We are thrilled to announce the grand opening of our shiny new Hounds Town USA dog kennel franchise in suburban Detroit! Franchise Owners Pete Mourad and Kristen Thomas, as well as Hounds Town President Jackie Bondanza and Founder Mike Gould, were on hand to welcome the dog franchise location’s first group of four-legged customers to our FIRST location in Michigan. Situated in the northern Detroit suburb of Troy, Pete and Kristen’s new Hounds Town USA location is the first of three they plan to open in metro Detroit, and the Franchise Owners believe that their dog kennel franchise will be a big success in the Motor City. 

Detroit dog franchise“Over the last 10 years, Detroit has made one of the most incredible comebacks, and it’s so exciting,” Pete said in an April 2019 article featured in DBusiness. “With a steadily growing economy and a culture of real hometown pride coming back, it’s a great space to be in. And there’s such a love of dogs in the city. I’m confident that Hounds Town USA will be successful here.”

Mourad, a former insurance executive, first decided to invest in the Hounds Town USA opportunity after his family firm, A.G. Mourad Agency Inc., where he had worked for over 25 years, sold to Troy-based firm Kapnick Insurance Group, according to a March 2019 article published in Crain’s Detroit. Looking for a new venture that would allow him to follow his passion for animals, the former vice-president of the insurance agency decided to explore the Hounds Town USA dog franchise, and the rest, as they say, is history!

Michigan dog franchiseAfter months of preparation, Pete and Kristen were finally able to open the doors of their 11,500-square foot dog kennel franchise to the public and show the people of Detroit what makes Hounds Town USA different from other dog franchise locations, such as Camp Bow Wow. Happy dogs ran, played, sniffed, and jumped with other furry friends in their designated pack after evaluation and placement from expertly-trained staff members. Our expertise in grouping dogs by age, size, ability, and temperament goes above and beyond methods used by other dog kennel franchise locations, thanks to the many years of canine behavior training and experience gained by our Founder, Mike Gould. For nearly four decades, Mike has dedicated his career to understanding dogs’ natural behaviors, psychology, and needs, and uses this knowledge as the foundation for the Hounds Town USA philosophy. Only Hounds Town skips the unnecessary (and expensive!) bells and whistles offered by other elite dog daycare facilities to focus on letting dogs be dogs, and giving them a fun, safe, and highly-interactive play experience.

dog franchiseThat’s not to say that Hounds Town is bare-bones when it comes to amenities: on the contrary, Pete and Kristen’s Detroit-area location is a marvel in dog franchise design. From the ample play space to a spa offering an array of pet-pampering amenities, Hounds Town USA offers its tail-wagging clients all the comforts that other doggie daycare facilities have, without breaking the bank for their human family members. One of the tenets of Hounds Town USA is competitive pricing and an affordable doggie daycare experience that will keep pets- and their people- coming back for more!

As newcomers to the Detroit dog kennel franchise market, Pete and Kristen will be focusing on getting the word out about their Hounds Town location with the help of the robust marketing support they will receive from our corporate team. This level of support with sophisticated digital marketing is a major differentiator between opening an independent dog daycare business and investing in a franchise. While people who decide to start their own doggie daycare from scratch must wear marketing, accounting, and administrative hats in addition to the day-to-day operations involved in running their facility, Hounds Town Franchise Owners can rely on the experience and skill of a fully-staffed support team to build brand awareness and generate excitement and buzz within their community. This kind of publicity can make all the difference in the success of a new business, and the Hounds Town team is on board to help our new Detroit location become a local favorite within the community of dog owners!

Detroit MI doggie daycarePete and Kristen’s Hounds Town USA is poised to be a great success in the metro Detroit area, and we’re looking forward to the duo’s upcoming Michigan locations. We’re continuing our expansion across the United States, and are awarding franchise opportunities in select territories across America. Click here to visit our franchise website and get an overview of our business model, philosophy, and investment. We are on the lookout for people who share our passion for dogs who are looking to invest in a rewarding opportunity with the potential for high returns. If you would like to bring a Hounds Town to YOUR town, please take a moment to fill out the form below for more information.



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