent experience for dogs. We are improving the lives of dog owners across the country. Our dog kennel franchise makes it easy and hassle-free for dogs to get the care they need while their owners are working or out of town. Boarding at Hounds Town USA is an affordable and convenient option, and pet owners can rest assured that their pet is having the best experience possible! They’ll see it on their dog’s faces when they pick them up, as they won’t want to leave! 

As one can see during Mike’s recent television appearance, we are genuinely passionate about what we do here at Hounds Town USA. For our Franchise Owners, owning a dog kennel franchise is not just another business venture. It’s the career they’ve always been dreaming of! Our owners enjoy an ideal work/life balance, the potential for high profits, and a simple, streamlined business model that prepares them for success. Plus, who doesn’t want to be with dogs every day?

If owning a franchise with Hounds Town USA sounds like a career you would enjoy, visit our franchising site here.

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