Hounds Town USA is a New York-based doggie daycare franchise opportunity that has recently emerged as a challenger in the Doggie Daycare and Pet Industries. Our first store opened in Long Island, in 2001, and we started offering franchise opportunities to entrepreneurs in 2015. We currently have nine locations that are open and operating in New York and New Jersey and we have an additional 14 Hounds Town USA locations that are scheduled to be open in 2019 and 2020. These locations include: Atlanta, Nashville, Detroit, Orlando, Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh. As we continue to prime ourselves and our Franchise Owners for nationwide growth, our overall goal is to have 30 open locations by the end of 2020!

The original goal for Hounds Town USA’s President, Jackie Bondanza, was to open an additional 8-12 units in 2019. However, with three new, three-unit deals having already been signed in the first half of the year, Jackie along with Hounds Town USA CEO and Founder, Mike Gould, decided that it would be a good idea to increase this goal.

“We’ve reconfigured our goals with the new influx of signings and we strongly believe Hounds Town USA will end the year with closer to 18 to 20 units,” said Bondanza. “This past year alone we’ve been seeing a fantastic increase in multi-unit deals. It’s definitely a strong start to developing in new markets.”

In fact, in the past year alone, Hounds Town USA has already experienced more multi-unit deals than they’ve ever seen before! These deals include three-unit deals for Orlando, Detriot, and Philadelphia – all of which have been signed in 2019. Jackie chalks this up to many things, but mostly it’s thanks to the scalability of our business model which means that there’s great value in opening multiple Hounds Town USA locations. 

“We are about one-third of the cost of our competitors, and we offer territory exclusivity,” said Bondanza. “Our franchisees have a greater chance of capitalizing on their markets with these strategies and projections in place. We specifically work with our partners to make them successful in a new region, transforming a single business into a mini-empire.”

Pete Mourad

“Over the last 10 years, Detroit has made one of the most incredible comebacks, and it’s so exciting,” said Pete Mourad, Hounds Town USA Detroit multi-unit franchisee. “With a steadily growing economy and a culture of real hometown pride coming back, it’s a great space to be in. And there’s such a love of dogs in the city. I’m confident that Hounds Town USA will be successful here.”

Shaun & Paige Allen

“Most facilities here are mom-and-pop, and a lot of them are at capacity, so there’s an opportunity for a new player,” said Shaun. “Because of the business model that Jackie and Mike have created, we know we have the support behind us to grow this brand and make a significant impact in the communities we will serve. There are plenty of competitors here, but they aren’t operated like Hounds Town USA.”

“We aim to adhere to our existing and future partners’ personal and professional visions while encouraging them to develop with Hounds Town USA,” said Bondanza. “We are continuing to look for candidates who see value in the scalability of our business model and we encourage multi-unit deals in the new markets we aim to enter by the end of 2019. Our belief is that first-to-market franchisees will be the strongest in their territories, and they are incredible assets to Hounds Town USA.”

If you’re looking at a doggie daycare as a possible franchising opportunity, then look no further than Hounds Town USA! Franchising with Hounds Town USA gives you a chance to own your own business while being backed up by the unparalleled Support Team of Hounds Town USA. CLICK HERE to be taken to our franchising site where you will find all of the information necessary to make an informed decision about taking the next step towards franchising! 

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