Did you know that our pet care franchise is considered a “recession-resilient” business? It’s true- thanks to the willingness of people to spend money on their pets even during times of economic hardship, the pet care Franchise Owners at Hounds Town USA still have amazing potential for financial success, no matter the state of the economy!

Doggie Daycare Franchise Owners Benefit From Pet Industry Growth in TN

The Owners of our newest pet care and doggie daycare franchise location in the Nashville suburb of Smyrna, TN  are living proof that now is a great time to invest in a franchise opportunity for a career that not only brings the emotional rewards of interacting with dogs all day long and playing an active role in the well-being of dogs in their communities but also lets them earn money doing it!

Hounds Town Smyrna

David and Zena Laubie, who opened Hounds Town-Smyrna, TN earlier this summer, are thrilled to be part of our pet care franchise family and were happy to report that they’ve had smooth sailing since their soft opening in July, despite several COVID-19- related hiccups that caused them to experience minor setbacks during the construction process. “Opening has been fantastic,” says David, adding, “Having the support from the corporate team has been instrumental to the opening process and has helped everything go smoothly, as well as relieving much of the stress.”

Growing Dog Daycare Franchise Locations in TN

As the owners of Tennessee’s FIRST Hounds Town USA pet care franchise, the Laubies are also excited to serve as community ambassadors for causes pertaining to the health, safety, and well-being of dogs and look forward to working with local animal shelters and rescue groups to help make a difference. David says, “We are particularly excited about the philanthropy opportunities our business can provide to help our community. We are currently working on securing a partnership with a local shelter so that we can assist them with boarding as well as finding homes for needy pups.”

Hounds Town Nashville, TN

Now that David and Zena have successfully opened their first Hounds Town, a second Nashville location is in the works, meaning that Music City U.S.A. is well on its way to selling out of Hounds Town pet care franchise territories, following in the footsteps of Bergen County, New Jersey and Charlotte, North Carolina. “We are looking to invest our time and energy into making this location a success and then we will be looking forward to opening our next location,” says David of the couple’s plans. “The future is bright with this franchise and we are excited to be a part of helping it grow.”

As a city that boasts more dogs than kids, Nashville is a prime location for a new pet care franchise like Hounds Town USA to open, and the Laubies are seeing lots of excitement from local pet parents who are eager for a new choice in doggie daycare. Hounds Town-Smyrna received a write-up in the “Of Note” section in local news publication the Nashville Post in July, welcoming the pet care franchise to town.

Owners Featured in 1851 Franchise

Additionally, the couple was featured in an article from 1851 Franchise, where they shared the details of how they first discovered the Hounds Town pet care franchise, as well as what made our doggy daycare stand out from other opportunities in the pet care franchise space.

In the article, David noted that skyrocketing pet adoption rates during stay-at-home orders throughout the COVID-19 crisis has created an increased demand for doggie daycare services provided by our pet care franchise, saying, “A lot of people are adopting pets and dogs specifically. However, many people can get a higher-energy dog than they were initially expecting. We then provide an outlet for dogs to let that energy out. This is vital to new pet owners during this pandemic. Speaking to our personal experience, all of our furry friends are getting used to us being home so much that as people start going back to their workplaces, dogs are becoming bored and destructive in homes and will create a separation anxiety issue with their owners.”

The Pet Industry During COVID-19

Additionally, David points out, the exploding pet industry, especially with the rise of adoptions and fosters during COVID-19, is not a passing trend, but something that can be counted on to keep rising exponentially. “There is a surge in the number of dog owners, especially in Nashville — one of the top five growing cities in the country — just a winning combination. The demand far exceeds supply in adoption centers and kennels,” he explains. David and Zena believe that Nashville’s growing population and business-oriented nature put them in an excellent position for finding success with their pet care franchise.

The Laubies also shared how Hounds Town’s business model and philosophy aligned with their own values, particularly when it comes to our non-breed discrimination policy. “We would never want to be in a system that discriminated against a dog based on breed,” says David. “We wanted to emphasize our ideals of letting dogs be dogs. We have been doing in-home boarding and care for dogs for 14 years. Taking that to the next level with a company aligned with our passion for canines, we have signed a 10-year relationship with [Founder] Mike [Gould] and [President] Jackie [Bondanza.]

In addition to the pandemic directly impacting their construction process, David and Zena have had to put all the appropriate measures into place to safely open their pet care franchise as the COVID-19 crisis continues. They were able to rely on the Hounds Town team for corporate support, working closely with them to structure their daily business operations in order to ensure maximum safety for customers and staff alike. These precautions include allowing only one or two human customers at a time in the lobby, as well as requiring face masks and quickly performing temperament tests on their four-legged guests. Additionally, the couple has delayed their Grand Opening until September, when they will be offering a complimentary first week of doggie daycare to entice local dog owners to see what Hounds Town is all about.

David and Zena are true examples of determination and perseverance in the face of crisis and have proven that not only is doggie daycare an essential business during COVID-19, but that owning a pet care franchise is a career with limitless potential for future growth and profitability. We wish our Hounds Town-Smyrna pet care Franchise Owners all the best as they embark on this exciting new chapter!

Let 2020 be the year you decide to leave the corporate grind to follow your passion! Hounds Town USA is awarding pet care franchise opportunities across America- visit our franchise website for more information.

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