How Our Doggie Daycare Franchise Owners are Making a Local Difference

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At Hounds Town USA, we understand that being a pet care franchise is about so much more than just providing paid services to pet owners. We understand that we have a unique opportunity and responsibility as a leader in the doggie daycare industry to give back to our communities – dogs included. That’s why we founded Hounds Town Charities, a nonprofit extension of Hounds Town USA. Hounds Town Charities’ purpose is to rehabilitate, train, and help our society’s most vulnerable and unloved animals. We also set out to use our charitable platform to help meet the needs of pets in our local communities.

Let’s take a look at the ways our current Franchise Owners are giving back to their communities through partnerships with local animal shelters, rescue groups, and more.

Hounds Town USA Rescues Rosie the Disabled Dog

We’re proud of our no-discrimination policy at Hounds Town USA. Breeds of all ages, sizes and abilities are welcome at our dog boarding facilities. We think that all dogs matter and our facilities are suited to deal with dogs with unique needs. Our Franchise Owners form important community relationships to help make a difference for these pets, particularly the hard-to-adopt pups that require specialized care.

Rosie was one such special pup that needed specialized care. Rosie is a two-year-old terrier that was born outside of the United States and was abused by her owners. Rosie was eventually rescued by the respected Siberian Luna Rescue and given a wheelchair, which she used to go to America in search of her ultimate home. Mike Gould, the Founder of Hounds Town USA, stepped into the scene at this point.

“We knew she was meant to be a part of our family,” said Mike.

Rosie is now an international spokes-dog for Hounds Town Charities, as well as the platform’s mascot. She assists new Franchise Owners in learning how to work with impaired dogs and greets prospective Franchise Owners during Approval Days. Her obedience abilities are so excellent that she recently demonstrated them in front of hundreds of people at the World Dog Expo in New Jersey.

Rosie is an inspiration to people and dogs all throughout the world, and we like to believe she’s a good symbol of the pets we’re trying to assist.

Read Rosie’s full story here!

Socializing and Fostering At-Risk Shelter Pups

Hounds Town USA’s Garden City franchise location began fostering two special rescue dogs named Coyote and Bobby several years ago. Luckily, these two pups were scooped up and found their forever homes – but their presence at the Garden City location was extremely meaningful, especially when it came to the mission of Hounds Town Charities to help at-risk shelter dogs learn to socialize.

At-risk dogs have a considerably higher chance of being adopted by loving homes after they have gained confidence and comfort. Coyote was adopted almost quickly at the Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter after several months of working with the pups. Bobby, too, got his forever home a few months later. Although their journey is brief, it is our mission at Hounds Town to guarantee that dogs like these may be fostered, socialized, and adopted.

When opening a doggie daycare franchise in a new community, Hounds Town USA encourages franchisees to engage with local rescues. The pet care franchise’s excellent training techniques and socializing chances equip dogs with the skills they need to flourish.

“I think fostering is a 100% good idea,” said Colleen Tracey-Shaver, the Franchise Owner of our Garden City location, “It is rewarding for so many reasons. The dogs are loved, played with, and gain so much more confidence while they’re here.”

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Hounds Town USA Franchise Owners Walk to Save Lives

Here’s another great story about our Garden City location!

The North Shore Animal League’s annual Walk & Wag event, a one-and-a-half-mile charity walk, in North Hempstead Beach Park, is sponsored by Hounds Town USA in Garden City, NJ. Walkers raise funds that go toward helping animals at the popular Long Island no-kill rescue and receive prizes in person at the park or online in their home communities. 

Founded in 1944, the North Shore Animal League is the world’s biggest no-kill animal rescue and adoption organization. Since they originally opened their doors during World War II, they’ve rescued the lives of almost a million dogs and cats. Hounds Town Garden City Franchise Owner Colleen Tracey-Shaver attended NSAL’s most recent Wag & Walk as a representative, and can’t wait to work with them more closely in the future!

Hounds Town Helps Out for Clear the Shelters Day

For Clear the Shelters Day, Hounds Town Bergen collaborated with the Bergen County Animal Shelter. The growing popularity of the event is part of a statewide effort to encourage pet adoption for the millions of animals (particularly dogs) who wind up in shelters each year. The event sponsors forego adoption costs, and almost 2,000 rescues participate in the event. On Clear the Shelters Day in 2019, more than 12,000 dogs, cats, and even roosters were saved, setting a new high for adoption statistics.

For events like Clear the Shelters Day, Hounds Town USA frequently collaborates with charities and shelters. Similarly, our several facilities around the country seek to socialize at-risk shelter dogs in preparation for their future homes.

For Hounds Town USA Franchise Owners, giving back is an essential part of what they do, and the emotional rewards they receive from helping pets in need are just as important as the financial rewards they get from owning a successful doggie daycare franchise. We’re proud to help entrepreneurs realize their dreams of helping the animals in their communities and look forward to what the future brings for new and exciting opportunities to make a difference!

Interested in making a difference in your local pet community? Visit our website today to learn more about our charities and franchise.

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