Fall is here, and that means Halloween is right around the corner! While the spooky soundtracks, festive costume parties, and trick-or-treating that come along with the season are fun for just about everyone, your four-legged friend may have a different opinion of Halloween altogether! As this article from the Humane Society points out, some dogs who suffer from anxiety may find the constant doorbell ringing of trick-or-treating kids to be quite unpleasant on Halloween night, while others may be spooked by the eerie sounds and screams that accompany a typical Halloween party. Super scary costumes worn by your party guests may even serve as a trigger for your furry companion, as he or she tries to defend the house from all these strange, masked invaders. In fact, Halloween can be full of safety hazards for dogs that we don’t always think about.

Halloween pet industryFor dogs who generally do not enjoy loud noises, crowded gatherings, strangers, or any of the other things that can come with a Halloween celebration, it may be best for their people to bring them to a safe, dog-friendly environment. More and more dog owners have begun bringing their pooches for doggie daycare sessions and overnight stays around major holidays like Halloween to safe, well-supervised dog franchise locations like Hounds Town USA. This way, humans can enjoy all the frightening fun that comes with Halloween, knowing that their dogs are in excellent hands away from all the excitement.

Even owners of dogs who don’t have a problem with the hustle and bustle of a Halloween celebration may find that doggie daycare is a better option on a night when multiple kids are sure to ring the doorbell. Regardless of how friendly your pup is, kids don’t always enjoy being approached by an excited dog, and a number of your trick-or-treaters may be more afraid of your pooch than any of the scary decorations you’ve put up! By allowing your dog to spend the evening in an interactive, dog-centric environment, you’re making certain that the kids in your community don’t get an additional scare when they come to your house!

pet industryAs we’ve mentioned before, the majority of pet owners think of their dogs as members of the family. We want our “fur kids” to have a blast at every holiday celebration, just like we do! When Halloween rolls around, we love including our dogs in every way we can- even dressing them up in adorable, funny costumes and taking them to events like Halloween pet parades. But what about those aspects of Halloween that pups tend to find more frightening than fun? Anybody who has ever had a dog who gets nervous or upset in noisy, crowded situations can tell you that the stress and anxiety their four-legged pals experience can last all night, and even into the next few days! A stressful event can take a serious toll on an anxiety-prone dog, and it’s hard to enjoy your celebration when you see that your beloved pooch is having a hard time getting comfortable in his or her own home. For this reason, pet owners are beginning to look to dog franchise facilities like Hounds Town USA as a safe space for their dog to stay and play while they are celebrating Halloween and other holidays. 

ghost dog franchiseSince Hounds Town USA is open for business every day of the year, our Franchise Owners can expect to see an upswing in their bookings for holidays where anxiety-prone pets wouldn’t be happy at home. As dog owners continue to become more compassionate and respectful of their pets’ needs, likes, and dislikes, more of them will seek out doggie daycare or overnight boarding as part of their party-planning process. In addition to Halloween, dog owners are increasingly booking their pets at a dog franchise for holidays like the Fourth of July to alleviate stress for everyone involved. Of course, the winter holidays have always been a relatively reliable source of revenue for Franchise Owners, since so many dog owners find themselves traveling out of town to visit relatives, but it is becoming more common for pet parents to book a stay for their beloved pups when they are hosting a holiday party, or attending a Christmas or New Year’s celebration that may have them home well past midnight. The number of holidays in a calendar year, combined with dog owners’ desire to keep their pets as comfortable and happy as possible, can prove beneficial for a Hounds Town USA Franchise Owner’s potential profits!

Dog and pumpkinsHounds Town USA is more than just a dog franchise- we care about letting dogs be dogs, and providing them with a welcoming, safe, and interactive environment where they can run, jump, sniff, and play to their heart’s content! This Halloween, instead of having to be locked away in a crate while the doorbell rings all night long, we hope dog owners everywhere treat their pets to THEIR kind of night out- a doggie daycare session or overnight boarding stay at Hounds Town USA!

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