From Corporate Power Couple to Doggie Daycare Franchise Owners: Welcome Brian and Kathy Martin!

Hounds Town USA is proud to welcome two of our newest Franchise Owners, Kathy and Brian Martin

Not only will this pair’s Columbus, Ohio location be the first Hounds Town USA location in the Arch City, but it will be the first Hounds Town location in the entire state of Ohio. Kathy and Brian will experience a few of their first “firsts” as well, as neither have a background in the doggie daycare of pet industry. However, with their combined experience in the corporate world and driven approach to running a business, this pair will be at a unique advantage as Franchise Owners who are using their experience from the corporate world to launch their own Hounds Town franchise.

“Both of us are driven and active, and willing to put in the effort and time to create a robust and thriving business,” Kathy told us in a recent interview with the couple, “Both of us have backgrounds in project management as well as all levels of business management and personnel management, and enjoy working with people and animals!”

Columbus, OH Doggie Daycare Franchise Owners Brian and Kathy Martin

From Corporate Careers to Doggie Daycare Franchise Ownership

Both Kathy and Brian have extensive histories in very different worlds outside of the pet industry. Kathy graduated from Miami University and spent over 30 years in the IT industry. She has worked in positions ranging from developer to CIO and is a certified project manager. Kathy has also served on the Board and as the Treasurer for a non-profit group, Joseph’s Coat of Central Ohio, for the last five years and is now passing the torch to a new Board member as she begins her new career in the doggie daycare industry.  Kathy is also a well-known and loved ‘parent surrogate’, as she serves the Columbus Public School District as well as the surrounding suburban school districts. While in this particular role, Kathy helps develop IEPs, or learning plans, for children in the foster care system.

Brian graduated from the University of South Carolina and has spent the majority of his career in the financial industry. During his career, he has supported a number of multi-billion-dollar companies, including Bath & Body Works and Brightview Landscapes. Brian has extensive experience implementing change, driving growth initiatives, and influencing the strategic direction of companies. It certainly makes sense how this power couple’s combined experience in the corporate world could be a big advantage as Hounds Town USA doggie daycare Franchise Owners.

“Brian has spent his entire career helping others run and grow their business from an entrepreneur mindset and has always had the desire to run his own business,” said Kathy, “I’m passionate about people, the community, and animals. Hounds Town USA provides the perfect opportunity to create, run and grow a business.”

How the Martins Discovered Our Doggie Daycare Franchise Opportunity

When the pair first heard about Hounds Town USA, it was after they had decided to opt for a career change together and began looking for franchise opportunities across multiple sectors, including the restaurant and home services industries. When asked why they decided to look into a doggie daycare franchise like Hounds Town USA, the pair had a very business-focused response.

“The franchise is in its growth stage, the environment is family-like, the support systems and support teams are strong,” said Brian in the interview, “The cost to open [a Hounds Town franchise] was lower than [the cost of] similar franchises, and the model is relatively simple and built on customer service and a spirit of fun and whimsy.”

A Discovery Day Deep-Dive

Once Brian and Kathy decided to look a bit deeper into Hounds Town USA, they had the opportunity to meet our Founders and talk with our corporate team about how Hounds Town USA operates. In particular, the pair noted that they appreciated the ongoing commitment from the Hounds Town USA Founders and could see a future in not just the pet care industry, but Hounds Town USA in particular.

“Both Jackie and Mike are experienced in running their own business and have been doing this for many years,” Brian continued, “They know what works and what doesn’t because they’ve seen it all. Additionally, both are committed to the franchise’s success.”

Just as well, the pair had the opportunity to learn even more about Hounds Town USA in a hands-on way during their Discovery Day. Hounds Town USA hosts Discovery Days to help new and potential Franchise Owners get a hands-on, in-the-trenches view of how a Hounds Town USA location runs and operates by spending the day at an existing location. The pair noted that they loved seeing all of the operations and meeting the Franchise Owners, as well as being there in person. The couple also noted that when it came to having a “lightbulb” moment that swayed their decision to invest in Hounds Town USA, much of their decision boiled down to the success and proof of growth they noticed in newer locations, as well as our franchise’s low startup costs and simple business model.

“Seeing the success of the newer units, especially Space Coast [Florida],” said Kathy about what sealed the deal for her on Discovery Day, “Their operation was organized and process-focused.  Additionally, their interactions with the customers were infectious.”

Columbus, OH Doggie Daycare Franchise Owners Brian and Kathy Martin

Looking Ahead- Opening the Doors to Their Columbus Doggie Daycare Franchise

Overall, Brian and Kathy have been gushing about their positive experience with Hounds Town USA thus far. As a unique doggie daycare franchise with a focus on customers and ease of operations for Franchise Owners, we make it a point to ensure that our Franchise Owners have plenty of early and ongoing access to our corporate team. 

We believe this makes our franchise different from others in the pet industry. We believe that launching a new business under a franchise should be much easier than it usually is, and that’s why we provide continuous support from our corporate team, especially during the early stages of launching a Hounds Town location.

“The support of [Operations Manager] Korrine [Deignan], [Director of Marketing and Brand Development] Corey [Packer], and the marketing team have been excellent,” said Kathy.

When asked what they looked forward to as Hounds Town USA Franchise Owners, the couple noted their excitement over the potential for repeat customers and steady growth. The pair also noted that they were particularly excited about giving back to the community by helping shelters via Hounds Town Charities.

Outside of their new doggie daycare franchise endeavors with Hounds Town USA, Kathy and Brian spend quite a bit of time with their own pups, Lucy, Jada, and Ollie. Additionally, the couple are active tennis players and avid lovers of outdoor activities such as golf, gardening, visiting parks, hiking, birding, and nature photography. Brian and Kathy are also parents to three children: Abby, Christopher, and Maddie. They spend quite a bit of time supporting a number of their kids’ extracurricular activities, including volleyball, basketball, and track. The couple is currently active members of Peace Lutheran Church in Gahanna, Ohio, where Brian serves on the Finance team.

It’s clear that Kathy and Brian Martin have a bright future ahead as Hounds Town USA Franchise Owners! Like Brian and Kathy, many of our Franchise Owners are couples who have decided to take a risk and launch their own business in order to leave their current career fields. Kathy and Brian are doing it, and we believe you can, too!

Are you ready to become a doggie daycare Franchise Owner? Visit our franchise website for more information today! We’re a doggie daycare franchise that is heavily focused on a hands-off, no-frills approach to taking care of dogs, without the unnecessary add-ons and expensive bells and whistles of a typical doggie daycare company. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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