With over 40 years of experience training dogs and a dog kennel franchise with over 10 locations, it’s fair to say that by now that Mike Gould is a canine expert. A recent article from 1851 Franchise highlighted his extensive background in dog behavior and psychology and how it has become fundamental in Hounds Town USA’s widespread success. 

Mike Gould didn’t start off as an entrepreneur or businessman. Originally a police officer for the NYPD, he describes how he and his partner would sit in their squad car, having the same monotonous argument every night over what to eat for dinner. One night in 1979, however, things changed for the better. An announcement came over their radio recruiting officers for the city’s first-ever K9 Unit. “My partner and I were fighting like an old married couple”. Gould remarks. “I thought to myself, ‘I’m never going to have to argue about what I have for dinner ever again if my partner is a dog.” He was sold and applied for the position the next day. Little did he know that this would lead him to open a doggie day care franchise that would change the way people thought about pet care. 

Since that day, dogs have become a defining characteristic of Gould’s life, having worked with them in a variety of different settings, including training bomb sniffing dogs used during 9/11, working alongside military working dogs in Naples, Italy, and examining police dogs as a state certified trainer and examiner for New York State. However, in 2001, he decided to put his expertise to use alongside domestic canines with the idea to open a doggie daycare that would truly cater to the needs and emotions of all types of dogs. It was with this idea that Hounds Town USA was born.

Fast forward 18 years and the dog kennel franchise has overseen the care of over 1.5 million dogs, further evidence that dogs are truly benefiting from the franchise’s customized approach. “Dogs are simple,” says Gould. “Humans complicate dogs, but at Hounds Town we just want to give them a place where they can truly be dogs.” That holds true throughout every Hounds Town location, as Gould strives to make sure that all staff are trained in canine psychology, behavior, and social structure. The dog kennel franchise welcomes all breeds and dogs are not simply confined to kennels during their stay. “At Hounds Town, dogs are grouped in such a way that they can be themselves. They are free from the constraints of a domestic environment, and we never use corrections or prohibitions,” describes Gould. It is exactly this philosophy that sets Hounds Town USA apart from its competition and keeps pet owners coming back year after year. 

The dog kennel franchise isn’t just changing how dogs enjoy the boarding experience, however. It is helping Franchise Owners from all walks of life find a career that they can truly enjoy. A stroke of luck is what helped Gould to start his career working with dogs. Now, he helps to spread this luck to as many people as he can through his simplified, streamlined business models that primes Franchise Owners for success. “Our approach to animal grouping and interaction is different, and we make it as simple as possible for franchisees,” says Gould. “Really great animals that would be turned away from other daycare centers are welcomed at Hounds Town, which is ultimately great for the business of our owners.” Inclusivity truly plays in favor of both pet and Franchise Owner at Hounds Town USA, keeping pet owners coming back and helping Franchise Owners quickly maximize their return on investment. By truly understanding the needs of the dog, Hounds Town USA isn’t just bringing in more business. It is creating a bond with the dog that is truly unbreakable. 

When Mike Gould started working with dogs, he realized that he had found a career that he really enjoyed. The fulfillment and joy that he got from working with dogs was something that he could seldom find anywhere else. Now, he is able to share this fulfillment and joy with every Hounds Town USA Franchise Owner, as he helps them to finally find their dream job. 

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