As a dog lover, you’re probably aware that Independence Day is not one of your pooch’s favorite holidays. After all, he or she isn’t able to understand that the constant booming, banging, and cracking is coming from fireworks that are being set off all over your neighborhood to celebrate America’s birthday! The noise of fireworks coupled with other celebratory commotions, such as loud music, heightened traffic and activity on your block from parties and cookouts, and other things we associate with Fourth of July fun all add up to a less-than-happy time for your four-legged friend.

As a result of this rather unfortunate side effect of our yearly celebration, many dog owners find themselves at their wit’s end trying to keep their dogs happy, comfortable, and calm during the commotion. However, despite a number of methods including anxiety vests, natural dog treats with calming effects, and soothing music in a quiet room of the house, some pups just can’t deal with the Fourth of July.

As a result, doggie daycare franchises across the country are finding themselves booked solid when Independence Day hits, regardless of whether the dogs’ owners are going out of town. More and more people are utilizing pet care franchises as a safe space for their furry companions on the Fourth. This is becoming an increasingly popular way for people to get their dogs out of the neighborhood and into a fun, happy environment where they can run and play, oblivious to the noisy revelry that is happening on their block.

This article from the Columbus Dispatch focuses on a local doggie daycare facility catering to the special needs of dogs on Independence Day, and touches on the importance of keeping pets calm and safe during Fourth of July festivities. Like this Columbus pet care center, Hounds Town USA is open for business on July 4 (and every other holiday of the year), and serves as a safe, fun environment that is far removed from the things that make dogs particularly anxious on Independence Day. Instead of being forced to crate their dogs for the duration of the Fourth of July celebrations, pet owners can rest easy and enjoy themselves knowing that their beloved pets are having a ball in a well-supervised atmosphere that was designed just for them!

The growing trend of pet owners arranging doggie daycare and overnight boarding during the Fourth of July is another way that owning a pet care franchise can be lucrative and rewarding. Not only is there a constant demand for doggie daycare and pet boarding on an ongoing, daily basis, but holidays like Independence Day cause an increased need for dog owners who want the very best for their pets. By providing this valuable and much-needed service for members of their communities, our Franchise Owners are not only capitalizing on the growing demand for doggie daycare and boarding, but are also helping dogs in their neighborhoods feel happy, safe, and calm on a day they would otherwise dread. There’s nothing more fulfilling than knowing you helped a dog have a wonderful day!

In addition to Independence Day, pet owners are increasingly looking to doggie daycare franchises to care for their furry friends during other potentially provoking holiday-themed events. For instance, families that throw elaborate parties and family gatherings over the winter holidays are increasingly relying on their local pet care franchises to take care of their “fur kids” who are prone to stranger anxiety. Additionally, doggie daycare franchises can save the day for families who are hosting a child’s birthday party, since several kids on the invitation list may be allergic or have a fear of dogs. As more and more dog owners are beginning to include their local doggie daycare franchise on their party planning to-do list, the need for reputable, affordable pet care franchises is increasing.

It is possible to love your dog AND love fireworks- you just need to make sure your pooch is calm and safe during the Fourth of July fun. Hounds Town USA offers pet owners the opportunity to ensure their favorite four-legged friend is happy on Independence Day and every other day of the year!

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